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Glucosamine combined with chondroitin is one of the most widely used supplements by patients suffering from osteoarthritis. How effective is it and can it really help? These are the most commonly asked questions by sufferers. Use this guide to discover the facts.
Both glucosamine and chondroitin are naturally occurring chemical compounds. They act as building blocks of the cartilage of the joints. Joints are worn out constantly and new cartilage is formed by the body. However, with aging, the formation of new tissue is slowed down. In some cases, this causes the thinning of the joint cartilage resulting in pain and movement problems.The question is whether glucosamine and chondroitin taken orally can work in the same way as the compounds produced naturally in the body. There have been numerous studies on the effectiveness of the supplements. Most conclude that the supplemented chemical compounds cannot replace effectively the naturally generated ones. This means that even if you take supplements, your joint cartilage will not recover.It should be pointed out that the studies carried out so far have had considerable limitations. The main one is that their duration was limited. Since osteoarthritis progresses quite slowly scientists believe that it may be possible for glucosamine and chondroitin to take longer to work effectively. A recent three-year long study with nearly 200 participants has shown that patients who have been taking the supplements have experienced considerably reduction in pain and that their join x-rays are much better. This comes to suggest that these supplements are effective for providing relief and that they may be able to provide for the recovery of the joint cartilage to an extent.Most studies have come up with the conclusion that glucosamine and chondroitin are effective for relieving the joint pain of osteoarthritis patients. Several comparative studies have shown that these supplements work for pain relief almost as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). At the same time, the supplements have no side effects. This is not the cases with NSAID medications.

Overall, it can be safely said that the intake of glucosamine and chondroitin is effective for relieving joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. These supplements may have a positive effect on the recovery of the joint cartilage as well, but more research will be needed to confirm this. Sufferers from osteoarthritis can only benefit from supplementation as the chemical compounds are perfectly natural and safe and are not known to cause any side effects.

Can glucosamine and chondroitin help prevent joint thinning and osteoarthritis? Research on this is limited, but people experiencing great joint exertion and the elderly may consider taking supplements after consulting their physician.

Inflammation of a joint isn’t something to joke about and those that have it need highly effective arthritis treatment solutions urgently. In case you have joint inflammation, you recognize precisely how very painful the dilemma it truly is. The situation with finding the appropriate joint disease remedies is certainly two-fold. First, the arthritis remedies that get prescribed by doctors ultimately depend on the preliminary diagnosis, this is why it’s very important to go over the scenario with a medical practitioner. And second, many patients aren’t able to tolerate the side effects of NSAIDS or even surgical procedures and for this community, natural arthritis treatment plans are actually their only options.
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Natural arthritis treatment options encompass any type of treatments that do not consist of the use of NSAIDS and also COX-2 Inhibitors. If perhaps you endure from arthritis and you’ve used these kinds of remedies with no success, it might be the perfect time to analyse natural treatments for your arthritis. Here are several to consider. Physical/Heat/Massage/Relaxation Therapy

Arthritis is a nagging aches and pains within the joint area and also it can surface in any part of the body exactly where joint capsules are present. This kind of grief isn’t usually the consequence of wrecked joint capsules. It may be due to over-worked tendons, a build-up of scar tissue, frayed nerves as well as tight muscle tissue. These sorts of therapies are in many cases beneficial considering they basically are designed to focus on the affected area. Scrubbing in addition to kneading, applying heat, or using a walker or some other kind of apparatus made to strengthen flexibility and good posture can all assist to promote improved blood circulation and loosen overly restricted spots. The goal of these kinds of therapies is to focus on the cause of the anguish and hopefully, after repetitive treatments when necessary, make the pain fade eternally.

Standard Exercise routine – In a total reversal of what was imagined to be correct decades ago, general practitioners in today’s times repeatedly propose physical activity as an highly effective natural joint disease treatment solution. Regular exercise is also the best preventative measure against arthritis. When individuals don’t exercise, their muscle tissue become weak and become rigid and this brings about the kind of pain affiliated eventually with arthritis. Cardio workouts, mild strength training workouts, as well as range-of-motion exercises (stretching) all provide good results.

