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Dr. Page recommended that all his patients supplement their diet with “whole food-based concentrates,” referring to the whole food concentrates of Dr. Royal Lee, DDS. Dr. Lee, one of Dr. Page’s closest friends and colleagues, was a researcher, inventor, scientist, scholar, statesman, businessman and philanthropist.

From age twelve, in 1907, Dr. Lee compiled a notebook on biochemistry and nutrition that became one of the largest individual collections in the world Viagra in Sydney.

In 1924, before Weston Price had returned with his findings, Dr. Lee presented a paper on “The Systemic Causes of Dental Caries,” in which he outlined the relationship of vitamin deficiencies to tooth decay and showed the necessity of vitamins from food sources for normal functioning of the endocrine glands.

Dr. Lee, a prolific inventor, patented a speed controller for dentist drills. With an inclination toward philanthropy, he developed something to help fellow Americans correct their nutritional deficiencies, for he knew government agencies and for-profit food manufacturers were only concerned with extending shelf life rather than preserving nutrient density and vitality of the food they processed. Dr. Lee believed that a healthy life is the result of vitamins, and their functions are far too complex to be reproduced by human beings. So at the age of 21, he began formulating a whole food-based concentrate that would optimize health by delivering all known vitamins and minerals in their natural, bioactive state. Using whole food sources, he knew that undiscovered nutrients would also be present.

At the time he created the formula, no equipment could concentrate these foods without disrupting their nutritional integrity. He and his company Lee Engineering invented the required technology to preserve and not disturb the delicate nutrient complexes in the foods of his formula. Within a few years he had built devices to extract and concentrate food without heat or mechanical refining so that all the enzymes and heat sensitive nutrients remain active. In 1929, this resulted in the world’s first ever raw, whole-food concentrate, Catalyn; although the words “raw” and “whole-food” did not enter the public media until the 21st century.

Dr. Lee knew which foods have the highest amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals from his own research and that of Drs. Price, Page and Jarvis. The vegetables included were based on Dr. Page’s Food Plan. Dr. Lee put the traditional foods of the native people studied by Dr. Price into his whole food-based concentrate formulas. The Peruvian mountain people traveled for a month down to the ocean to collect kelp. Dr. Price asked, “Why do you travel so far for that seaweed?” They explained that it helps the heart and all muscles. Dr. Lee understood the value of this and all the observations Dr. Price recorded, so he concentrated kelp into specific mineral products for optimal heart and muscle function.

What are you going to cook or bake for Christmas?

For a lot of people, the yuletide season is a time to prepare the most sumptuous foods and treats, in the most creative of recipes. For many, meat products are the prime ingredient – hotdogs, ostrich meat, veal, and a whole assortment of chicken and pork parts.

Of course, you don’t have to always go with the traditional way of cooking, especially if there are other options and ingredients you can try, to come up with a healthier recipe. Instead of using meat products, why not go for veggies?

One of the choice foods during the Christmas season is mincemeat. The traditional cooking or baking of mincemeat included ingredients such as minced beef and pork parts, suet, venison as well as sirloin. Over the years, however, the meat ingredients have slowly vanished from the kitchen table, and by the mid 20th century, vegetables and dried fruits have been minced to replace meat products. Butter, vegetable fats, as well as dried fruits, chopped apples and fresh fruits have been used in most occasions for as ingredients for mincemeat.

Meat versus Veggies

Many people go as far as to find comparison between eating meat products and vegetables. Although meat is a more concentrated source of protein, the cholesterol or artery-clogging fat present in meat products have push for vegetables and fruits as an alternative for mincemeat. Add to the fact that vegetable and fruit products contain a fair amount of fiber, which is also called the “nature’s broom”, because of its ability to help clean or sweep away the toxins out of the body.

Many health experts have suggested a balanced recipe composed of both meat and vegetable products. However, for those who feel the need to cook or bake a healthier batch of mincemeat come Christmas time, vegetables and fruits are great options.

So if you’re feeling horrible about having another bite of pork or beef in your mincemeat pie, you should make it a habit to gather vegetables and fruits beforehand, to mesh and mash into your own vegetable mincemeat. Another great option is just to buy whole foods online like mincemeat. You can also purchase a jar of vegetable mincemeat in a whole foods or grocery store. A good option to make, however, is to look for a good recipe where you can use vegetable mincemeat, before you decide to buy all the ingredients for your mincemeat pie, or mincemeat meal.

