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Most people suffer from stress every day. There tends to be peeks and valleys of stress in your lifetime. At some times you will experience low stress and at certain other times your levels can tend to be very high to the point that you become overwhelmed by the problems you are facing. When levels of stress or intensity of stress starts to interfere with your daily life this is when stress can become a major problem to your quality of life and your health. Some stresses in your life are fundamental and good to help motivate you when you need that extra push. However when the stress becomes too much for you to handle on your own this is when you may need to seek some more help. There are very many symptoms of stress. Short term stress is when you become stressed for a very short period of time, and is normally relieved within a very short amount of time.
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A few examples of this is: a job interview, a traffic jam, meeting a new person, oral speaking… Symptoms of short term stress is very different from long term stress symptoms. When you are experiencing short term your palms may become sweaty, your body cold and clammy, rapid heartbeats, rapid breathing, headaches, nausea, butterflies in the stomach, and tense muscles. Long term stress is when you are under extreme amounts of stress for longer periods of time. Long term stress examples are: being a parent, work, school, chronic fears, among many others. Long term stress symptoms are: stress fatigue, stress depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat or heart attack, body aches, headaches, decreased/increased appetite, illness, loss of sex drive, and hair loss.

Almost anything can be a source of stress, and you will probably never be able to avoid long terms stress. How you can deal with your stress is what you should be focused on. Many people have problems dealing with stress. Some people try to take a stress medicine. Some of the medicines your doctor may prescribe you for anxiety relief are: Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Cymbalta, Lexapro, Ritalin, Valium, Wellbutrin, and Xanax. Some people prefer to stick to medicine naturelle as they do not like putting drugs into their bodies. There are many herbal remedies that have claims to help relieve stress. St. John’s Wort, willowbark, ginseng, green tea, chamomile, and natural vitamins. These medicines may help you relieve your stress. However you should try and use medicine especially prescription medicine as a temporary solution to your problem. If you use the medicine as a crutch you may feel as though you can never go throughout stressful times without it. Learning to deal with stress and how to channel it in positive ways is much more healthy for your mind and body then using pills. The first step towards learning to channel stress is learning how to let go of things that are out of your control, and learning how to calm yourself down in a time of high anxiety.

Normally people get wisdom (we mean wisdom teeth) between the ages of 16 to 24 years. Wisdom teeth are the last ones in molar grinding teeth set. Many people are found never to have these teeth at all, while quite a few develop these teeth at much later years beyond 30s also.

In cases where these wisdom teeth are found to be emerging in the later years, the jaw line would not have enough space for them to grow and hence sometimes remain buried or grow right under the skin of gums. Such cases are referred to as impacted wisdom teeth.

Such impacted wisdom teeth can create problems by retention of food particles causing gum inflammation. Further this situation may get aggravated leading to infection with swelling, pain etc. First course of treatment involves administering of antibiotics. However the problem can subside and re emerge again after a while. Therefore permanent cure of this problem lies in surgical removal of wisdom tooth by following procedures called as Wisdom Tooth Extraction or surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

This minor procedure can be carried out in the Dentist’s clinic or in the hospital. Generally the procedure consists of administering a local anesthesia which will make the entire gums area numb and one does not feel anything at all during the surgery. In certain cases, if you undergo procedure in a dental hospital, you may undergo the procedure with general anesthesia wherein one looses consciousness of self and remains unconscious all through the procedure.

The extraction process involves first cleaning the spot and removing the soft gum skin covering the teeth. If there is any jaw bone seen to be covering the teeth, the same may also be sawed off. After cutting and separating the tissues attached with the teeth, they can be extracted either as a whole or further broken into pieces if the size is too big and removed one by one. On complete removal of the teeth, the jaw tissues are stitched up again and cleaned and sprayed to clean up the area. This entire procedure normally takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Doctors normally prefer to extract one tooth at a time in one sitting, however if the surgery goes smoothly they may also finish the job by extracting the entire set of two teeth at one given time.

