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The history of the humanity is composed not only of conquests and discoveries. The world was seriously touched and changed by the diseases which befell upon separate countries changing the map of population on the entire planet. The issues with health have led to the changes in the world. The development of medicine throughout the history caused the appearance of the new achievements in all fields of science.

The various remedies like antibiotics and vaccines made changes in the evolution of the illnesses. In the past people feared the inflectional diseases and plague together with other similar horrors which cut through the society like a grim reaper with a sickle.

The flow of history gave birth to myriads of totally new health problems which are bearing the title of the diseases of the technogenic civilization.  Currently these are the most popular health issues which are capturing the humanity into the cell of malfunction.

The Most Widespread Diseases

The scientists became rather interested in the problems which harm human health in the 21st century. They conducted a special statistical analysis of the population in the world to detect the problems which worry people the most. The results have shown the following information:

  • People complained most regarding insomnia and frequent headaches which seem to be the symptoms of depression.
  • More and more citizens tend to have frequent respiratory problems.
  • Growing pain in the back.

Judging from the complaints of people the doctors proclaimed the most popular diseases:

  1. Depression
  2. Sharp respiratory diseases
  3. Osteochondrosis

Now let us take a closer look at these popular enemies of human wellbeing:

Depression is a disease that belongs to affective mental disorders. It is often characterized with low mood, slow reaction and mental suppression. There are surely some other symptoms which are not so obvious but the existence of depression can be detected by experts only.

The study of the depression mechanisms still continues and the factors of predisposition are already known. The constant stress of the routine life, the lack of sleep these are the most characteristic features for dwellers of large megapolises, the presence of harmful habits contributes greatly to the growth of sticking thoughts which press on the consciousness of the person  and lead to depression rate growth. No wonder that depression is often titled the danger of a new age.

Respiratory diseases begin at a very early age and they are caused with a variety factors which are predominating in the society. A harmful ecology, totally new viruses and the area of spreading are standing at the gates to health issues which are wide open for new visitors.

People since a very early age start experiencing the horrors of suffocating coughing, problems with breathing and other side effects which are caused by harmful bacteria which are quickly running through large concentration of people in supermarkets, shops and other public places.

Osteochondrosis is a degenerative disease of the spine that is caused by slow destruction of the spinal tissues and suppression of spinal brain neural segments. Such health issue leads to appearance of pain and other unpleasant experience.

This problem with body is caused by the growing comfort level. We move less and eat more harmful food. An average weight of a person is growing as well. All this contributes to degradation of the human motorical system.

 The Deadliest Diseases

As you might have guessed the previously described issues are not deadly ones but rather annoying ones. However, there is a special category of illnesses which is growing with every year and taking more and more lives.

  • The heart attacks
  • Oncological issues
  • Poisoning

As per statistics the heart problems take the greatest potion of lives. The cholesterol level, lack of physical fitness and high blood pressure give a hard time to the heart bringing it closer to self-destruction. The stress is the moving factor for blood flow disorder and the heart is the organ that deals with the whole process of blood pumping.

Oncological diseases are the horror of the 21st century. This is the second reason for mortality among people of various age. The scientist understand the process of cancer development but they can’t figure the reasons of its appearance in the body. It is sad to admit but there is no effective means of 100% treatment.

The poisoning is the third most dangerous disease that is caused by the products of human industry. We manufacture a lot of things for the growth of comfort but in fact we have to sacrifice a lot to get the desired things. The industry, cars and other sources produce the poison that we inhale and even consume with food.

As you can see the problems with health come from the most unexpected places. Among the newest ones we can see diabetes, Aids, increased obesity and even addiction to the Internet. Fortunately the future is in our hands and we are the ones who will decide what our health will be as we are the architects of our own bodies.

If you live in Canada, then you know that while the Canadian public healthcare system (see information) is generally excellent, it is not centralized: each territory has its own public insurance plan, which determines which prescription drugs are covered. Apart from that, many people have additional paid insurance plans provided by private insurance companies, which cover much of the rest.


