Dr. Page recommended that all his patients supplement their diet with “whole food-based concentrates,” referring to the whole food concentrates of Dr. Royal Lee, DDS. Dr. Lee, one of Dr. Page’s closest friends and colleagues, was a researcher, inventor, scientist, scholar, statesman, businessman and philanthropist.

From age twelve, in 1907, Dr. Lee compiled a notebook on biochemistry and nutrition that became one of the largest individual collections in the world Viagra in Sydney.

In 1924, before Weston Price had returned with his findings, Dr. Lee presented a paper on “The Systemic Causes of Dental Caries,” in which he outlined the relationship of vitamin deficiencies to tooth decay and showed the necessity of vitamins from food sources for normal functioning of the endocrine glands.

Dr. Lee, a prolific inventor, patented a speed controller for dentist drills. With an inclination toward philanthropy, he developed something to help fellow Americans correct their nutritional deficiencies, for he knew government agencies and for-profit food manufacturers were only concerned with extending shelf life rather than preserving nutrient density and vitality of the food they processed. Dr. Lee believed that a healthy life is the result of vitamins, and their functions are far too complex to be reproduced by human beings. So at the age of 21, he began formulating a whole food-based concentrate that would optimize health by delivering all known vitamins and minerals in their natural, bioactive state. Using whole food sources, he knew that undiscovered nutrients would also be present.

At the time he created the formula, no equipment could concentrate these foods without disrupting their nutritional integrity. He and his company Lee Engineering invented the required technology to preserve and not disturb the delicate nutrient complexes in the foods of his formula. Within a few years he had built devices to extract and concentrate food without heat or mechanical refining so that all the enzymes and heat sensitive nutrients remain active. In 1929, this resulted in the world’s first ever raw, whole-food concentrate, Catalyn; although the words “raw” and “whole-food” did not enter the public media until the 21st century.

Dr. Lee knew which foods have the highest amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals from his own research and that of Drs. Price, Page and Jarvis. The vegetables included were based on Dr. Page’s Food Plan. Dr. Lee put the traditional foods of the native people studied by Dr. Price into his whole food-based concentrate formulas. The Peruvian mountain people traveled for a month down to the ocean to collect kelp. Dr. Price asked, “Why do you travel so far for that seaweed?” They explained that it helps the heart and all muscles. Dr. Lee understood the value of this and all the observations Dr. Price recorded, so he concentrated kelp into specific mineral products for optimal heart and muscle function.