Water physical exercise – Hydrotherapy or water exercises, operate by dipping the body into tanks or swimming pools that have been overflowing with warm water. Once inside, the sufferer executes resistance-type drills to simply manage the discomfort. This kind of an exercise session is physically demanding therefore it should consistently be conducted in a supervised setting.

Dubious Tactics – Explore the net and you’ll locate loads of products that tell you they are “natural” joint disease treatment solutions. Among the most popular tend to be Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Manganese, MSM, Niacinamidem, Tumeric and Ginger extract. Marketers connected with these naturally-occurring list of ingredients allege that they can cut back bloating, reluctant aging, plus stimulate joint healing. Prior to spending a ton of money obtaining products containing these kinds of ingredients, and particularly before taking in these or other products that profess they’re 100 % pure joint inflammation treatment options, go over the benefits of each with the medical doctor or someone you have confidence in that knows more than you do about herbal or homeopathic remedies. You might probably find out that producing some modifications to your weight loss diet is similarly as effective as a good treatment.

Gout is a disease that is characterized by the body’s inability to process and get rid of uric acid in the blood. As uric acid accumulates, it begins to form crystals which settle around the joints, which causes attacks of painful, inflamed arthritis. Often it requires medication to reduce the pain and inflammation of these arthritic attacks.

Gout has become more commonplace in the past years, when centuries past it used to be considered the disease of the rich. While it is true that genetic factors play a large part in whether someone contracts gout, various other factors come into play. First among these is the lifestyle that people today live, as well as the diet that we eat.

Gout sufferers all know that it is important to be careful with their diet and lifestyle, in order to reduce the risks of arthritic attacks. Eating the right food and avoiding foods that will increase the uric acid levels in the body are both very important elements of this. Aside from this, a growing number people with gout are starting to look at natural remedies to help them deal with their gout.

There are a number of gout natural remedies available that are both effective and without harmful side effects. It is this latter benefit that many gout sufferers are very much concerned with, as some conventional medications carry side effects that in effect trade the symptoms of gout with another difficulty.

There are two kinds of gout natural remedies. First are remedies that deal with the arthritic pains and inflammation. Often these are similar to other natural remedies that treat other forms of arthritis. Second are remedies that help prevent the onset of these arthritic attacks by helping process and remove uric acid within the blood. Of this latter kind, many are foods and supplements that are recommended to be included in the diet.

A few like the herbal remedy devil’s claw, are effective gout natural remedies for either case. Able to both deal with pain and inflammation and reduce uric acid levels through continuous use or consumption, they can be very important aids in the natural treatment of gout.

There is no real cure for gout. Once you have the disease, you will have to watch your diet and lifestyle for the rest of your life. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the combination of a good diet and healthy lifestyle, supplemented by effective herbal remedies for gout, can lead to a healthy body, despite the presence of gout.

Because gout can cause a severe effect on a person’s daily activities, people are actively seeking gout prevention strategies to help them control gout instead of letting it control them. There are a lot of ways for you to prevent gout and they can be safely done even if you do not have the condition. Do take note that if someone in your family has gout, there is a chance that you may be getting one as well.

Drinking fluids for gout prevention is the most neglected aspect of maintaining a healthy body. You need to drink 8-10 glasses or 2-3 liters of water a day to prevent an attack. A common gout trigger is lack of water or dehydration in the body. Lack of fluids will concentrate uric acid levels in your blood, causing a gout attack. Always remember to keep rehydrated especially during a hot day or during sports activities.

Exercise is also plays a role in gout prevention. Keeping your blood going will help break down crystals and aid in elimination of uric acid from your body. A thirty-minute jog taken daily in the absence of a gout attack is already a good start to help you stay healthy.