 When buying medications from traditional pharmacies, there is usually no issue with getting the price of meds refunded by the insurance plan. However, the rise of large online pharmacies in Canada in last few years – such as the Canadian Health&Care Mall, for example – has created a lot of confusion among customers. Do online pharmacies accept insurance plans – and if yes, which ones? Are lifestyle drugs bought from online pharmacies covered, if they are included on one’s private insurance plan? Can you replace a brand-name drug with a generic and vice versa? Can you use a U.S. or overseas insurance?

The short answer is – it depends. There are hundreds of online pharmacies in Canada right now, many of them specializing on prescription drugs – for example, those that treat depression, erectile dysfunction, asthma, depression, and premature ejaculation, as well as antibiotics, weight loss pills, and fertility drugs. Of course, brand-name pills are usually on offer, but the majority are usually generics – potent, efficient, and safe, but much more affordable.

The test

In order to analyze how the Canadian insurance system and the market of online pharmacies interact, we have conducted a poll among 25 online pharmacies, writing (or calling)  to their customer support under the pretext of desiring to buy certain prescription drugs (for asthma, depression, and an antibiotic) over four consecutive days. The first three days, we asked if the pharmacy would accept a certain insurance plan  and asking if the pharmacy would accept a certain insurance plan (we chose 3 different insurance plans that did not belong to the top-5 of the most popular programs). On the fourth day, we asked pharmacies if it was possible to use a U.S. insurance plan. Unfortunately, 70% of the polled pharmacies did not accept any of the insurance plans we cited, 20% accepted only one of the, 2 pharmacies accepted two of our three suggested plans, and only one online pharmacy – Canadian Health&Care Mall (website – was willing to accept all three.

As for our U.S. insurance plan test, 20 pharmacies out of 25 replied that unfortunately they could not help us, and the remaining 5 (including Canadian Health&Care Mall) answered that while they had no contracts with U.S. insurance companies per se, they would be willing to send us official receipts that could be then presented to the insurer for a refund.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this simple study is that one should look not only at prices when searching for medications online. Many insurance companies prefer to work with  just one or two mail-order pharmacies and are often unwilling to sign agreements with online pharmacies. This has nothing to do with the quality or reliability of service, of course: large online pharmacies usually have the same suppliers as mail-order pharmacies. However, purchasing medications online is still quite a novel feature; we can only hope that in a few years all major insurance companies will work with a range of online pharmacies.

When a copayment is higher than a generic

The question of insurance plans being or not being accepted by a certain online pharmacy is only part of the issue, however. You may have heard that Canada is one of the few Western countries where even essential medications are often not covered by public health insurance. For citizens on state support and seniors, many prescription medications are usually covered, but for people of working age copayments are often high, and many drugs that are essential for individual well-being (such as erectile dysfunction pills, for example) are not covered by insurance at all. Circa 10% of Canadians cannot afford the medication they need, which causes many seriously ill people who don’t have a high-paying job and corporate benefits to stop taking their meds altogether.

There is talk about introducing a state-wide pharma care system, but it is still years away. Meanwhile, for many patients it can actually be cheaper to buy a generic drug online and pay its full price rather than purchase the exact drug prescribed and pay the copay. This is where online pharmacies can be especially useful: they offer a large range of generics for each brand-name drug. By subscribing to a pharmacy mailing list, a customer can learn about all the ongoing sales and special offers and often receive exclusive coupon deals, which results in significant savings.

While the authorities are deliberating about the necessity of a state-wide insurance policy covering prescription drugs, we can only hope that the number of online pharmacies that accept all popular insurance plans expands. For now, we have only managed to identify one – Canadian Health and Care Mall. We are planning to repeat our test next year; meanwhile, make sure to check with the customer support of a given pharmacy if they accept your insurance before you place an order!