Post surgery you will start getting the sense of feeling back in a couple of hours. Post surgery recovery involves prescribed routine of antibiotics, pain killers and anti septic solutions and mouth wash with cleaning instructions.

Impacted teeth removal procedures are simple outpatient minor surgeries which give you permanent relief from repeated pain and infection.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is triggered by many things but, according to a growing number of studies, it looks like toxins and chemicals in the environment may be the leading cause of the disorder. What makes this such a potent cause is that it affects an individual as early as pregnancy. Toxins and pesticides have the ability to permeate the placenta and enter the developing fetus’s nervous system, which is very delicate and vulnerable to toxins. In a child, toxins can impair nerve cell function, immature nervous systems, and cognitive abilities. Although conventional medicine has yet to acknowledge the relationship between toxins and ADHD, one thing is for sure: babies, children, and pregnant women should never be exposed to the following toxins.


Lead is a dangerous environmental contaminant known to interfere with learning and brain development. Lead exposure has a wide-ranging effect on children’s behavior and development: it has been linked to low IQ, disruptive classroom behavior, and the inability to maintain focus and attention. Studies also indicate a correlation between lead exposure and failure to graduate from high school, addictive behaviors, tendency toward violence, and other emotional and behavioral problems. Although researchers have yet to determine the extent to which lead leads to a clinical diagnosis of ADHD, these findings are enough to indicate that lead exposure will do children no good.


Did you know that the human nervous system contains the same neurotransmitters as the ones found in an insect’s nervous system? Pesticides are designed to do damage to an insect’s nervous system, and it’s not surprising that a child who eats food contaminated with pesticides eventually develop neurological disorders like ADHD. Pesticide contamination is a more common event than you think. Even though the law requires pesticide manufacturers to prove that their products do not cause cancer or birth defects, they are not required to test for their effects on the human nervous system. In fact, out of 350 pesticides applied to food crops today, only 9 have been tested by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their neurological effects.


Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are toxic chemicals known to interfere with the brain development of babies and children. PCBs used to be a component of coolants and lubricants, but were banned by the United States because of their toxic components. Although PCBs are no longer in use, they still remain in the environment and in human tissue. Exposure to PCBs may occur as early as pregnancy, because this chemical moves through the placenta and stays in breast milk. PCB contamination can also happen from eating fish and fatty food with high amounts of the chemical.

Other environmental toxins that trigger ADHD are alcohol, cigarette smoke, mercury, and aluminum. The last two toxins are so devastating, they deserve their own article.

With the number of pollutants in our industrialized world today, it is hardly surprising that toxic waste is wreaking havoc on our children’s development. This is why an important protocol for any treatment plan is a test for toxic elements in the body, followed by a rigorous detoxification program. If toxic elements are detected, you will need to carefully examine your environment and eliminate the possible sources of contamination.

Sores can develop in anyone with diabetes, reduced mobility on the areas of pressure sores, varicose veins, incorrect activities of vein valve system and difficulty in blood movement towards heart. At the beginning the varicosity does not expose to danger, but gradually developing it leads to the worsening of blood circulation. Due to the lack of blood, the skin looses its elasticity. As a result, the sores can form. The condition is very serious, and you need to see a doctor to receive medical care. In addition to the medical care, you can use natural remedies.
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Take 10 grams of greater burdock root. Only a-year-old root is useful. When the burdock is mature and has bolls, the root is of no help. Reduce the root to small pieces and infuse with a glass of hot water. Continue to boil the mix for 10 minutes. Leave for an hour in a warm place and decant the decoction. Drink one third of the tincture 3 times a day before meal.

Mix hedge hyssop blossoms (1 part), vodka containing 40 percent alcohol (1 part) and good vegetable oil (2 parts). Leave the mix to brew for 3 days, roiling it occasionally. Afterwards boil the decoction in the water bath till complete vaporization of alcohol and water. Decant the oil through doubled gaze. Keep the oil in dark and cold place. Use it for compresses on sores and wounds. It is a good remedy for burns and frostbites, as well.

