The history of the humanity is composed not only of conquests and discoveries. The world was seriously touched and changed by the diseases which befell upon separate countries changing the map of population on the entire planet. The issues with health have led to the changes in the world. The development of medicine throughout the history caused the appearance of the new achievements in all fields of science.

The various remedies like antibiotics and vaccines made changes in the evolution of the illnesses. In the past people feared the inflectional diseases and plague together with other similar horrors which cut through the society like a grim reaper with a sickle.

The flow of history gave birth to myriads of totally new health problems which are bearing the title of the diseases of the technogenic civilization.  Currently these are the most popular health issues which are capturing the humanity into the cell of malfunction.

The Most Widespread Diseases

The scientists became rather interested in the problems which harm human health in the 21st century. They conducted a special statistical analysis of the population in the world to detect the problems which worry people the most. The results have shown the following information:

  • People complained most regarding insomnia and frequent headaches which seem to be the symptoms of depression.
  • More and more citizens tend to have frequent respiratory problems.
  • Growing pain in the back.

Judging from the complaints of people the doctors proclaimed the most popular diseases:

  1. Depression
  2. Sharp respiratory diseases
  3. Osteochondrosis

Now let us take a closer look at these popular enemies of human wellbeing:

Depression is a disease that belongs to affective mental disorders. It is often characterized with low mood, slow reaction and mental suppression. There are surely some other symptoms which are not so obvious but the existence of depression can be detected by experts only.

The study of the depression mechanisms still continues and the factors of predisposition are already known. The constant stress of the routine life, the lack of sleep these are the most characteristic features for dwellers of large megapolises, the presence of harmful habits contributes greatly to the growth of sticking thoughts which press on the consciousness of the person  and lead to depression rate growth. No wonder that depression is often titled the danger of a new age.

Respiratory diseases begin at a very early age and they are caused with a variety factors which are predominating in the society. A harmful ecology, totally new viruses and the area of spreading are standing at the gates to health issues which are wide open for new visitors.

People since a very early age start experiencing the horrors of suffocating coughing, problems with breathing and other side effects which are caused by harmful bacteria which are quickly running through large concentration of people in supermarkets, shops and other public places.

Osteochondrosis is a degenerative disease of the spine that is caused by slow destruction of the spinal tissues and suppression of spinal brain neural segments. Such health issue leads to appearance of pain and other unpleasant experience.

This problem with body is caused by the growing comfort level. We move less and eat more harmful food. An average weight of a person is growing as well. All this contributes to degradation of the human motorical system.

 The Deadliest Diseases

As you might have guessed the previously described issues are not deadly ones but rather annoying ones. However, there is a special category of illnesses which is growing with every year and taking more and more lives.

  • The heart attacks
  • Oncological issues
  • Poisoning

As per statistics the heart problems take the greatest potion of lives. The cholesterol level, lack of physical fitness and high blood pressure give a hard time to the heart bringing it closer to self-destruction. The stress is the moving factor for blood flow disorder and the heart is the organ that deals with the whole process of blood pumping.

Oncological diseases are the horror of the 21st century. This is the second reason for mortality among people of various age. The scientist understand the process of cancer development but they can’t figure the reasons of its appearance in the body. It is sad to admit but there is no effective means of 100% treatment.

The poisoning is the third most dangerous disease that is caused by the products of human industry. We manufacture a lot of things for the growth of comfort but in fact we have to sacrifice a lot to get the desired things. The industry, cars and other sources produce the poison that we inhale and even consume with food.

As you can see the problems with health come from the most unexpected places. Among the newest ones we can see diabetes, Aids, increased obesity and even addiction to the Internet. Fortunately the future is in our hands and we are the ones who will decide what our health will be as we are the architects of our own bodies.

If you live in Canada, then you know that while the Canadian public healthcare system (see information) is generally excellent, it is not centralized: each territory has its own public insurance plan, which determines which prescription drugs are covered. Apart from that, many people have additional paid insurance plans provided by private insurance companies, which cover much of the rest.


