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In all honesty, if you wish to stop thinning hair now you are certainly in no way the only person. Many individuals from all around the world have problems with this condition. And it’s in no way cultural, studies have shown that the prevalence of hair thinning in women as well as men is at an all-time high.

But if using hair loss drugs and getting a head of hair via transplants are unheard-of, it is possible to stop hair loss by natural means.

Though it may be somewhat impossible to keep track of the precise number of hair strands you loss, a hundred will be obvious if examined closely. Specialists say that losing your hair strands is typical since new stands of hair are likely to grow in twelve weeks. However, if the amount is much more than this, it is a must to consider what might cause it.

Underneath are common reasons behind hair loss to help you stop thinning hair now. Although some of these points can be self-determined, it is always best to speak with a specialist because he or she can determine precisely what brings about your hair loss.

1. Diseases, illnesses and other health concerns.

This may be one of the more frequent causes of the loss of hair. Diseases like diabetes, lupus, or the ones that are linked to the thyroid glands can affect the growth and the all round production of hair in the man or woman’s system.

2. Consuming particular drugs.
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The unwanted side effects of specific drugs like those of isotretinoin and lithium along with other diet tablets which contain amphetamines are known to trigger hairloss especially among teens. Those people who are undergoing radiation treatment sessions to help remedy cancer and also those medication for gout, depression, and heart issues may lead to hairloss. In women, birth control pills can also be the culprit for hair loss.

3. Inadequate nutrition (or undernourishment).

Those who have inadequate protein and iron inside their system may suffer from hair loss. The two components, protein and iron, are the essential nutrients that strengthens your hair to make it grow. Experts say that when a person has inadequate nutrition, there is not enough supply of nourishing substances for instance vitamins and minerals to help maintain the development of the hair.

4. Medical treatment procedures.

Individuals who have to undertake medical treatments, for example chemo and radiation therapies are definitely more in danger of losing their head of hair because these treatments can kill the hair from the roots. And also, it may even result in a condition known as “alopecia” that can lead to permanent hair loss.

However, the most common cause of thinning hair in women and men is a hormonal change. The hormone recognized as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is released into the bloodstream and that’s the main reason for your thinning hair.

The DHT hormone affixes itself to the follicles of hair causing them to greatly decrease. Ultimately, they die which leaves you with regions of missing hair.

Halting the Dihydrotestosterone is the remedy. To stop thinning hair now, re-grow, as well as boost your nutrition is by looking at your food plan. Consuming foods rich in vitamin B is a simple approach to maintaining healthy hair.

By dealing with these reasons for your hair loss, you’ll be ready to get back your own healthy and strong head of hair with the proper nutritional elements. Natural herbal ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Nettle Root, as well as Biotin help re-grow your hair. All of these natural components are effective at hampering DHT plus they improve your all-around health.

Now that you know this, stop thinning hair now by doing a little bit of research about the issues that cause the loss of hair. Then by discovering a safe all-natural solution, you are on your way to growing back your own head of hair plus acquiring total well being.

Like our natural hair, hair pieces also need regular washing and care. However, since they are usually not permanently attached to the scalp, they require special maintenance techniques. Below you can find an easy to follow step-by-step instruction on how to wash your hair piece the right way. But before you follow the instruction, you must prepare a shampoo, a conditioner, a hair brush, two spray bottles, and a plastic head mold.

1. Stick the hair piece to the plastic head mold with adhesive tape and detach all the tangled hair by using a hair brush.

2. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of shampoo and water. For easy application, the mixture should have a 50:50 ratio. Spray the shampoo mixture to the hair piece and comb it using a brush. Repeat this step if considered necessary.

3. Rinse the shampoo off using running lukewarm water from a water tap or shower. At the same time, comb the hair to remove all the remaining bubbles of the shampoo. Rinse until the hair is thoroughly clean.

4. Fill another spray bottle with a mixture of conditioner and water. Again, it is best if you make a 50:50 mixture. Afterwards, spray the conditioner mixture to the thoroughly rinsed hair and comb it with a brush until the mixture is evenly spread. Repeat the process if necessary.

5. Rinse the conditioner off using running lukewarm water from the tap or shower. Comb the hair to remove the leftover conditioner and perform this until it is thoroughly rinsed.

6. After you have finished shampooing and conditioning, you should dry it immediately. There are two ways to do it. You can dry it manually using a dry towel, but always remember not to rub the hair piece. Instead, blot out the hair using the towel to absorb the excess water. When the hair is half dry, comb the hair to style it and leave it to dry on its own. On the other hand, if you use a hair dryer, make sure to use only the gentle setting and do not put it on a very hot temperature since it can damage the hair piece. When using a hair dryer, you can also style the hair using a brush.