Vitamin C is a gout prevention that is steadily getting popular among people who are at risk of getting gout. Fruits such as berries and bananas along with vegetables rich in Vitamin C taken in great amounts are scientifically proven to prevent gout. Men are 45% less likely to experience gout if they take high amounts of Vitamin C.

Limiting alcohol or abstaining from it is another gout prevention to consider, especially when taking anti-gout medications. Alcohol is known to increase uric acid levels in the body as prevent anti-gout medications from doing their work. Aside from that, alcohol is very high in calories and can be attributed to weigh gain. Beer has of purine and should be totally avoided.

Eating cherries is also popular gout prevention. Cherries contain high levels of Vitamin C as well as enzymes that help break down uric acid levels in the body. Eating 5-10 cherries a day is considered a proper therapy for preventing gout. If you love them, you can consume up to 25 cherries a day, especially during an attack.

Lower your weight with effective exercise and diet for gout prevention. Never go into fad dieting as fad diets give you severe caloric restriction as well as limit the amount of important nutrients that you need to fight gout. Fad diets will only trigger gout and not help your condition in any way.

Joints which are inflamed and sore, possibly with swelling and stiffness, are probably showing the symptoms of arthritis. There are many different sorts of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most numerous. While the causes differ, the visible symptoms are very similar between the two. If you are diagnosed with arthritis, you would be well advised to explore all the different methods you can to treat this painful condition.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is a problem in the immune system where the body turns on itself. Arthritis can appear in any joints in the body but is most often found in the knees, hands and hips. Sadly there is no cure for arthritis at this time and if it is not treated it will only deteriorate further but there are various ways to get relief from the unending pain.
  • Osteoarthritis is caused by degenerative wear and tear in the joints, from constant use over many years, which is why it happens most often in elderly people. Its onset can be hastened by certain types of incidents in one’s younger life,such as accidents or sporting injuries. In an arthritic joint, the adjoining bones grate together and fluid forms, which causes inflammation and swelling.

Because of their speed and convenience, NSAIDs are the preferred choice of many people when it comes to selecting their arthritis treatment. Celebrex, ibuprofen and naxproxen are the drugs most commonly taken. These drugs do not cure the trouble and the relief is only temporary but they do ease the inflammation and the stiffness, swelling and pain. Many individuals who suffer from arthritis in any form take NSAID drugs on a daily basis in order to function at anything approaching an acceptable level. This a very grave situation, because the dangerous side-effects posed by these drugs are not well-known and are certainly not publicised by the manufacturers.

These drugs are not the only means of relieving the pain and stiffness in the sore parts. Not many sufferers are aware of the strong anti-inflammatory properties of many ordinary foods. There is a wide range of foods, including fish, vegetables, spices and herbs, all of which will benefit your general health, as well as forming an important part of your arthritis treatment.

If you can include a weight-loss element into your daily intake (if you need it!), then this will reduce the strain and impact on your joints. Your hips, knees ankles will feel most benefit, because those joints bear the most weight.

Corticosteroids are another class of drugs that help to reduce swelling and give some pain relief. These treatments are generally more powerful than NSAIDs and have options in how they are administered. Steroids can be taken orally or injected into the body. Certain ones, such as hydrocortisone may be injected directly into affected joints. Many sports stars perform with cortisone injections when they are suffering injuries and sometimes cause more harm as a result.

Exercise and regular movement of arthritic joints is often avoided or ignored, because it invariably brings on more pain and discomfort. When joints become arthritic, the old byword, “Use it or lose it, ” becomes a hard and fast truth. You should avoid exercises which cause impact on the joints, which is a major cause of the arthritis initially. Water aerobics, in a pool, is virtually ideal for arthritis sufferers, because the water supports the joints and makes a wider range of movement possible, without undue pain.

As a last resort, patients with osteoarthritis may benefit from surgical treatments and joint replacements. In these procedures, the arthritic joints are removed from the body and metallic or plastic replacements are inserted and matched to the bones to construct an artificial joint that is less likely to suffer pain from swelling. This option is very much a last resort and involves more pain in the short-term, possible substantial expense and a long recovery period, with no guarantee of success. Take a good look at all alternative arthritis treatments first.