 When buying medications from traditional pharmacies, there is usually no issue with getting the price of meds refunded by the insurance plan. However, the rise of large online pharmacies in Canada in last few years – such as the Canadian Health&Care Mall, for example – has created a lot of confusion among customers. Do online pharmacies accept insurance plans – and if yes, which ones? Are lifestyle drugs bought from online pharmacies covered, if they are included on one’s private insurance plan? Can you replace a brand-name drug with a generic and vice versa? Can you use a U.S. or overseas insurance?

The short answer is – it depends. There are hundreds of online pharmacies in Canada right now, many of them specializing on prescription drugs – for example, those that treat depression, erectile dysfunction, asthma, depression, and premature ejaculation, as well as antibiotics, weight loss pills, and fertility drugs. Of course, brand-name pills are usually on offer, but the majority are usually generics – potent, efficient, and safe, but much more affordable.

The test

In order to analyze how the Canadian insurance system and the market of online pharmacies interact, we have conducted a poll among 25 online pharmacies, writing (or calling)  to their customer support under the pretext of desiring to buy certain prescription drugs (for asthma, depression, and an antibiotic) over four consecutive days. The first three days, we asked if the pharmacy would accept a certain insurance plan  and asking if the pharmacy would accept a certain insurance plan (we chose 3 different insurance plans that did not belong to the top-5 of the most popular programs). On the fourth day, we asked pharmacies if it was possible to use a U.S. insurance plan. Unfortunately, 70% of the polled pharmacies did not accept any of the insurance plans we cited, 20% accepted only one of the, 2 pharmacies accepted two of our three suggested plans, and only one online pharmacy – Canadian Health&Care Mall (website – was willing to accept all three.

As for our U.S. insurance plan test, 20 pharmacies out of 25 replied that unfortunately they could not help us, and the remaining 5 (including Canadian Health&Care Mall) answered that while they had no contracts with U.S. insurance companies per se, they would be willing to send us official receipts that could be then presented to the insurer for a refund.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this simple study is that one should look not only at prices when searching for medications online. Many insurance companies prefer to work with  just one or two mail-order pharmacies and are often unwilling to sign agreements with online pharmacies. This has nothing to do with the quality or reliability of service, of course: large online pharmacies usually have the same suppliers as mail-order pharmacies. However, purchasing medications online is still quite a novel feature; we can only hope that in a few years all major insurance companies will work with a range of online pharmacies.

When a copayment is higher than a generic

The question of insurance plans being or not being accepted by a certain online pharmacy is only part of the issue, however. You may have heard that Canada is one of the few Western countries where even essential medications are often not covered by public health insurance. For citizens on state support and seniors, many prescription medications are usually covered, but for people of working age copayments are often high, and many drugs that are essential for individual well-being (such as erectile dysfunction pills, for example) are not covered by insurance at all. Circa 10% of Canadians cannot afford the medication they need, which causes many seriously ill people who don’t have a high-paying job and corporate benefits to stop taking their meds altogether.

There is talk about introducing a state-wide pharma care system, but it is still years away. Meanwhile, for many patients it can actually be cheaper to buy a generic drug online and pay its full price rather than purchase the exact drug prescribed and pay the copay. This is where online pharmacies can be especially useful: they offer a large range of generics for each brand-name drug. By subscribing to a pharmacy mailing list, a customer can learn about all the ongoing sales and special offers and often receive exclusive coupon deals, which results in significant savings.

While the authorities are deliberating about the necessity of a state-wide insurance policy covering prescription drugs, we can only hope that the number of online pharmacies that accept all popular insurance plans expands. For now, we have only managed to identify one – Canadian Health and Care Mall. We are planning to repeat our test next year; meanwhile, make sure to check with the customer support of a given pharmacy if they accept your insurance before you place an order!

Nowadays many men and women work, find friends and lovers in the Internet, and of course purchase goods and medications online, saving their time and money. And in this online world reliability and convenience are crucial factors for gaining people’s trust.