The Juice Feast makes it necessary that followers refrain from solid foods plus devour purely fruit juices. Due to this fact these eating plans are primarily to be utilized for a distinct time frame. The standard cleanse can last for some days. Following it with a healthcare skilled is a very good concept for virtually any cleanse that is held for a longer time.

Several widespread food goods comprise of fresh fruits along with a range of eco-friendly produce. This particular flush offers a generous volume of vitamins, minerals as well as anti-oxidant agents.

A lot of folks may be wondering the reason why this cleanse is certainly advantageous. It is a well-known confirmed truth that fruit and veggies offer a good deal of nutrition as well as vitamins. In addition they go via the digestive tract significantly much easier than solid meals as well as assist the human body to get rid of damaging toxins. For the duration of this process your entire body does not soak up new harmful toxins. Because of this your physique acquires an opportunity to unwind as well as fix itself.

Do not eat your complete approach to get juice previously. Throughout the day consume a couple of portions of juice. A number of fruits and vegetables could possibly be merged to create a large selection of delicious blend. It’s influenced by individual selection. Nonetheless taking in a great deal of fruits can cause an upset belly as organic or fresh create will be the greatest factor for juicing as they don’t incorporate harmful additives or compounds.

Juice Cleanse Tips:

All the way through the spring or warm numerous weeks could be the most significant period to undertake this cleanse. All the way through cold temperature your body burns up extra calories to stay comfy and therefore the juice alone will not offer sufficient eating plan to uphold your physique. Before beginning this eating routine it is sensible to get rid of particular meals. One week prior towards the eating routine begins systematically remove quite a few meals.

When the liquid diet appears to turn into too restricted one meal every day might be added. Also get rid of any unwanted portion just before juicing. When the cleansing interval ends it is time to steadily come back to eating solid meals. This transition is actually a method that is needed to have the ability to stay away from surprising the digestive tract. Start the whole method of transferring from fluid to solid meals whenever you eat 2 parts of fruit concerning the subsequent day of concluding this cleanse. Should you think who you may well be famished sip some juices to acquire a feeling of satisfaction? This strategy will help you to avoid food overindulge on heaps of solid meals. The juice cleanse gets rid of your physique of dangerous toxins helping your physique function in an optimum level. This approach is 1 which will be really demanding; also it can even really feel restricted sooner or later. Nevertheless really should you persevere and remain with this diet plan you are going to have the ability to reap the quite a few positive aspects and very good results of the Juice Feast.

Years ago fruit juices was initially considered as considerably similar to water. These have been only accustomed to moisturize your body plus overcome thirst. Nonetheless right now they could be utilized as a food provider and as a result are an important element of specific diet programs. On account of its style as well as usefulness the veggie juice cleanse has gone up into an improved point of reputation. Several buyers also take into account to make certain that it really is much better than other sorts of eating habits. For many individuals fruits and veggies aren’t effortlessly tolerated however when they’re juiced these dishes are inclined to be a lot more flavourful and great. Juice Feast is unquestionably a liquefied eating plan that is created with thoroughly processed vegetables and fruit.

Perhaps you are putting up with egg-white omelets, instead of the real thing. If you are into low fat, and excluding the yolk from the egg, you could be missing out on some important nutrients in your diet. In fact, the benefits of eating whole eggs may be substantial, and here are some things to consider.

Avoiding Fat and Cholesterol

Many people are trying to cut a great deal of fats from their diets, but they could be cutting out things that they need. For example, some recent studies show that eating an egg on a regular basis may be good for your cardiovascular system, as it may help to prevent blood clots. Blood clots can be an important risk factor in things such as stroke or heart attacks. A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that there is no substantial link between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease.

It is a proven fact that saturated fat can affect cholesterol and can be a factor in heart disease. One egg contains five grams of fat, but only 1.5 grams of saturated fat. Many recent health studies show that egg cholesterol does not significantly affect blood cholesterol, and in fact may actually work to lower it some. However, if you are on cholesterol medication or have a history of heart disease, it is always best to consult with your doctor, and perhaps a certified nutritionist.


Many people may not realize that an egg is a good source of vitamin A and iron. You also get B vitamins and vitamin D. In fact, an egg is one of the few food sources that contains vitamin D. You also get a significant amount of protein in an egg, especially in the yoke.

