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Everyone knows how bad smoking is for you, how smelly it makes you and how it ruins your teeth yet it’s amazing how many people cling to this nasty habit. Let’s admit it, nicotine is an addictive substance and there’s also the physiological addiction to deal with. All is not lost though, people can and have quit. An encouraging fact is that nicotine leaves your system after three days, so if you can abstain from lighting up for just three days you should have your physical addiction beat.
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The sad news is that smoking is also psychologically addictive. Many smokers like having a cigarette with their coffee, after a meal, or with a drink; a lot of it is social behavior. For many, the process of puffing on a cigarette is strangely relaxing, almost like deep breathing, and the thought of quitting can bring feelings of panic and anxiety to the most avid smoker.

The trick to quitting is you have to really want to. Once you’ve decided you want to drop the habit, start planning your strategy. Make a list of all the reasons you want to quit, go over them several times a day. Take up a hobby you enjoy to help keep you busy and occupied with something constructive. Try to start exercising; physical exercise can benefit you in more ways than one. In short try to replace smoking with healthy living.

Try to quit smoking over the weekend or on vacation. Once you’ve smoked that last cigarette, remove any cigarettes from the house, clean out any ashtrays and remove them out of sight. Now’s the time to avoid any friends who smoke, spend your time in places where smoking is prohibited such as cinemas, the theater anywhere you won’t feel tempted to light up. Try to keep busy on this important day.

Take a trip to your dentist and get your teeth cleaned from all the tobacco stains and brush regularly to keep your mouth feeling fresh. Try to avoid all activities and places you associate with cigarette smoking. For example if you liked smoking after a meal, talk a walk instead or brush your teeth. Sometimes simple things like brushing your teeth will take your mind off your craving. Instead of reaching for a cigarette when you’re craving nicotine try chewing some gum or eating a carrot or celery, anything! Just don’t succumb to your cravings. Resist, resist and resist, it will become easier with time!

You are standing in your own way of living the healthful life you dream of. Here is what is stopping you and how to avoid these dangerous mistakes even doctors make!

Mistake #1:

You dedicate your life to taking care of others

You take care of your children, spouse, parents, friends, even your pets. You are also your family’s own travel agent, tax professional, financial advisor, shopper, housekeeper, chef, teacher, therapist, chauffeur, etc…. Now I know this makes you feel needed and even loved but you are so busy you tend not to remember to take care of yourself. This is a very dangerous pattern. After all, at the end of the day how can you take care of everyone and everything if you don’t feel good and your health is deteriorating?

You need to slow down and take care of your needs first. This was the hardest thing for me because I had never done that before.

It felt so selfish and really weird. But, what happened the day I decided to take care of myself first helped me change my life forever. It was so much easier than I thought. I found some simple strategies and I have never felt happier, and healthier. I have more patience and focus than I’ve ever had (and with 2 young kids this is a necessity!) and I have even more energy to do all I was doing before. (I just enjoy it more now)

Mistake #2:

You think it’s too late

You haven’t taken care of yourself for years! You figure the damage has been done and you can’t change it now.

Have you ever tried to convince yourself to not care about what may be going on inside your body? After all, you can’t see what’s going on inside, and everything seems fine for now…But then comes a trip to the doctor’s office and you stay up late the night before worrying about what they might find.
Why do we think this way? It really is never too late.

The body has the remarkable ability to heal itself quickly and effortlessly given the right nutrients. I know this first hand as I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease a few years ago, and by changing my diet to include rich natural fruits from all over the world I no longer have to take prescriptions everyday to control my disease.

Mistake #3:

Blaming Your genetics for your health

Did you know by the time you reach 50, your lifestyle, including your diet, determines 80% of how you age!! The remaining 20% is inherited genetics.
You have the power to age faster or slower depending on your lifestyle choices. The choices you make everyday determine your health and the path of the future

Approaching middle age is tough for many women. The skin isn`t quite as smooth as it once was, the hair not quite as shiny and the body!!! Trying to maintain any sort of reasonable shape almost becomes a full time occupation. And as if all of these assaults on our confidence were not enough…along comes the biggie….menopause!