Since wet hair piece can trigger scalp-related problems, you should make sure that it is thoroughly dry prior to re-attaching it to your scalp.

My husband has recently started going bald.

My name is Mary and my husband’s name is Bobby. Bobby just recently started going bald in the front section of his head. I love him regardless but the new look does make him look a bit older. I personally don’t care much, but since he has started going bald he has begun to wear these awful looking hats everywhere we go! I will take a bald head over old raggedy baseball hats in public any day! This has begun my quest for knowledge on the subject of baldness. In my research many products pop up time after time, but a few are starting to gain my interest, here is what I found out about Rogaine.

Overview of Frontal Baldness

Rogaine works for many people who try it out. Test results vary, some positive some negative. Usually the hairs grow back in the places applied. The hair grows back but it may not be as full as before. Many guys see the hair looking like “baby hair” but they are usually excited none the less. Minoxidi is the main ingredient in in the Rogaine product, it is approved by the FDA and it has proven to grow hair in the crown of the head. Testing on temporal receding hairline by Rogaine has not been done so they are not allowed to advertise for this area of hair legally. More intensive study will be required by Rogaine in order to be approved by the FDA.

Rogaine is an ointment which is meant to be applied externally. A person has to be committed to using Rogaine because it is required to use the application for at least 4 months.
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A Review of Rogaine Liquid and Rogaine Foam

Both liquid and foam Rogaine contain 5% of minoxidil which is the active ingredient, the other ingredients may differ. Rogaine in liquid form contain a type of topical solution that contains propyleneglycol, most people that try it complain from an irritated scalp. They also complain that the liquid is greasy and can cause flaking, scratching, and sometimes dandruff. The greasy look sometimes leaves the hair looking poor in condition.

To add to the frustration, the liquid versions need to dry completely before styling. For most men this side effect can sometimes outweigh the benefit of new hair.

How to apply the Rogaine “Topical Liquid Solution”

When using the Rogaine liquid solution, the scalp and hair need to be towel dried. A droppers is used to apply to the areas of hairs loss and then massaged gently into the scalp. Once again, before styling makes sure that the hair is completely dry.

Review of Rogaine Foam

The foam version doesn’t contain propyleneglycol so you won’t have the experience of scalp irritation and greasiness. The foam is applied gently like hair mousses and this does solution odes not weight the hair down. Odor is the main complaint form Regain foam version. The smell begins sweet and then turns once dried up.

Using Rogaine Foam

After the hair is towel dried run your hands under cold water and then massage the foam in the areas of hair loss, you can then style as normal. This is a quicker way versus the liquid form.

Rogaine Reviews – Do consumers really Regrow Hair?

Most Reviews are positive regarding hair growth using the Rogaine product. Some men even claim that they feel like most of their hair had returned but in a thinner state than before. The biggest benefit addressed by users is the prevention of more hair loss with the added benefit if growing previously lost hair. Rogaine cannot guarantee that it will work on your hair. It is very probable that your hair may not respond to the chemical in rogaine, and since the results are so subtle sometimes a photograph is needed in order justify a testimonial. It is very important that if you try this product to stay committed and to continue treatment.

The actual Price to use Rogaine

When ordering for the first time, make sure you order a 4 month supply. Rogaine cost will be about $19-$15 per month. I already bought my husband a full supply; I hope his hair grows back enough to lose the hats!

If you are looking for products that claim to be the best for giving you a full head of healthy looking hair, or making it grow faster and thicker there is no shortage. We see them advertised on television and in print on a daily basis. The truth is that in order to do this you need to be looking at the best vitamins for hair. These essential nutrients will provide you with what you are looking for by strengthening your immune system and improving circulation which will help prevent hair loss.


The first place that you have to start in having a healthy head of hair is caring for your scalp. If you do not do this the scalp will become dry and unhealthy. Vitamin A does this by aiding in the secretion of oil called sebum. This oil is manufactured by glands in the scalp. Fish, meat, eggs and green vegetables can supply adequate levels of vitamin A. If these are not foods that you normally eat then supplementation is an excellent option. Vitamin A will also help to keep the immune system functioning properly.