Fill a jar with hedge hyssop blossoms. Afterwards pour olive, sunflower seed or rapeseed oil over the blossoms till they are completely covered. Put the jar in warm place so that sun shines on it. Wait till the oil gets red (approximately one week) and decant it through doubled gaze. Fill the jar with the valuable oil. Apply it to the sores, inflammations and burns.

Infuse a tablespoon of fresh or dried viburnum fruits with a glass of boiling water. Cover up or fill a thermos bottle with the decoction and leave to brew for 3-4 hours. Drink one third of the tincture 3 times a day. Eat the sediment too. The decoction facilitates healing of wounds and burns.
Cut the overground part of orpine and grind it with a meet-chopper. Pass the paste through a nylon riddle to get orpine juice. Apply the juice to sores and eruption. You can also treat burns and blisters with it.

Learning about your anxiety disorder will make it much easier to live with the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress that are causing you many issues in your day to day life. Knowing all that you can know about panic attacks, anxiety, and fight or flight response will help you understand what is happening to your body when you have an anxiety attack. These are all normal feelings for anxiety attacks, you are not losing your mind or control, nor are you going crazy.

The following things are some that can help you to cope with panic attacks:

Control your breathing, when you hyperventilate you can set off an entire chain of sensations that take place during an anxiety attack, such as dizziness, light headiness, and tightness of the chest. By practicing deep breathing and controlling your breathing you avoid or relieve these symptoms. This is a wonderful coping skill that you can use to calm yourself down when you start to feel anxious, before you are in a full blown panic attack.

Avoid smoking and caffeine; they can both provoke a panic attack in people who are prone to panic attacks. It is smart to avoid cigars, cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages, It is also a wise idea to avoid medications that contain stimulants such as diet pills and no drowsy cold medications.

Relaxation techniques, such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, and mediation can work wonders in having the opposite reaction to anxiety, therefore relieving many of the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the behaviors and thinking patterns that are triggering your panic attacks, the things that set your fears off. By facing these fears and thinking Clearly about what is the worst thing that could happen if this fear were to come true, you can rationally see that nothing that terrifying is going to happen, then the anxiety attack seem to be less severe

Medication, in the most severe cases there are medications that can be used to help people with panic attacks cope, it is usually used in conjunction with other therapies and works best when the source of the anxiety attack has been identified. There are 2 main types of medications used, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Of the two drug types, the anti-depressants sometimes take over a month to start to work, where the anti-anxiety medications work within an hour. They are however highly addictive and should be used with extreme caution.

If your job requires you to sit for hours, you may get back pain sometimes. This pain can influence the way you work because you do not feel comfortable enough to finish your job. Actually, there are several things you can do to prevent this pain.

People often think that sleep is only a necessity without knowing the advantages for their body. Good quality sleep will make you fresh when you wake in the morning, while on the other hand, you will feel more tired if you do not sleep properly. Mattress is one factor that influences your sleep, in which it helps you to rest in proper position. Further, it relaxes your muscles, providing a more refreshing sleep.

When you feel tired after driving for miles or sitting for hours, you may tend to slouch because you think that this position makes your muscles relaxed. Slouching is actually an activity that makes the muscles work harder. Instead of doing this, you better stand and sit in neutral position or what is called good posture. This is really helpful to make your spine free from any strain.

Exercises are also a good way to prevent back pain since it keeps your spine and muscles healthy and strong. To get the best results, you better do the exercises for 30 minutes each day. Just choose the activities you like to make you enjoy the exercises, such as jogging, dancing, tennis, biking, swimming, or weight-bearing. You can combine the activities to avoid boredom. You will need to make sure that the activities make you breathe harder because it is beneficial for your circulation.

From now on, control your weight! Some illnesses are related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and even back pain. Since skeleton is a construction of our body, it carries our weight. It means that excessive weight can cause strain, especially to our spine. You can conclude that if you are over-weighted, you will get back pain easier than your slimmer friends.