An Online Pharmacy that Wins Trust

These things are important for My Canadian Pharmacy

These things are important for My Canadian Pharmacy Mall, which is one of the best Canadian online pharmacies. The company tries to provide the pleasant shopping experience to its clients, which is impossible without confidence and qualitative feed-back. That’s why it offers free services as automatic refills, chat with a doctor, and responsive customer support. Confidentiality protection and payment security are prerequisites for stable website functioning, for gaining high reputation, and for success.

The aim of My Canadian Pharmacy Mall is to satisfy the needs of modern consumers of drugs and medicines. The company carefully selects the trustworthy manufacturers with highest quality standards for medications production. The prices are as low as possible, without hidden cost or markup, and the company’s properly organized logistics is one of the factors allowing such low pricing.

Best Quality Medications for All Occasions

My Canadian Pharmacy offers a wide range of medications: antibiotics, antiviral drugs, antidepressants, anxiety/sleep aid, medicines for mental health, antidiabetic, anti-allergic/asthma, anti-cancer, drugs for pain relief, blood pressure/heart, cholesterol, for weight loss and skin care, for eyes, for healthy stomach, vitamins and herbal supplements, medicines helping to stop smoking.

The company is particularly focused on selling medications for men’s and women’s sexual health, such as drugs for treating erectile dysfunction (impotence), premature ejaculation, and so on.

Mens Health Medicines Range: It’s Easy to Be a Superman

The assortment of men’s products includes medications for:

  • treating erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Malegra, Kamagra, etc.); there’re as well such new generation versions of most popular ED drugs as Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Super Force, Viagra Plus, Cialis Super Active+, Cialis Professional, Levitra Professional, and so on
  • preventing premature ejaculation (T-Ject 60, Priligy, Vriligy)
  • fighting against hair loss in men (Propecia)
  • treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (Avodart, Aflusin, Proscar, Urimax, Uroxatral)
  • treating an enlarged prostate (Flomax)
  • boosting sperm production and improving testicular functioning (Speman)
  • boosting testosterone, improving sexual performance and stamina (Tribulus, Vimax)
  • improving male reproductive system (Spertomax)
  • increasing sperm quality and count (Spertinex)
  • enlarging penis
  • orgasm enhancers

There’s a range of herbal medications for those who prefer natural products, for example by Himalaya. Among them are tabs and creams for treating ED, for sexual stimulation and ejaculation regulation, for maintaining an effective reproductive function and a healthy prostrate, for treatment of prostatitis, for increasing male virility/libido/sexual sensitivity, for increasing men’s power and stamina.

What’s Good for the Supergirls?

My Canadian Pharmacy pays attention to women’s health as well. This category includes:

  • Female Viagra and Female Cialis
  • antifungal medicines (Diflucan)
  • birth control pills (Ortho Tri-Cyclen/Triquilar, Alesse)
  • fertility drugs for treating of ovulatory dysfunction (Clomid)
  • hormone replacement therapy (Estrace, Estradiol Valerate, Provera)

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The website is easy to navigate, and the interface is intuitive. The conveniently organized categories allow to find a necessary medicine at short notice. All products are authentic, efficient and safe.

Discounts and bonuses make the shopping more profitable and exciting. From the very first order the customer gets free pills as a bonus. Orders above $150 are shipped for free, and the ones above $200 get additional free shipping insurance. Subscription to the newsletter allows receiving news about bonuses and discounts, including limited time offers. The more you order, the more you save.

Watch company profile if you want to know more about My Canadian Pharmacy Mall:

When you are looking for quality in medications – you are acting wisely, but when you choose a medications supplier basing on the pricing model it offers you put your health, the most vital thing in your life, in jeopardy. I’ve started shopping for ED drugs online when I’ve realized it is a part of my life – when you turn 50, the game changes and in many cases these changes happen so can barely notice them. Sadly, but a big part of my fellows believe that when you turn 50 you are no longer able to enjoy the pleasure of intimate life. Now I understand how lucky I was to visit andrologists and urologists when I was suffering from acute prostatitis – on the side, I’ve found out that you can maintain your male power up to your 70s and even 80s! The inspirational examples I’ve learnt didn’t fit my map of reality. Canadian Pharmacy