B-Complex vitamins are water soluble vitamins which mean that they are not stored by the body. We use as much as is required and eliminated any excess through urine. For this reason they need to be replaced regularly. Vitamin B12 is essential to having a well functioning nervous system as well as preventing hair loss. Vitamin B3, which you will also hear referred to as niacin, will aid in improving circulation to the scalp. B5 and B6 also play an essential role in the prevention of hair loss. Chicken, fish, egg yolks and whole grain cereals are all good sources of B vitamins.


Probably the most recognized B-Complex vitamin for hair is biotin. This is because there are several products that claim to be beneficial to healthy hair because they contain this nutrient. The reality is that because this is a water soluble vitamin it is not readily absorbed through the skin. These claims are more about marketing than providing you with a full head of healthy and beautiful looking hair. So do yourself a favor and save some money by get this either through supplementation or from the diet you eat. Lentils, brown rice and sunflower seeds all contain biotin.


Most of us associate vitamin C with cold and flu season. We have been told for years that it can shorten both the length and severity of these events. Another benefit that it has is that of being a very good antioxidant which can promote healthy hair as well as vibrant youthful looking skin. Foods that contain high levels of this vitamin would be tomatoes, green peppers and citrus fruits.


We get a dual benefit from vitamin E. It increases the amount of oxygen being carried by the blood which improves circulation to the scalp and secondly it works to enhance the immune system.

In conclusion, for a full head of healthy looking head of hair we need to combine a balanced and nutritious diet with the best vitamins for hair. This will assure the look that we all want for many years to come.

Hair loss is never pleasant, but it can be especially disturbing for women who are going through the change. Menopause hair loss is often caused by reduced production of the thyroid hormone. As with other hormonal changes in a woman’s body during this period of her life, the thyroid can undergo changes as well and that will affect numerous other bodily functions.

It is said that about 30% of women who are going through menopause will experience hair fall. Also called alopecia, loss of hair can be just as devastating for women as it is for men who also go through changes in hormonal levels at this time of their life. While thyroid levels change, so do other hormones like estrogen and progesterone, and this can cause the loss of hair that is noticed in men as well as women.

Many women find relief from the symptoms of menopause, through the use of better nutritional efforts which include high quality nutritional supplementation. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins that are provided in fish and chicken along with the essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and vitamin B-12 can help bring the body back into balance and prevent menopause hair loss.

There are many reasons for loss of hair to occur. This includes stress that seems to be part and parcel with the changes that occur during menopause. With hormonal changes causing hot flashes and mood alterations, stress abounds at this time of life. Telogen effluvium is the term that is used to describe hair loss that is caused by stress. This condition causes the hair follicles to go into the resting phase, and after a few months the affected hairs will begin to fall out. Stress caused menopause hair loss will subside once the stressors are eliminated.

Since there are a number of other causes for the loss of hair, it is wise to consult with a doctor when noticeable signs of this condition begin. Diabetes and lupus are just two medical conditions that can show up when other changes are taking place in the body, and receiving treatment for them early will prevent more wide reaching health issues.

While the most common causes of hair fall are hormonal in nature, there are some things that can be done to prevent it from becoming as heartbreaking as many women find it to be. As discussed previously, nutrition is the number one thing that a woman can do to prevent the overwhelming effects of hair fall during menopause. The body reacts well to better nutrition and there are many quality supplements that are designed to provide the kind of nutrition that is peculiar to women’s health.

Supplements and a diet rich in nutrients are some of the best steps that any woman can take to prevent hair menopause hair loss or hair fall during any phase of their life. Better nutrition allows the body to recover under its own power and often without medical intervention.


Every person in this world wants beautiful, strong and shiny hair. They are that thing on the body which changes the look and personalty of a person to the great extent. Excess usage of shampoos, conditioners, dyes and gels etc. cause alot of damage to hair. So every woman and men young or adult want to keep their hair strong and shiny. Treatments according to hair types of hair fall solutions and damaged hair can be adapted. Following are some of the treatments of oily and normal hair types:


They are vrey oily. Ladies are not able to give them the desired style because they are sticky. A thin and long face will look more odd with oily hair. They also keep the head dirty.

They have to be washed atleast thrice a week. More regular wash keep them clean. Due to them the face also start looking oily and bad, so keep removing oil ness from hair regularly. Lemon shampoo is good for oily hair, it removes stickness. Shampoo your hair and use conditioner. They will be cleansed and will be healthy.

The food you eat directly effects the hair. STOP eating oily things in food, if you have oily hair. Increase quantity of eggs, meat, fish, cheese, salad, fruits and green vegetables in your food.