Gout refers to a medical condition that is marked by frequently occurring attacks of severe inflammatory arthritis. The joints swell, become red and make the patient extremely vulnerable. The area that is most affected by gout is the metatarsal-phalangeal joint that is located at the bottom of the big toe. The chief reason behind the onset of such a condition is increased uric acid level in the blood that form crystals and their deposits are found in the tendons, the joints and the tissues that surround them. Hyperuricemia is the chief reason for the occurrence of medical condition such as gout and the diet of an individual can also affect one’s health.

Almost 12% of the reported cases of gout are caused as a result of one’s dietary habits. Though medication can go a long way in treating gout, a change in the dietary pattern can also bring about a change. There are certain foods for gout that can prevent further deterioration of one’s health.

The American Medical Association lays down a few guidelines for people who suffer from gout. Ideally foods for gout patients should include:

  • Not more than 30% of the calories should come from fats and only 10% of it should comprise of animal fats.
  • Should have a high level of complex carbohydrates mainly comprising of vegetables, fruits and whole grains that are rich in fiber content
  • Low protein content contributing only 15% of the calories and even that should come from poultry products, soy and lean meat.

Doctors, on their part, recommend a whole list of foods for gout that include:

  • Low fat dairy products
  • Strawberries, red-blue berries, fresh cherries and blueberries
  • Foods rich in bromelain, for example pineapple
  • Bananas
  • Purified water and fruit juices
  • Celery
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Foods rich in Vitamin C including tangerines, oranges, red cabbage, mandarins and red bell peppers
  • Tofu
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Cocoa
  • Essential fatty acids contained in flaxseed, salmon, seeds, tuna and nuts

 There are certain foods for gouts that are rich in purines but at the same time do not pose a risk to gout patients. A list of such foods includes names such as peas, asparagus, whole grain breads, ham, lima beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, duck, mushrooms, cereals, kidney and chicken. These are mainly found in food items that are rich in proteins. It is essential that some of these foods are included in the diet of people suffering from gout.

However foods that are high on saturated fats and purines should definitely be avoided and also if one is suffering from an acute condition. These foods increase the secretion of uric acid. Therefore, while planning for the diet of an individual suffering from gout, it is necessary that the serum uric acid levels are controlled and a diet chart prepared accordingly. Over a period of time, patients suffering from gout can witness a change in their condition provided they continue taking in the foods for gout that they are prescribed.

Gout Relief Tips

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Gout is one of the extremely excruciating forms of arthritis. It happens when there is excessive uric acid level in the body. The build-up of uric acid can result to uric acid crystal deposits in joints, deposits of uric acid or the so-called tophi that appear like lumps under the skin, and kidney stones from uric acid crystals in the renal system.

Gout attacks may be possibly brought about by traumatic events, drugs, alcohol, or another underlying medical conditions. Initial attacks are usually healed in a few days despite absence of treatment. To help prevent occurrence of gout flares and attacks, take the gout medications that the doctor prescribed. However, some natural gout treatment can be done by patients alongside gout medication therapy.

First, it is important to maintain a healthy weight, as gout is highly associated with obesity. You may need to exercise regularly, and maintain healthy diet to achieve you ideal weight. Low caloric and fat diet required in gout patients also lead to maintaining desirable weight, reducing gout attacks. Also, reduction of meat and seafood is recommended. Ask your doctor or dietician about the desirable foods for you condition. Maintain healthy water and fluid intake. This is to help wash off the uric acid the body. Also, kidney stones are less likely to form with increased fluid intake.

Alcohol should be eliminated as it exacerbates and worsens gout. People who drink regularly are more likely to develop gout than those who do not. As with alcohol, particular types of meat like organ meats and fish may contain high levels of purines, the original forms or uric acid. Spinach and peas are vegetables high in purine. Avoid taking drugs that are not prescribed, especially diuretics and water-related drugs which can possibly affect the excretion of the accumulated uric acid. These drugs are usually used in treatment of hypertension. Thus, make sure you consult the doctor, and inform him of all other medications that you are currently taking.