At some point of time I realized that I need some backup, as my body no longer acts like it should when it comes to sexual relationships. A few years later I’ve realized that erectile dysfunction problems are inevitable and I’ve started taking ED pills on a quite regular basis. Long-term treatment means considerable investments on a constant basis, but how can you refuse from the joy of having sex? I don’t understand men who exchange the incomparable pleasure of intimate life for a few thousands of dollars on the very long run (I mean years, not months). This way or the other, let me share my rich experience with you, perhaps, you will not only understand that giving up once you’ve turned 50 is senseless, but will also make the most of your ED pills experience.

The game is not over

Don’t even think something is broken inside you, unless it is confirmed by the specialist. Visit your treating doctor – it may require taking certain tests but in most cases, in the event of absence of contraindications to PDE-5 inhibitors (the class of Viagra-type drugs), you are highly likely to be prescribed the old good Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. According to the statistics, impotence (or complete absence of an ability to have sex) is observed in less than 10% of cases of men in their 50s. The odds that you can still live a full sexual life are very good.

Purchase quality goods

Back to the question of investments in ED treatment. Yes, you will inevitably have to invest a certain amount of money in your health, but this is where you can take advantage of the smart approaches to save plenty of money and cut down your expenses on ED pills to minimum. Perhaps, the biggest expenditure item would be the initial visits to specialist and tests and a range of tests you may be appointed. Once it is done, the only thing you will have to take care of is getting quality preparations. By making a choice in favour of one-day websites and grey business you risk your health – there’s a way more savvy way to sort it out.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Pharmacy comes to the rescue

Canadian Health and Care Mall Pharmacy was among the first stores I’ve started purchasing ED pills from some 3 or 4 years ago. These guys have always been standing out from the crowd with impeccable customer service and better price-value offers. I’ve been testing the quality for a couple of years by now and it never raised any questions. According to the info on their website, they do cooperate with manufacturers directly, which excludes the risks of mixing with poor quality products. Well, as long as it works, I don’t want to plunge into details – that’s my point of view.

However, it is not only the quality of products that attracts thousands of international customers. The company sticks to an absolutely affordable pricing model, pleasing its clientele with heaps of discounts, bonuses and promotions on a constant basis. This is how can you cut down your expenses:

1. Buy in bulk – bulk buyers get extra discounts
2. Buy ED pills on a regular basis and enjoy a loyalty program to save up to 20% on your purchases
3. Drop in at website on a regular and sign up for its newsletters – the company is generous when it comes to discounts and promotions

Although the lightning-speed delivery is not there, Canadian Viagra Pharmacy is a perfect choice for those who buy ED pills on a regular basis. That’s a mix of quality of affordability you will certainly enjoy.

Intraurethral Therapy

The effectiveness of injectable intracorporal forms of therapy over the last 15 years has encouraged the development of more acceptable and appealing delivery systems for these medications. Some men are opposed to the use of a needle placed in the penis to deliver medication, and this has contributed to the high dropout rate for patients who are prescribed intracorporal injections. Medicated urethral system for erections (MUSE) was introduced in early 1997 as an alternative method of delivering PGE1 to the erectile bodies. After urination, an applicator is placed about 1.5 in. into the urethra. After pushing a button, a pellet of PGE1 approximately the size of a grain of rice is deposited in the urinary tract. Absorption occurs in the corpus spongiosum; through venous communications between the corpus spongiosum and the corpora cavernosa, some of this medication gains entry into the erectile bodies. PGE1 then acts on the adenosine triphosphate system to decrease intracellular calcium and relax the penile smooth-muscle cells. Because of this direct action, intact innervation of the erectile mechanism is not necessary. To enhance delivery of this compound into the erectile body, a constricting band (ACTIS) at the base of the penis should be used. Penile, urethral, testicular, and perineal pain may be seen in up to 50% of the patients. Although hypotension and syncope rarely occur, this medication should be nonetheless applied while sitting to avoid falling. The effectiveness of MUSE at providing an erection that can be used for intercourse is in the range of 30% to 40%.