This kind of hair are shiny but not oily. They can be styled easily. They can remain clean for a week without a wash. They can be washed once a week with light shampoo, a glycerine soap or with soap-nut (REETHA) and Shikakai. Choose a good shampoo once and don’t change it, if not compelled to. It is generally thought that a shampoo giving more lathers is a good one but it may not clean your hair properly and the natural development of the hair stops or slows down. If you comb them before shampooing them,they will not break. Take shampoo in your palm and put it at one place on the head and rub it with the tips of your fingers on the roots first and then on hair. Don’t press fingers hard. Pour a little water on the head. It will give lather and can be applied easily, wait for a few minutes and wash them.

Many different kinds of conditioners are available in the market. Wash them with a shampoo and apply conditioner on them, leave it their for five minutes and then wash them thoroughly. Then your hair will be clean and shiny.

One part of grooming that is very important is the removal of unwanted hair. There are many methods or options regarding unwanted hair removal and each have their pros and cons.

1. Shaving. This is the most common method of unwanted hair removal and is also the most affordable of all the options. This method involved cutting the hair as close to the skin as possible. The pros: it is inexpensive and fast. The cons: shaving causes hair to grow back coarse, stubble can be itchy, hair can become in growth and hair grows back in a matter of hours.

2. Threading. This is another affordable method of hair removal which involves the use of thread to trap and pull hair from the roots using cotton thread. Threading is best done on the face. The pros: affordable and routine treatments can result in permanent results over time. The cons: painful and if done incorrectly, there may be hair breakage and regrowth will be faster.

3. Waxing. Probably one of the most popular options for women and is growing acceptance with men. A substance is applied to the skin and a piece of cloth is pressed over it, after which the cloth is jerked off. The pros: effects can last for about a month and regrowth is lighter in color and finer in texture, good for full body hair removal. The cons: painful, beware of “double dipping” (spatula or applicator must be discarded after each use) if done in a salon or spa as skin may get infected if one is not careful.

4. Laser. Laser has become a popular option for both sexes as the results can mean being hair free for a longer time. A pulse of light destroys the hair’s root within the follicle. Works best on people with light skin and dark hair. The pros: after repeated treatments, one can expect to be hair free for several months. The cons: expensive, is not at all permanent, repeated treatments are necessary because hair grows in cycles. Those with dark skin or very light colored hair may suffer burns or discoloration.

5. Electrolysis. This is the only option that offers permanent hair loss. A thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle to destroy the cells. It is best on small areas like the upper lip, chin or eyebrows. The pros: is permanent. The cons: time-consuming as the needle destroys one follicle at a time so a limited area can be done in one treatment, and painful.

Hair forms an important part in the beauty of a human being. There may be cases that may result in losing it due to physical, medical and natural factors. Some of the causes may be because of poor diet and medication.There are developments that have taken place in the beauty and therapeutical industry to find out the best remedy to deal with this problem. This is mainly because if the problem is not dealt with in its early stages you can end up bald. There is therefore new technology for hair loss available in the market today. Some of these include the following.

Scientific breakthroughs in various forms have tried to bring hope to people suffering from this problem. This includes the invention and use of drug design, hair cloning and stem cell stimulation among other to help deal with the issues related to baldness.

There are different types of remedies such as the use of prescribed drugs, transplants, and generation of follicle generation. There are drugs available in the market that are approved for use on the head. These drugs tend to hinder the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This molecule tampers with the production of follicles therefore inactivating the production of more follicles.

Some of the developments include the use of robotics which is an automatic technique used in transplants to help speed up the process of surgery. It involves generation of follicle cells on the scalp, which are interlinked to the formation of follicle. These may be injected into the scalp to create new follicles. Cloning involves stem cells found in the scalp. This stimulates hair growth.

There are research phases taking place such as transplant surgery with robotics, which is less invasive. There are more hair loss treatments to deal with a bad-looking head due to losing hair. There is an electro-shock therapy to help stimulate the production of follicles. Other forms help in conversion of testosterone into DHT. There are various transplant surgeons who can help you get back your natural look or even improve it.

Transplants mainly target to spread the follicle on the scalp. It may not mean that you get an improved density but the distribution helps to prevent baldness. A Laser helps to deal with injuries on the soft tissue. It helps to protect the skin as it enhances the production of bio-regenerative energy from the follicle. It stimulates the already existing follicle to produce more follicles and reduce the loss. It uses similar light wavelengths to enhance normal blood flow.

Replication of follicle helps in improving the density of the scalp therefore you end up with natural look. It helps to keep the scalp fertilize the areas. You get a variety of results based on the uniformity in density and resistant to DHT. You should find therapies and remedies that work for you to help you maintain your natural look and beauty.