Many people think that they need doctors only when they get sick. This opinion is wrong! Anyone should do regular checkups to ensure that they have no problems with their systems. Call your doctor when you have a back pain to find the solutions to relieve it. The doctor will give you advises about treatment you can consider to make you free from living with back pain.

ADHD is a complex disorder, but if you have been fortunate enough to have found a good ADHD professional, you may think the worse part is over. But what can cause your child more problems and concern than his ADHD?

The answer is the social component of your child’s life. For some children with ADHD, making and keeping friends can contribute to painful issues. Children with ADHD often do not understand nonverbal social cues, such as facial expressions, body language, and gestures. They may have difficulties making and keeping friends. This can result in them having fewer close friends or possibly no friends, and therefore feeling alone.

Playing and maneuvering in groups can be perplexing for some children with ADHD. The demands of group interaction can be very bewildering to a child who lacks focus and attention. They may interrupt others and not follow the flow of the group. They may appear to their peers to be uncooperative. There is a lot of room for miscommunication and misunderstandings, and thus rejection from others.

Social interaction provides children with the opportunities to learn many important skills. They learn how to listen to others and resolve conflicts–the give and take of a relationship. Children must understand that their desires may not always come first. Cooperation must be practiced in order to develop successful relationships. Interaction with peers also allows a child to acquire empathy for others. A child learns that they need to take another person’s feeling into consideration. Children also learn how to manage their emotions with their friends and how to express their anger or voice their frustrations.

Children who are rejected by their peers are often caught in a vicious cycle. If they do not have friends, they do not have the opportunities to practice and improve their social skills. Without practice, these skills will continue to be more immature than those of their same aged peers. As the social gap between children with ADHD and their peers widen, problems will increase and become more serious. Children who have problems making and retaining friends may be at an increased risk for substance abuse and delinquency, as well as anxiety and depression.

The social component of a child’s life is extremely important. We all have the need to be accepted and to feel a part of a group. This need continues throughout our life. ADHD can cause many problems and concerns in a child’s life, and it is important for parents to not forget the social component.

If you are a fan of the cartoon character Homer Simpson, you have to wonder when FOX will run an episode entitled “Homer Gets Type 2 Diabetes”. In one episode of The Simpson’s, Homer even leaves an idyllic world in which he is rich and successful because there are no doughnut shops. Many American people with type 2 diabetes are nearly as addicted to the round breakfast delights as Homer Simpson is made out to be!

What is the reason for this addiction?

The reason type 2 diabetics find doughnuts addictive is to do with sensation and sensory memory. Eating a doughnut is an experience that fills your senses… and it’s round. Your field of vision is round, so when you pick up a doughnut, it is all you can see… especially since it has a little bull’s eye in the center.

A doughnut is an addictive combination of sugar and fat. The combination of sugar and fat triggers the production of dopamine in your brain. This brings about the same chemical change in your brain that occurs during gambling or sex.

What are doughnuts sweetened with?

Most doughnut makers sweeten the dough with high-fructose corn syrup, also known as HFCS. This kind of sugar short circuits the production of adiponectin, so you eat more and more food sweetened HCFS without a hormonal signal ever reaching your brain that your are full.

And because white flour is also used in the dough, doughnuts are a potent source of mu-opioids. These are fast acting chemicals that lock on to the same receptor sites in your brain that can be occupied by opium or morphine. You feel relaxed, there’s nothing in your body telling you that you can’t eat more and more, and you get a pleasant high for less than US $1.

This combination of effects leads to out of control blood sugar levels and weight gain. It’s also why many diabetics find doughnuts the hardest addiction to kick.

Can you kick the habit?

There are not yet any 12-step groups for doughnut addiction, but you can kick the habit. If some kind soul at your office brings in doughnuts once a week, find other productive things to do that won’t take you by the break room… well, at least not until all the doughnuts are gone.