Add to the mix, bloating, incontinence and uncontrollable flatulence and the wrinkles don`t seem so bad. Reaching middle age and accepting that our youth and fertility is behind us and we`re now members of the `older generation` is not easy.
The point is, that women really go through the mill in their late 40`s early 50`s. Hormones are out of balance, changes are happening physically and emotionally and through it all, women are expected to keep smiling, put on a brave face and just get on with it (it`s a good thing that men don`t go through menopause, that`s all I can say).

It`s easy to see why some women suffer such pain and anxiety throughout these years and why support and understanding is vital to her well being.

People seem to forget that when a women reaches menopause, it`s a new experience for her. It isn`t something that can be practiced or rehearsed until it`s perfect. Menopause and it`s accompanying symptoms are foisted upon us females and we are just expected to know what to do. Well do you know what, we don`t. All of this is a new experience and so forgive us if we are sometimes tetchy for no reason…it`s the hormones.

The bottom line is, the more you are able to find out about menopause and what you can expect, the better you will be to prepare yourself. Take the necessary measures to combat the changes within your body and who knows? You may not even be aware that you`re going through it!

Few people actually take a look at the ingredients list on the back of their toothpaste – if they did, they would find several harsh chemicals listed. Your mouth should not be subjected to such treatment! Don’t treat your mouth with harsh chemicals, but take care of it with organic oral care products. These affordable dental home remedies will allow you to clean and soothe your pearly whites safely and naturally.

Make-Your-Own Toothpaste. Your toothpaste doesn’t need to consist of harmful chemicals and ingredients that you can’t pronounce. There is an easy, affordable dental home remedy for making your own toothpaste that is just as effective, if not more effective, than a store brand.

To make your own toothpaste, simply mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of finely crushed sea salt, and a drop of a refreshing essential oil (like cinnamon or peppermint) into a small mixing bowl. Then, sprinkle in a couple drops of water and stir it into a paste. Finally, just dip your toothbrush into the paste and brush! If you wish to make a large quantity of this paste to store, store the dry mix in a larger container and when you need to use it, just add the water needed.

Teeth-Soothing Tea. A moist tea bag has many positive uses to aid your mouth. It can soothe your canker sores, your toothaches, and even your irritated gums. Also, because tea contains natural fluorine, it can slow the growth of the cavity-causing bacteria found in plaque. Notably, green tea offers double the fluorine of black tea.

You have no need to fear using tea on your teeth. It does not actually stain your pearly whites, just your lingering dental plaque, so be sure to brush frequently to eliminate plaque spots, and rinse your mouth with water after drinking tea.

Natural Teeth Whitening. There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket in order to whiten your teeth – there is an affordable and safer way! Strawberries are actually a great substitute to normal teeth whitening products. This fruit contains a specific acid that actually removes stains from tooth enamel.

Mix a single mashed strawberry with a pinch of baking soda to create your whitening paste. This can be used once a week, and all you need to do is gently brush your teeth with it! After brushing, just wait 5 minutes, and then rinse and brush with homemade toothpaste.

These home remedies will enable you to gain natural, affordable dental care and to avoid exposing your teeth to unnecessary chemicals. Try these tips to pamper your teeth using safe ingredients from your own home! Your teeth will look great, and you will save money too.

There are many possible reasons for rapid hair loss. A genetic trait may be causing it, or it may be the result of taking medications, especially those taken during chemotherapy. It may also be caused by stress and other diseases. Nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, stress and surgery may also affect hair growth. Even diseases involving the thyroid glands can lead to thinning of the hair or even baldness.

For women who are experiencing sudden thinning of the hair, it may be caused by changes in diet or even life stages such as menstruation, pregnancy or even menopause. There are also some products that may adversely affect your hair growth, especially if used too frequently. These may include dyes, mouse, gels and hair sprays. Although most products do provide some benefits for healthy hair growth, there are some that can damage the hair follicles if they are used too often. Canadian pharmacy finasteride – cheap hair loss medication.