There are about 300 milligrams of choline in one egg. Choline is a B-complex vitamin, and only recently has its benefits been realized. It is known to help prevent buildup of fats in the liver. It is also vital for proper brain function. Choline is also necessary for proper cell function in the body. As the body does not store choline for long, it is essential to have a constant supply of it from foods that are eaten, or from supplements.

If you have problems with thinning hair, eating eggs might be helpful. There are many important nutrients in an egg that can contribute to healthier hair and nails. You get B vitamins, as well as many important minerals.

Breast Cancer

Harvard research shows that women who consume higher levels of eggs in their teenage years, may be less likely to develop breast cancer. Fiber and vegetable fat also may be beneficial. However, butter consumption may have the opposite effect.


Many people are health conscious these days, and are making dietary changes. However, it may be a mistake to eliminate egg yolks from the diet. The health benefits of eating whole eggs can be significant, as they contain a lot of important vitamins and minerals. Also, recent studies show that there is no substantial link between egg yolks and cardiovascular disease.

People are always troubled by the indigestible foods. However, they can not resist the delicious tastes of such foods. Generally speaking, the foods like ice cream and chocolate are all indigestible foods in daily life.

  1. Ice cream contains abundant lactose which can affect the normal functions of stomach and intestines and hurt the spleen. The excessive intake of ice cream can even decrease the appetite, stimulate the stomach and cause the bellyache. If people can not quit the freezing foods, they can choose the foods without lactose. If possible, people should keep away from ice cream as far as possible.
  2. Potato is the nutritional food containing low heat, high protein, various vitamins and trace elements. Many people like to lose weight by eating potatoes. Nowadays, mashed potatoes have become more and more popular. However, the mashed potatoes mixed with cream or cheese are not so healthy, as the cream or cheese can affect the normal functions of stomach and intestines. Therefore, people should choose the single mashed potatoes without any auxiliary materials.

  1. Onion contains various kinds of nutritional elements which can protect the heart for the human body. However, at the same time, these elements can also cause some bad symptoms, such as flatulence and bellyache. According to the medical experts, these symptoms can be effectively avoided through some skillful cooking ways. For example, people can eat the cooked onion and uncooked onion together so as to absorb the nutrients and prevent bad symptoms at the same time.
  2. Chocolate can not only produce much heat inside the human body, but also stimulate the stomach and intestines. It is relatively better for people to choose black chocolate, as the black chocolate contains various beneficial substances like calcium, iron and copper. Among all the kinds of chocolate, black chocolate contains lowest contents of sugar and fat. In addition, it can also deal with high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. No matter how high the nutritional value of the black chocolate is, people should eat it moderately.
  3. Fried food contains high content of oily fat and high fat. These two kinds of substances can be accumulated inside the stomach to cause diseases. The oily fat will produce a kind of substance called ” acrylic acid ” in the high temperature which is rather difficult for people to digest. The patients with gastroenteritis should decrease the intake of oily food in daily life so as to prevent possible danger.

The break room is probably full of tasty but unhealthy treats to eat. Especially during the holiday season, there are plenty of these going around the office. Many of your co-workers are probably pressuring you to eat just as much as them at the office. You may have been to told to just go for it and eat a few cookies. For me, if I eat one, I end up eating a lot.

Having healthy foods to eat around the office can really help you out by giving you the fuel that you need to stay in shape. That means you won’t feel sluggish or groggy after eating too much sugar, worse craving for more food. You can get through you day better and feel more energetic.

I have here a list of suggested foods to keep around your cubicle in case you can those cravings to snack in the middle of the afternoon.

1. Vegetables for you:

Carrying baby carrots or some chopped celery can easily be carried out the office. They have tons of fiber and minerals to fuel you up, rather than bring you down.

2. Cold Cut Fruit:

These are easy to find nowadays in many grocery stores, mini-marts, and even some fast food chains. They come in mix of a variety of different fruits. Maybe you want more berries or feel like having some more pineapple in yours today?

3. Nuts:

Nuts have good fats that actually help boost your immune system. They are called omega-fats as opposed to the trans fat that give that unhealthy cholesterol. There are many nuts for you to choose from such as almonds, cashews, peanuts,and walnuts. You don’t even need a refrigerator to keep these in, so you can just leave them in your cubicle drawer. When you are hungry, grab a few out.