Are you losing your hair? Is it thinning and your friends and family are starting to notice? Do you feel self conscience about your hair thinning? How can I stop my hair falling out and is it possible to regrow hair.

Why Is My Hair Thinning And Falling Out

It is perfectly normal to lose follicles, everyone does and the normal amount is approximately 50-100 per day. Losing follicles will occur because of age, health and genetics and this number will vary depending on each individual.

Follicles are continually being replaced every day. Our bodies are self sufficient and when our bodies are working properly the follicles will grow back and replace the ones that have shed. When there are changes like age or genetics the hair that grows in is thinner or nonexistent. Hair falling out will continue to happen throughout our lives unless we treat it somehow.

How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair – Is This Possible To Do

The latest statistics show that by the age of 35 to 40 years old men will start to exhibit a noticeable change in their hair line and 60-65 percent will have sufficient hair loss by the age 60. For women the thinning of the will begin between the ages of 40 to 50 some women might experience this even earlier.

The emotional impact for women is normally greater than that for men. Society today accepts balding men but for women it is devastating to their confidence and self-esteem.

For those individuals who have their hair falling out there are different strategies that can be used to slow the process. Hair thickening shampoos can assist in thickening the hair by using wheat proteins and other additives that will reinforce the shaft of the hair and give the appearance of thicker hair.

All of these products are temporary solutions, as hair thins or falls out these products will not produce the desired results necessary to give the appearance of a full head of hair. A more permanent method of hair replacement is hair growth products, this type of solution is scientifically proven to re-grow hair for those individuals that are thinning or losing hair.

Fast Hair Growth Treatment – Grow Hair Back And Take Back Your Self Confidence

Provillus is clinically proven to regrow hair in both men and women to stop hair falling out. The ingredients are all natural and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The main ingredients are Azelaic, Minoxidl which are combined with natural, time-tested vitamins, minerals and herbs.

The growth system comes in a two part system which allows for maximum benefits to prevent hair falling out. The topical solution which will be used twice a day and one capsule twice a day to stimulate the follicles from the inside out. As with any type of medication you should always consult a physician.

There are millions of men and women suffer from hair loss today. Provillus allows those individuals to regrow their own hair, naturally and discreetly in the privacy of their own homes, which allows them to take back their self confidence.

This article turns an objective eye to hair loss myths so you can separate the real from the misguided when it comes to losing your hair.

The Balding Gene is Inherited from Your Mother’s Side

The thought that you get a hair loss gene just from your mother’s side of your family is false. The inheritance of normal baldness appears to be found in the non sex related chromosomes, which implies that baldness can come from any parent. Plus, the hair loss gene is a dominating gene, implying that you only need one gene on one chromosome to experience hair loss, although various genes appear to influence the balding process.

You can find insight into baldness by looking into balding patterns in your family. If you have an uncle, father, or grandfather who’s bald or losing his hair, learn when he first started to lose his hair it may be an indication as to when you may go bald. Don’t blame your Mum if you start to lose your hair. Women can also get the thinning or hair loss patterns found in their close ones, only the patterns that women inherit are distinctive for females. This indicates that the inheritance pattern in women is not the same as for men. Women who start thinning will frequently describe that they inherit it from their mum, grandmother, sis, auntie, and so on.

Wearing a Hat too Often Makes you go Bald

A lot of people believe that hats causes baldness based on the idea that wearing a hat cuts off the air supply to the hair and keeps the scalp from breathing properly. They don’t know that hair receives oxygen from the blood stream, not the air, so you are not likely to suffocate your hair follicles merely by using a hat. The baseball cap so often worn by men whose hair is thinning doesn’t cause baldness, it hides baldness. Wearing a hat or cap that fit hard on the head can make you lose hair but that’s an entirely different story. These hats may stimulate the hair to thin out on the head where there’s constants pressure which interrupts the blood flow. In rare events, helmets have been known to cause traction alopecia on athletes who wear their helmets frequently, particularly if the helmet rubs continuously against an area of the scalp.

If You Don’t See Hair in the Drain, You Aren’t Balding

You do not suffer from hair loss because your hair starts falling off, you are going bald because your normal hair is gradually being substituted by finer hair. Guys who are terrified of going bald often compulsively scrutinise their shower and hairbrush to prove they are going bald. Most humans lose about 100 hairs everyday but grow the same amount of hairs a day to substitute what’s lost. Some of the hairs you lose end up in the shower drain or they will just fall off as you go about your normal day to day activities