Most hair dyes, for example, will contain chemicals that are harsh and can dry the hair strands, resulting to the roots becoming too weak. Even products used for perming may cause rapid hair loss, if the hair was not conditioned well enough before the perm was done, or if the instructions for perming were not followed properly. A leave-on conditioner or a gel that is left on the scalp for a long time may cause a build up on the strands which can also weaken them.

Stopping Rapid Hair Loss

The best way to stop rapid hair loss is to know what causes it in the first place. If it is caused by medications for chemotherapy or even for thyroid problems, you can try asking your doctor to recommend substitute medications. If a substitute drug is not possible, you just have to give the follicles some time to recover, once your medical problem has been resolved and you can already discontinue the medications.

If it is caused by stress, try having a more relaxed, stress-free lifestyle. Exercise regularly and do deep breathing sessions where you can relax the body and the mind.

If rapid hair loss is caused by certain products, check which ones may be causing it, and either refrain from using it totally, or use it in lesser proportions. Do not use hair products that have high alcohol content and can lead to weakening the strands. If you prefer to have your hair permed or colored, have the treatments done in a professional salon and make sure that the products that will be used are not too harsh for your scalp.

Hair loss can be prevented but if it is already happening, consult with a dermatologist who maybe able to identify the factors causing it. Remember, one solution may work for others, but may not work for you. Ask your doctor to recommend the best solution which will help relieve your rapid hair loss.

Allergy is generally referred to as the disorder of the immune system wherein, the body generally reacts to any harmless external environment and causes some kind of discomfort. Allergy is something that is very common and can be treated perfectly well, if detected effectively. It is referred to as one of the four forms of hypersensitivity of the skin and is also characterized by the excessive activation of a certain white blood cell called mast cells. Allergies can be mild and sometimes can be severe too; but they need to be treated well, based on the causes of the allergy. Most of the allergy has no specific cause, often the cause is rather unknown or goes unnoticed; however an important diagnosis includes examining the symptoms of the allergy and then treating it thereby.
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There are many symptoms for allergies, some of them are:

• When there is an allergy that generally surrounds the nose region, there will be a prominent swelling of the nasal mucosa; which is a good enough symptoms to make sure that proper treatment is provided.

• The sinuses generally respond to allergy in a manner that causes several allergic sinusitis attacks; this gives an account of the symptoms that occur in this region.

The eye of a human being is also extremely prone to allergy. The allergy that occurs in this portion generally causes a lot of irritation and itching sensation. Its symptoms include redness of the eye and also itching of the conjunctiva.

The airway is also prone to allergy and most of the allergy in this region is recognized by the following symptoms; sneezing, coughing, asthma attack, bronchoconstriction, wheezing, swelling of airway known as laryngeal edema, etc.

• In the ear region, the symptoms are feeling a sense of fullness, severe pain, impaired hearing. This impaired hearing generally happens due to eustachian tube drainage.

• Skin is yet another prominent area for the cause and presence of allergy. The allergy here is generally characterized by rashes like eczema, etc. Skin is the most prone to allergy and skin allergy is very common among people.

• Allergy also happens in the gastrointestinal tract. Here the symptoms include stomach pain, vomiting, etc.

Besides just being aware of these symptoms, you have got to have certain knowledge on how to treat these allergies as well. Knowing about symptoms is not enough; you have certainly got to know the cure for such disorders as well.

If you are prone to diabetes, you have to take measured steps to promote your health by control of blood glucose levels. You can counterbalance your diabetic condition by carefully looking out warning signs and symptoms of diabetes. For this, you should keep up a changed lifestyle by avoiding bad diabetic foods that may elevate normal blood sugar levels. You should necessarily abstain from such foods aggravating diabetic condition. If you are sure to follow this advice you can topple your body condition and balance the things affecting your health. Here, my interest is to describe the foods that top the list of bad foods for diabetics.