Canadian health care mall – news and discounts on our canada health&care mall twitter.

A MUSE-induced erection is rarely rigid but may be described as a swollen penis that does not buckle when it is used for vaginal penetration with some assistance. MUSE may be useful in some patients following radical prostatectomy, who have not responded to type V phosphodiesterase inhibitors. This medication has also been used in conjunction with oral medication to provide additional support when adequate rigidity is not provided by one treatment alone. In addition, the use of MUSE with a previously placed penile implant has provided some increase in girth and length as engorgement of the glans penis and corpus spongiosum readily occurs with its use. Such increases in size, however, have only been in the range of 1 cm and each application costs approximately $20.

Vacuum Erection Devices

Vacuum erection therapy as a treatment for impotence had been used sporadically with homemade devices until the pioneering work of Geddings Osbon, who obtained Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for such a device in 1982. Over the next decade, primarily through the efforts of the Osbon Corporation, these constriction devices became a definite player in the treatment of erectile failure. Initial reports of Witherington and Nadig et al. have claimed success and satisfaction in over 90% of the patients using these devices. In a series of 45 patients of Gilbert and Gingell, 84% reported adequate rigidity, but only 27% were satisfied with the device. This experience was reinforced by Earle et al., who reported a satisfaction rate as low as 9%. The key to patient satisfaction with this treatment is the careful instruction of patients and adequate practice in removing the ring from the cylinder before the seal at the penoscrotal junction is broken to allow maintenance of penile rigidity. Common reported side effects include pain on ejaculation, inability to ejaculate, petechiae or bruising of the penis, and numbness during erection. Partners will frequently relate that the resulting erection is unpleasantly cold. The recommended maximum time period that the constriction ring may remain in place is 30 minutes. Even if this device is left on for longer periods—i.e., if the patient falls asleep with the ring in place—blood flow will continue at a very slow rate, but this volume is usually adequate to prevent necrosis of the penis.

The major advantage of the vacuum device is its relative margin of safety when compared to pharmacologic or surgical treatments of erectile dysfunction. Serious problems such as skin necrosis have only occurred with misuse. The relative safety of vacuum devices has encouraged the FDA to remove them from the list of prescribed devices, and they are now sold over the counter. Older patients in a stable marital relationship, who have failed in restoring erections with the use of medications, tend to choose the vacuum device when they are not inclined toward the surgical placement of a penile prosthesis.

Penile Prostheses

Effective penile prostheses were first introduced to the impotence marketplace in the early 1970s. Prior to this, there was no effective treatment for the unfortunate patient who had significant erectile dysfunction. Since less aggressive forms of treatment such as vacuum devices and medications were introduced, the market share of penile prostheses has become smaller; however, they do provide a predictable and reliable means of restoring erectile function, and the satisfaction rate among patients and partners who use penile prostheses has been the highest of all treatment modalities for erectile dysfunction, in the level of 85%. The small percentage of patients who report disappointment with this modality typically have unrealistic expectations regarding penile size, sensitivity, and arousal. Malfunctions may occur due to either wearing of parts or breakdown of the coverings of the erectile body or the skin of the scrotum, with the resulting extrusion of prosthetic parts. A recent multicenter study of 372 patients with the AMS-700 CX (American Medical Systems) prosthesis shows a mechanical reliability of:

  • 92% at 3 years,
  • 85% at 5 years,
  • 71% at 10 years.

Patient selection, proper sizing, placement by an experienced surgeon, and prompt attention to problems that may develop are of paramount importance in assuring success and satisfaction. Silicone and polyurethane used in the construction of these devices have not had detrimental effects on the body as shown in studies of patients with breast implants. Despite this, the FDA mandated that AMS and the Mentor Corporation conduct prospective clinical trials to document the safety, efficacy, and patient satisfaction of these devices. These studies have provided no evidence related to the presence of these foreign bodies, which would be considered detrimental to the patient’s health. In the past, while infection of a penile prosthesis has been uncommon—in the range of 1% to 3%—when it occurs, however, it is a catastrophic occurrence that necessitates immediate removal of the device. Recent experience with salvage procedures in which the infected prosthesis is removed completely, the wound thoroughly cleansed, and a new device placed at the same procedure, has shown successful outcomes in about 82% of the patients with up to eight years of followup.