Also, in dealing with gout flares, here are some things you can do. First is to avoid any pressure on the affected joint. Resting the affected part alleviates any pain caused by tension to the joint. This is done by immobilizing the joint. The lesser the movement, the alleviation from pain is increased. Keeping the area elevated at all times may be advisable. By the virtue of gravity, inflammation is reduced due to the lessened blood supply in the area. You may also take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen. You may need to avoid doing any cold or hot compresses. The contradictions of the therapeutic effects of both compresses may cause more insult to the injury. Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes will allow room for the affected areas, especially if the toes are affected. Tight shoes may worsen the symptom condition associated with gout.

Lying down, keeping the area elevated, wearing loose clothes and shoes and even practicing breathing exercises can help reduce the pain you may be feeling from gout. Try these measures at home. If the symptoms of gout are not relieved using non-prescription measures, schedule an appointment with your doctor for additional gout treatment methods.

The top treatment for arthritis is definitely going to make a big difference in your life. To make a sound decision for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis requires careful consideration. One thing is for sure, you need to know exactly what a treatment is going to do for you before you consider using a given treatment.

The top treatment for arthritis should definitely help you to reduce the pain and suffering that goes with your condition on a daily basis. You should perhaps keep records of the kinds of pain you experience every day, and what times of the day are really bad for you. Your doctor should see these records. Then when you treatment commences, you may use this record to make comparisons between the before and the after.

One more top treatment for arthritis involves your educating yourself about this condition as much as possible. Knowing how arthritis affects your body can give you power over what sorts of treatments may work best for you, so you can be in a position to come up with a plan that could really alleviate your problem.

To try to reduce the way arthritis progresses is, of course, an additional top treatment for arthritis. Your doctor could be of assistance to you when trying to develop a goal here. One of the things your doctor is likely to recommend is that you start exercising; this can be an important factor in maintaining your flexibility. Getting physical therapy may also be an advantage in that if you are in better shape, chances are your arthritis is not going to progress anymore.

If you are not working on account of your arthritis, getting into better shape may put you back to being able to work again. This is usually not an easy thing to achieve, but if you are motivated enough, you can do it. One thing that you must do here is to do your homework by way of researching all the possibilities you may choose to use in your case to get some real relief from the condition that has almost crippled you.

The top treatment for arthritis involves a lot of different ways that you can consider to see which one or which ones may help you lessen your condition. When you know where you are headed in getting help to reduce your suffering, you will find that being in good condition is a great help to you.

Arthritis is a degenerative disease that affects joints, bones, ligaments and tendons, and in itself has about one hundred and fifty classifications. The methods of treatment for arthritis vary depending upon the type of classification and the level of progression the disease has already reached.

Taking into consideration three common categories, one can take a look into the different treatment approaches for each arthritis category. The most commonly diagnosed types are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout (also known as gouty arthritis).

Osteoarthritis usually occurs after an injury or after strenuous repetitive actions that place too much stress on certain joints (this is common for athletes who do a lot of running and jumping and so on). The signs of osteoarthritis usually take place when an individual reaches the age of forty and up, as this is the period when degeneration of bones starts to set in.

Treatments for osteoarthritis usually include weight control for overweight individuals, increased exercise in order to strengthen joints and muscles and increasing circulation, heat and cold therapy to rapidly reduce pain temporarily in order to be able to do additional exercises, prescribed pain medications, electrical nerve stimulation (also known as TENS), acupuncture, massage, physical therapy and yoga. Some individuals also undergo stress management options as stress has been known to trigger and worsen arthritis symptoms.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder wherein the body’s immune system or antibodies actually attack the ligaments and tendons that keep the bones and muscles bonded. It is the most dangerous form of arthritis because it is chronic and can progress towards total crippling of joints, rendering a patient immobilized and in constant pain.