Artificial sweeteners: It is indeed difficult to keep off sugar completely in your regular diet. For this futile reason, you should not go on adding in your diet sweeteners abundantly as it can elevate blood glucose in the blood stream. However, adding sweeteners just a bit in your diet is not so harmful. Sweet chocolates can be discarded from your time pass snake as they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners that are detrimental to diabetic body.

High carb foods: Grains high in carbohydrates should not be added in your diet meal plan. The foods rich in carbohydrates cannot help you control diabetes. With abundant carb foods, your diabetic condition will be worsened. So, you should avoid eating white bread, refined rice, pasta, and pastry as they are bad diabetic foods.

Starchy vegetables: Though all vegetables are admitted as good for health, there are some varieties of vegetable that are treated as enemies for diabetes. In this list, you have the sweet beets and carrots. As potatoes and beans are good sources of starches, they can better be kept off from your meal plan. However, green leafy vegetables are good for diabetics to keep a balance for health.

Sugary fruits: Though most of the fruits are good for health, there are some fruits that are sweet and delicious. Fruits with high sweet component cannot be good for diabetics. In this regard, you can avoid fruits like sweet banana, mango, pineapple, jackfruit, and strawberry. However, apple fruits and grape fruits are not bad diabetic foods though they are sweet. They are fiber content and good antoxidants to lower blood glucose.

Fatty foods: Milk is good for health but it should not be consumed with all fats. However, skimmed milk is not so harmful for diabetics. In this category, you should avoid cheese, ice-cream, and butter cakes.

Stop Balding

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There are multiple treatments for hair loss available on the market today.

Everyone of these treatments have some success, but they also can come with a very high price tag. One of the newer and more popular treatment is Laser. Do laser treatments have any benefit to people who are experiencing hair loss and thinning hair problems.

Laser treatments what kind are there:

First there is the Home Hand Held Laser

Already you have to assume it cannot be a real laser because by law you are not allowed to own powerful laser. They also sell home lasers to remove hair. These kind of products are usually nothing more then a LED which has very little power at all.

The plan is to hold the laser to your head to attempt to stimulate blood flow. The idea is correct, because improving circulation to your scalp will greatly improve your hair and its chances of growing.

I would not suggest you investing in these kinds of products for the simple reason they really are not going to work.

Second are the Laser Hair Clinics.

I am sure you have seen many adds for these type of clinics on Television. Usually at these clinics you are required to get weekly treatments. The lasers used at these clinics are real and have the power to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth.

Two very important facts to keep in mind when you look into one of the clinics is the people who work at these clinics do not have any sort of medical degrees. They are not Doctors.

The other fact is the expense. You have to at least go weekly, and get your scalp stimulated by the laser. These treatments can and will improve your hair and get it to start growing again. But be prepared to pay thousands of dollar over the course of a year.

Natural Hair Loss Solutions

There are any number of natural supplements and vitamins that are proven to improve the texture and health of your hair as well as promote new hair growth.

Natural supplements like flaxseed oil and primrose oil and well as fish oil can greatly improve your hair. As well as vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E which increase blood circulation.

There has even been success with natural supplements in promoting hair growth on bald patches, providing they are not older then 4 years.

Prevent any more of your hair falling out. Find out all the natural supplements and vitamins that will give you healthy, thicker hair and learn how you can start growing your hair back.

Stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on all those commercial hair loss treatments.

As much as there are a variety of doctors, there are also two categories of chiropractors who deal with different types of chiropractic care. Primarily, the core objective of the chiropractic professional is to establish alignment of the spine by treating subluxations anywhere in the spine through gentle spinal adjustments. The profession also deals with other conditions that are concerned with musculoskeletal issues as well as conditions that disrupt the normal wellness of an individual’s body. However, the straight chiropractors differ from the “mixers” in that the former focus on the removal of the spinal subluxation following their purist belief that once the spine heals, then the whole body heals also. The latter, on the other hand, incorporates the practices of physical therapy, diet and nutrition, and exercise regimens in addition to the manual spinal adjustments.