An additional advantage of these devices is that they can be satisfactorily placed in patients following external beam therapy or brachytherapy for prostate cancer. They are also sometimes placed in patients following radical prostatectomy in conjunction with an artificial urinary sphincter, which is used to control incontinence if it develops following this procedure.

The optimum duration of PEFRs has not been established, although a duration of several weeks is customary. A prolonged period of testing is important as it may take several days or longer for workplace exposures to affect PEFR or for recovery to occur away from exposure.

A recording period of 4 weeks, including a period of at least 1 week away from work, seems to be the minimum time necessary to reliably identify changes due to work (with optimally at least 2 weeks at work and > 2 weeks off work). It may take repeated recording episodes to capture relevant exposures and changes in PEFRs. The absence of clear work-related changes does not exclude WRA (ie, sensitizer-induced OA or WEA). Evaluating the results

Stability of Underlying Asthma and Use of Medication: The best time to identify changes in PEFRs from workplace exposures is when the patient with underlying asthma is as stable as possible. The use of long-acting bronchodilators or inhaled steroids may mask work-related changes, and a temporary switch to short-acting bronchodilators as needed or a reduced inhaled steroid dose may be required if PEFR monitoring is negative.

Ideally, medication should remain unchanged throughout the recording period except for rescue medication, the use of which should be recorded. Intercurrent chest infections or exposure to asthma triggers away from work should be similarly recorded. Variable shift work may also cause problems in interpretation because of changes in the timing of diurnal rhythms of lung function.

Interpretation of Serial PEFRs: No single universally accepted technique for evaluating the results of serial PEFRs has emerged. Usually, the best of triplicate recordings made at each time point is taken as the value for that time. The results can be plotted (Fig 5) then visually interpreted to determine whether there is a pattern of worsened PEFRs during work weeks compared with days or weeks off work; when undertaken by “experts,” there is relatively good agreement with the SIC in diagnosing sensitizer-induced OA.


I’m on rosiglitazone and gliclazide and my doctor wants to put me on metformin as well. Is this OK?

This combination of tablets is known as triple oral therapy. It is known to be effective and is sanctioned by NICE, the official government watchdog. In July 2010, another government body warned doctors against prescribing rosiglitazone, so you should probably use the alternative pioglitazone, which is believed to be safer. It is available as a combination tablet with metformin called Competact.

Treatment diabetes with Tablets with Canadian Health Care Mall

Treatment diabetes with Tablets

The downside of using triple therapy is the increased risk of side effects. Gliclazide rarely causes problems, apart from the risk of hypoglycaemia. Glitazones may lead to weight increase and fluid retention. Metformin is notorious for causing gastric side effects, such as nausea, diarrhoea and wind. Provided you are not troubled by these unwanted effects, you have a 50% chance of delaying the need for insulin. We do not want to give the impression that insulin treatment is a last ditch option, since many people with Type 2 diabetes do very well when treated early with insulin. However, some people are determined to stay off insulin as long as possible, either for psychological reasons or because they risk losing their job.

My doctor says my diabetes is not as well controlled as it should be and he wants to try a new tablet, sitagliptin, which he says will not make me gain weight.

Sitagliptin (Januvia) is one of a class of new drugs called DPP4 inhibitors (or gliptins), which have been developed to prolong the action of a hormone called GLP-1. This hormone is produced by the intestines when food is taken into the stomach and one of its effects is to stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. GLP-1 is normally destroyed very rapidly by an enzyme known as DPP4 and if the action of DPP4 is blocked (by a DPP4 inhibitor) the effect of GLP-1 is prolonged for many hours. This enhances the blood glucose lowering effect of GLP-1. Unlike most tablets used to treat diabetes, the DPP4 inhibitors (gliptins) do not cause weight gain. Gliptins can be used in combination with any other blood glucose lowering tablet.