Treatments for rheumatoid arthritis consist of first reducing pain with medications, exercise, hot and cold therapy, physiotherapy, and Prosorba. Prosorba is a type of medical intervention wherein the patients who have rheumatoid arthritis causing antibodies in their blood basically get their blood filtered in order to cleanse them of this autoimmune disorder.

Gout, or gouty arthritis, is another form of arthritis that is a result of excess uric acid that has accumulated and formed crystals in the system, getting stuck in the spaces of the joints. This causes inflammation of joints and ligaments and consequently excruciating pain.

Treatments for gout basically use certain medications to lower the uric acid levels and the crystallized acid is eventually dissipated. Lowering the acid level can also be achieved by going on a consistent diet that avoids food high in purines.

Although the symptoms may go away after the treatment, this does not mean that any of these types of arthritis are actually cured. The most that any type of arthritis treatment can guarantee is remission of the disease, or relief from the pain caused by the disease. There is still a greater chance for symptoms and pain to come back especially if the patient should stop taking medications or completely ignore his treatment regimen.

Only arthritic conditions caused by such infections as Lyme disease or different types of bacterial arthritis can be cured completely by antibiotics. Sad to say, because the most common arthritis types listed above are by nature degenerative and progressive, there is no real cure for the more common arthritic types.

Are you one of the millions who suffer from the pain and inflammation due to arthritis? Here are arthritis home remedies you might find useful to talk to your doctor about.

The word “arthritis” is taken from two Greek words which mean “inflammation of the joints”. This is a chronic disease that is characterized by pain and inflammation in the joints as a natural reaction of the tissues of the joint due to some injury or damage.

Causes of arthritis

This debilitating, painful condition is caused by a wide range of factors including age, wear and tear, joint instability, hormonal factors, environmental factors, or even psychological affects. It can also be caused by food allergy or deficiencies in certain nutrients.

Arthritis treatment is usually done through anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs and steroids. They often work in providing relief, but they only respond to the symptoms of the inflammation. They are also known to be potentially harmful to the health especially when taken on a long term basis, as they might lead to heart problems and gastrointestinal damage in some cases.

If you want relief from arthritis, why not try a more natural way? With your doctor’s approval of course.

Let us now look at some home remedies you might try in order to help relieve some of the pain caused by arthritis:

1. Massage and steam bath

A gentle, warm massage is sometimes effective in temporarily relieving some symptoms of arthritis. You can try olive oil, sage, or thyme oil to possibly get some relief. Steam baths are also great for alleviating pain and discomfort. Make sure to avoid cold baths or cold sprays as they can aggravate arthritis.

2. Rub aching joints with warm vinegar before bedtime.

Joint pains can sometimes be reduced for a while by rubbing the affected area with hot vinegar and then wipe the area afterwards with a wet cloth so you don’t lay in bed and smell vinegar.

3. Alternate hot and cold compresses

Apply hot and cold compresses on the affected area to provide relief.

4. Dandelion leaf and roots

Dandelion leaf is known for its diuretic properties. It can possibly increase the output of the kidneys, while the roots have mild laxative properties and this might help with arthritis.

5. Fish oil – best home remedy for arthritis

While all of these home remedies might provide some temporary relief from the pains and inflammation caused by arthritis, they can only be used once the arthritis attacks.

If you want to give your body the best fighting chance to prevent arthritis, you might want to ask your doctor about taking some fish oil supplements.

Fish oil for arthritis

Fish oil has omega 3 fatty acids which, in turn are reputed to have some excellent anti-inflammatory properties. The omega 3 fatty acid EPA can help the body to stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory eicosanoids which can in turn help counter inflammation at its very root.

Arthritis is an extremely debilitating disease that causes excruciating pain. Once you are afflicted with the disease, there is sometimes no way out. However, there are home remedies that can help you fight the pain and discomfort.

Make sure to take in your doctor-approved daily dose of fish oil supplement. Talk to your doctor about what amount he or she recommends for you.

These statements are not medical advice and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.