If your morning routine includes a stop at the doughnut shop after your morning workout, take a different route home. Just say no to doughnuts. They are as dangerous for type 2 diabetics, their blood sugar levels and weight control, as any drug.

A great hair style is not about the quantity of your hair as much as it is about the quality of your grooming. Work magic with a little help from Regaine and basic styling expertise

Come on. Be a man. So your hair is falling. Is this really the end of the world? After all, you still have your smile, your charm, and a sense of humour – girls love that.

Besides, now there’s an eBook that teaches you hair growing techniques, proven to stop common hair loss. Try these tips:

1. Mousse makes magic

Lightweight and easy-to-use, hair mousse is a user-friendly way to add volume to your hair. Try a few brands and see what works best. Take a dollop between the palms of your hands, work it evenly through your hair, and then shape your desired style. Use a hairdryer to achieve a firm hold.

2. Gel gets you good to go

Hair gel is considered the old reliable in the hair grooming arsenal and style aficionados rely on it when they want to shape and mould your unruly locks into a trendy ‘do. Just rub a coin-size amount of gel into towel dried hair. Work the gel evenly through the section you want to mould. Style as desired then blow dry. For a slick look, let it air-dry. Choose your gel well. Poor quality gels can dry out your locks.

3. Wax wonderful

Hair wax, also known by the more old-fashioned term, pomade is ideal for short or medium length styles. Use wax after Regaine for added texture – it’s great for creating a messy, rumpled look. Wax also conditions and enhances natural shine. Just rub a small bit of wax between your fingers and work it through the hair you want to mould. Style accordingly. With wax, a little bit goes a long way. Too much makes you greasy.

4. Hairspray hits the spot

Forget about hairspray’s reputation as a styling tool for aunties and grand mums. The fact is hairspray makes your hair appear thicker, which is the effect you’re after.

Use it on wet hair or dry. Just shake the canister, spray it evenly over hair then style with a comb. Choose a scentless hairspray and don’t use too much so you avoid that dry, crunch feel.

5. Tender, loving care for your hair

Be gentle with your hair. Take the time to test the right products. Seek the expert advice of a good hairstylist. And remember, even good quality products should be used in moderation. Finally, don’t neglect your overall physical package – you need good hygiene as well as good grooming for maximum appeal.

There is a very high symbiotic relationship between diet and acne. In fact, diet has a main role to play when it comes to acne. It is vital for the cause of acne and also equally vital for the cure of acne as well. The key to a good skin is a diet that is said to purify. Toxins are the main cause for such problems and that in turn is caused by irrational diets and food habits. If you ask experts, most of them talk about acne as being caused due to unhealthy food or food habits.

So here are some essential diet intakes that you can ensure to see to it that you get rid of what is troubling you the most, acne.

  • The first important thing, you have got to try is an all fruit diet for about a week, this diet is a cleansing diet and cleans the body of all unwanted toxins and agents that are bound to cause such damage on the skin. An all fruit diet is nothing but a detox diet that clears from the roots all the problems that are shown on the face. This is the first step that you ought to take in process of clearing the acne from your face.
  • One tip would be to avoid milk. Milk has hormones that cause such acne. Of course, a certain amount of ilk is necessary; do not consume more than a glass of milk a day. Remember that milk is not good for such breakouts, so keep a watch on your milk intake.
  • Yet another very obvious reason for an acne breakout is sugar. Sugar is known to cause such problems and also aggravate acne problems as well. So a keep a watch on your entire sweet intake in terms of chocolate, sweets, soft drinks, etc.
  • Keep away from fried food as well, it causes ultimate damage to your skin in terms of acne.
  • Consume more fish oil. To eat more fish is not just good for your general health, but also extremely good to take care of the acne problem in your skin. Omega 3 is one of the best cures for such kind of a problem and is known to cure it from the grassroots.
  • Yet another important tip would be to consume more vitamins, this can be ensured by consuming more raw fruits and vegetables in the course of a meal or even before or after a meal.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is said to wash off all the toxins clarifying the system and preventing such problems.