I have just started taking Clucobay tablets for my diabetes. Could you explain how Clucobay works?

Glucobay, the trade name for acarbose, acts by slowing down the digestion of starch and related foodstuffs. Acarbose slows the breakdown and absorption of many dietary carbohydrates, reducing the high peak of blood glucose which can occur after eating a meal containing carbohydrate. It was launched in the UK in 1993, having been used very extensively in other European countries. It is an addition to diet treatment and has been shown to be effective in many people with diabetes who do not require insulin treatment.


Dr. Page recommended that all his patients supplement their diet with “whole food-based concentrates,” referring to the whole food concentrates of Dr. Royal Lee, DDS. Dr. Lee, one of Dr. Page’s closest friends and colleagues, was a researcher, inventor, scientist, scholar, statesman, businessman and philanthropist.

From age twelve, in 1907, Dr. Lee compiled a notebook on biochemistry and nutrition that became one of the largest individual collections in the world Viagra in Sydney.

In 1924, before Weston Price had returned with his findings, Dr. Lee presented a paper on “The Systemic Causes of Dental Caries,” in which he outlined the relationship of vitamin deficiencies to tooth decay and showed the necessity of vitamins from food sources for normal functioning of the endocrine glands.

Dr. Lee, a prolific inventor, patented a speed controller for dentist drills. With an inclination toward philanthropy, he developed something to help fellow Americans correct their nutritional deficiencies, for he knew government agencies and for-profit food manufacturers were only concerned with extending shelf life rather than preserving nutrient density and vitality of the food they processed. Dr. Lee believed that a healthy life is the result of vitamins, and their functions are far too complex to be reproduced by human beings. So at the age of 21, he began formulating a whole food-based concentrate that would optimize health by delivering all known vitamins and minerals in their natural, bioactive state. Using whole food sources, he knew that undiscovered nutrients would also be present.

At the time he created the formula, no equipment could concentrate these foods without disrupting their nutritional integrity. He and his company Lee Engineering invented the required technology to preserve and not disturb the delicate nutrient complexes in the foods of his formula. Within a few years he had built devices to extract and concentrate food without heat or mechanical refining so that all the enzymes and heat sensitive nutrients remain active. In 1929, this resulted in the world’s first ever raw, whole-food concentrate, Catalyn; although the words “raw” and “whole-food” did not enter the public media until the 21st century.

Dr. Lee knew which foods have the highest amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals from his own research and that of Drs. Price, Page and Jarvis. The vegetables included were based on Dr. Page’s Food Plan. Dr. Lee put the traditional foods of the native people studied by Dr. Price into his whole food-based concentrate formulas. The Peruvian mountain people traveled for a month down to the ocean to collect kelp. Dr. Price asked, “Why do you travel so far for that seaweed?” They explained that it helps the heart and all muscles. Dr. Lee understood the value of this and all the observations Dr. Price recorded, so he concentrated kelp into specific mineral products for optimal heart and muscle function.

Comparison of patient characteristics, pulmonary function, cell count, and sputum NSE levels between patients with and without BA in sputum is depicted in Table 3. There was no correlation between BA concentrations in sputum and BMI or age.

Median concentrations of NSE and sputum neutrophilia were significantly higher in subjects with CF compared with healthy control subjects (NSE 24.12 [11.09-37.20] mg/mL vs 1.41 [0.63-3.91] mg/mL, P < .0001; neutrophilia 2.124 X 106 [1.042 X 1065.132 X 106] vs 0.108 X 106 [0.026 X 106-0.370 X 106], P < .0001). We could not find any differences in sputum neutrophilia between patients with CF with BA and patients with CF without BA (2.120 X 106 [0.849 X 1066.066 X 106] vs 2.901 X 106 [1.101 X 106-4.753 X 106], P = .8). Patients with CF with BA in sputum had significantly higher levels of NSE compared with those without BA (P = .005) (Table 3, Fig 2). There was a significant correlation between BA concentrations and NSE levels in patients with CF with detectable BA in sputum (r = 0.60, P = .002) (Fig 3).