Despite the difference in principles in these two types of chiropractors, both perform an initial examination and detailed discussion with their patient about the medical situation to determine which method to utilize for treatment. On this basis, there are three major kinds of chiropractic care.

Symptom/Pain Relief Chiropractic Care. Program evolves on eliminating the patient’s pain and symptoms in the acute phase, which is generally a short phase. The chiropractor determines the level of acute damage and then formulates a treatment plan that would result in immediate but short term cure. This is usually done with the use of modalities such as electrical stimulation, TENS, acupuncture, and sometimes laser.

Traditional/Corrective Chiropractic Care. Emphasis is given to provide longer term of treatment that targets alignment and cure of the subluxed or dislocated spine. This kind of plan is usually recommended for patients who have had problems with their back or spine for quite some time and have not sought treatment.

Maintenance Chiropractic Care. This plan obviously concentrates on those patients who have long-term and permanent spinal disorders who will do well with palliative treatment through constant consultation and checkups, and regular gentle manipulations. This is also recommended to individuals who wish to seek alternative regimes when their ailments are not cured by medical means, and those who would like to make sure that their bodies are kept “aligned” and in shape.

All kinds of chiropractic care follow the premise of spinal alignment or fixation to release blockages in the nervous system that disrupt normal bodily functions. Indeed, the chiropractic profession deals with the spine and everything that is connected with it – and that means the entire well-being of the individual.

How to reverse diabetes is what all diabetics are looking for. I am sure before now that diabetic drugs may possibly be the root source of your treatment, you should know that there is a great deal more you can do to have power over your blood sugar level and guard yourself against the habitual kidney, foot and eye complications that diabetes generally causes. You can as well help to avert the most dangerous complication of all which is untimely death.

Unfortunately, a small number of diabetes victims know that over the previous decade scientists have identified some natural diabetes cures that have been made known to combat the various complications that diabetes generally cause and together overturn the severe disease.

Let me also tell you that in studies those diabetics who need insulin injections were able to lessen or completely do away with insulin use after taking these natural remedies for diabetes.

  • The insulin sensitivity: Insulin sensitivity is a vital subject matter for diabetics for when it’s all said and done, insulin insensitivity is the disease’s main cause.
  • For some reasons that are feebly understood, the majority of type 2 diabetes sufferers produce more than enough insulin but for some reason their bodies have become insensitive to it. Consequently insulin’s capability to control blood sugar levels becomes compromised.

  • Preventing circulatory troubles: The diabetes as disease triggers a long list of health complications. Heart disease is the number one killer caused by diabetes complications. Do you know that studies have made known that about two thirds of diabetics pass away usually before their time due to coronary heart disease?
  • Luckily today there are several natural products that can help keep your circulatory system as healthy as possible completely. Also improving your circulation will help you out to avert the foot and kidney problems that usually troubles diabetics.

  • Free radical control: Free radicals are maverick molecules that harm tissues all through the body. If in a normal person these roving pirates are kept in hand by antioxidants.
  • This very important equilibrium becomes unstable in diabetics. For them, increasing their consumption of antioxidant foods and supplements becomes decisive. By keeping their levels of certain key antioxidants up, they can successfully delay or permanently keep away from diabetic complications.

    The new natural cure for diabetes has changed our whole view of the disease of diabetes. Nowadays diabetes complications are no more being viewed as inevitable. They are more and more being seen as partially or totally reversible.

    The trend toward natural cures is being fueled by an additional complimentary trend. Nowadays health care consumer, overpriced medications and tired of toxic, is demanding a more holistic and natural centers.

    Also health care consumers are weary of taking a passive role and desire to become more proactively involved in their own health care. As studies have made known that patients who exercise the most control over their treatment have better outcomes. This trend is now transforming our whole health care delivery system.