One of the WORST things you can do to yourself and your body is skipping meals if your goal is to lose weight. Whether its a couple pounds or 100, you HAVE to eat food in order to lose weight. Let me explain.

Everyone has a metabolism. Some have one that is quicker and others have one that is slower. The slower metabolism people tend to be overweight or if they are in good shape, its because they work extremely hard to keep it that way. Well, there are ways to keep your metabolism performing optimally, and to do so you have to eat.

Think of it this way. When you eat breakfast, your body begins to absorb those nutrients to keep it moving almost immediately. This includes keeping the organs functioning, your brain working, giving you energy, and such. Typically, what you eat gives your body those nutrients for a few hours. A lot of people will eat about 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Sometimes its less then that with people skipping breakfast altogether (big mistake).

So between breakfast and lunch, there might be a time gap of 4-5 hours. What happens is the first 2-3 hours your body utilizes the nutrition you gave it, and the metabolism is kicked into high gear to burn off those calories you just gave it. The next 2 hours, however, your metabolism slows down because most of the energy from the food is wearing off. You can equate this with getting tired and hungry when too much time has passed between meals.

When you repeat this cycle several times a day, and multiple it over weeks or years, you are training your body and mind to behave a particular way with food. Typically, the less food you give your body, the more of “survival mode” it goes into, which is essentially to hold onto fat, slows down how the organs work, slows bloodflow, and more. This makes the ability to lose weight much more difficult!

If you were given 10 crackers to live off of for 5 days, you would do your absolutely best to make those crackers last the entire 5 days versus downing them in a matter of minutes. Your body is doing the same thing, making sure your body can function properly with the resources it is given.

To enhance your metabolism and to Lose Weight, you have to EAT.

As mentioned before, eating 3 large meals a day will only get you so far. Instead, you should be focused on trimming those meals to 5-8 smaller ones, spread out every couple of hours. So instead of a large 600+ calorie meal every 4-5 hours, try to get a 200-300 calorie smaller meal/snack every 2-3 hours. What this does is keeps your metabolism in “active” mode on a constant basis.

Imagine a wheel spinning in a circle. The more it turns, the more optimal the result is. Well, imagine if that wheel spins quickly…then slows down to almost stopping…then picks back up quickly…then slows down to almost stopping. That is what you do to your body when you only feed it a few times a day. You want that wheel to be in a constant spin.

Obviously it matters what kinds of foods your putting into your body, but if you keep them relatively healthy and spread out every 2-3 hours in smaller quantities, you will begin to see weight loss results within weeks.
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