Lung function at time of sputum sampling and the number of days of IV antibiotic therapy in 2 years preceding sputum collection were not significantly different between patients with and without BA in sputum (Table 3). However, there was a significant negative correlation between lung function and BA concentrations in patients with detectable BA in sputum (FEVj% r = -0.53, P< .01; FVC % r = -0.59, P < .01) (Fig 4).

Table 2—Characteristics of Adults With CF and Children With CF

Characteristics Canadian health mall Patients a 18 y (n = 33) Patients < 18 y (n = 8) P Value
Mean age, y (range) 27 (18-43) 13 (11-17)
Sex, male (female) 18 (15) 6 (2) .4
Pancreatic insufficiency (sufficiency) 26 (7) 6 (0) .6
GenotypeF508del homozygous 14 5
F508del heterozygous 13 2
Other 6 1
No. of patients treated with (%) PPI 8 (24) 2 (25)
AZM 14 (42) 1 (12)
Oral bile salts 6 (18) 3 (37)
Median BA, mmol/L (25%-75%) 2.2 (1.7-2.9) 1.5 (1.2-2.2) .2
Median NSE, mg/mL (25%-75%) 26.75 (18.24-39.37) 8.01 (5.93-12.63)a .005
Median sputum neutrophilia (25%-75%) 2.731 X 106 (1.497 X 106-6.118 X 106)b 0.626 X 106 (0.338 X 106-1.294 X 106)a.<= .008
Median FEV1% predicted (25%-75%) 65 (47-82) 89 (77-102)a .002
Median FVC% predicted (25%-75%) 87 (72-92) 97 (88-105)a .04

BA = bile acid; CF = cystic fibrosis; NSE = neutrophil elastase. See Table 1 legend for expansion of other abbreviations. aP< .05. bn = 28. cn = 7.

In the middle of human brain is the so called flying eye of the soul or the internal sun of man. If that sun does not shine in man, nothing comes out of him. It plays the role of a transformer in the human organism. When the external energy penetrates into the brain of man, that knot, or the eye of the soul, resends that energy along the entire organism. It has also other functions, besides transforming of the solar energy. There is also another transformer in the brain, which takes in the solar energy along the entire body. The state of health of the organism, as well as of the feelings, depends on the correct trans form forming of these energies. Hence, that eye is a transformer of the Divine energy in man and creates conditions for his manifestation.

So, I tell you, as to disciples, first you shall train yourselves to control your brain. Gather the energy from Nature and resend it to the solar plexus, heart, trachea, forehead, the back side of the head and after that take that energy around your body. Start making those magnetic showers, while a light magnetic aura round the body forms and then you will feel yourselves free.

If man eats much, a big part of the brain energies go to the stomach, and he reduces the function of the brain by that. The brain is an accumulator of electricity and magnetism – the moment it succeeds in gathering that energy, food goes to the stomach, where it is devoured; it turns out that it works only for the stomach. That is why, each of us shall know how much, what and when to eat.

Man shall study his states, as well as the energies of his brain, in order to be able to transform them correctly. When man is angry, grumpy or in bad spirits, he shall know that this angry state is due to an energy, gathered round the hears, in the back part of the head and this energy shall be well distributed and transformed in order and explosion not to happen. It may be used for work and it shall be used wisely.

The anger is an energy, which is not used in a right direction. Everybody has felt weakness, one demagnetization after anger.

The anger, melancholy and bad spirits – this is all excessive energy, which can be transformed by taking the hoe and dig for 10 or 15 minutes.

Each sorrow, each hardship comes from that excess, which stays in man unused. That is why you shall study the law of turning of energies. There are people, who know how to transform not only their own energies, but also the ones of his friends or of the community.

To transform the energies means lower energies to be transformed into higher energies.