In the middle of human brain is the so called flying eye of the soul or the internal sun of man. If that sun does not shine in man, nothing comes out of him. It plays the role of a transformer in the human organism. When the external energy penetrates into the brain of man, that knot, or the eye of the soul, resends that energy along the entire organism. It has also other functions, besides transforming of the solar energy. There is also another transformer in the brain, which takes in the solar energy along the entire body. The state of health of the organism, as well as of the feelings, depends on the correct trans form forming of these energies. Hence, that eye is a transformer of the Divine energy in man and creates conditions for his manifestation.

So, I tell you, as to disciples, first you shall train yourselves to control your brain. Gather the energy from Nature and resend it to the solar plexus, heart, trachea, forehead, the back side of the head and after that take that energy around your body. Start making those magnetic showers, while a light magnetic aura round the body forms and then you will feel yourselves free.

If man eats much, a big part of the brain energies go to the stomach, and he reduces the function of the brain by that. The brain is an accumulator of electricity and magnetism – the moment it succeeds in gathering that energy, food goes to the stomach, where it is devoured; it turns out that it works only for the stomach. That is why, each of us shall know how much, what and when to eat.

Man shall study his states, as well as the energies of his brain, in order to be able to transform them correctly. When man is angry, grumpy or in bad spirits, he shall know that this angry state is due to an energy, gathered round the hears, in the back part of the head and this energy shall be well distributed and transformed in order and explosion not to happen. It may be used for work and it shall be used wisely.

The anger is an energy, which is not used in a right direction. Everybody has felt weakness, one demagnetization after anger.

The anger, melancholy and bad spirits – this is all excessive energy, which can be transformed by taking the hoe and dig for 10 or 15 minutes.

Each sorrow, each hardship comes from that excess, which stays in man unused. That is why you shall study the law of turning of energies. There are people, who know how to transform not only their own energies, but also the ones of his friends or of the community.

To transform the energies means lower energies to be transformed into higher energies.