4. Raisins:

Raisins have tons of fiber in it so it keeps you full longer. The secret behind a food like this is that it releases its energy slowly, so you don’t get all its energy at once. That way you won’t get a rise in blood pressure from a sugar spike. Foods like this are preferred. These are called low-glycemic foods. Ice cream and cookies are considered high glycemic foods that release all their energy at once and leave you hungry in just a few hours.

5. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal are one of those high fiber foods that keep you full longer. It also have complex carbs that do not turn into sugar right away. You can easily put some water and pouch of oatmeal and heat it up in the microwave for about a minute. You can also mix it up with tons of fruit instead of putting tons of sugar inside it.

My Bad Guys – Rogue Molecules Rule the Systems of Our Body

Most of us know that oxygen causes oxidation. We see the effects of oxidation all around us. We know that oxidation is what causes steel to rust. Oxidation is what causes combustion in a fire. Exposure to oxygen also accelerates the spoilage and decay process in foods like meat, fish and vegetables.

What most people do not know is that the oxidation process of cells in our bodies is what causes them to deteriorate, malfunction or die. It is what critically challenges our immune system, challenges the cells in all of our bodily systems and is what causes inflammation, illness and aging.

And what exactly is oxidation? Quite simply, it the result of a chemical reaction with oxygen which causes the atom or molecule to lose one or more electrons. This in turn causes the molecule to become unstable and potentially dangerous.

This unstable molecule can “go rogue.” It becomes what is known as a “free radical.” It can cause other chemical reactions, attack other cells and become a dangerous warrior within our bodies. Rogue molecules and cells fueled by oxidation become the bad guys. They are the real trouble-makers within our bodies.

The results of oxidation in the world are: rust, decay, spoilage, deterioration, and under the right circumstances, combustion.

The results of oxidation in the human body are: cellular deterioration, cancer, attack on the immune system, several cardiovascular diseases, harm to the brain and nervous system, inflammation and pain, disruption of the digestive system and metabolism, difficulty in weight control, harm to teeth and gums, and symptoms of aging.

The next question that may come up is: Can we prevent oxidation? The answer is “no.” We cannot practically prevent mass exposure to oxygen in the world because our world is full of oxygen and it is necessary for life. When it comes to our bodies, we cannot prevent oxidation because it is a necessary part of daily living. We breath, we burn fuel that we drive from foods and we we create energy. We are living, breathing organisms that have trillions of chemical reactions going on constantly in the cells in our bodies. Some oxidation is a natural part of life. But we must have the ability to neutralize some of its effects. An increase in rogue molecules from stress, illness, injury, disease, environmental pollutants, or from eating unhealthy foods can be very harmful and we must have the ability to neutralize them in order to be healthy.

Then how exactly do we combat oxidative these free radicals? The answer is: by eating natural foods that are extremely high in antioxidants.

My Good Guys – Antioxidants Derived from Natural Foods

The antioxidants from high antioxidant natural foods are the good guys that neutralize free radicals and render them harmless in our bodies.

Doctor Steven E. Warren, the noted medical physician with an additional doctorate in public medicine, and an expert in the effects of antioxidants and aging, writes that the over 800 recent medical studies clearly show that the antioxidants from natural foods are essential for good cellular health. He writes that antioxidants are absolutely necessary to combat the effects of illness, disease and the aging process. He often compares the significance of recent medical findings about antioxidants and cellular health with the discoveries of penicillin or the aspirin.

Antioxidants from natural foods are the good guys we need to be healthy. They are the real warrior heroes that combat and neutralize dangerous free radicals in our bodies.

What Can I Do to Help My Good Guys Win?

It is so simple. It is just so crazy simple. To help our good guys win, we need to increase our army of good guys. We need to eat more foods that contain higher concentrations of natural antioxidants.

And what are these foods? The foods with the highest laboratory tested antioxidant concentrations per 100 grams from number one on down are: pure unheated and non-alkalized cocoa powder, acai berries, 70% cocoa content dark chocolate, prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raw spinach, Brussels sprouts, plums, broccoli, beets, oranges, red grapes and cherries.

If you want to increase your chances to live a long and healthy life, bolster your army of good guys. Eat high antioxidant foods daily, and more preferably, several times per day, and you will take one of the biggest steps of your life to assure good health.

The coffee plant, which is likened to a small tree, actually produces berries. These berries contain seeds. The seeds are what we know as coffee beans. Coffee growers did not commonly know what to do with the actual fruit of this plant, so it would be disposed of.

Fortunately, we know that good nutrition can be found throughout an entire fruit, not just in its seeds. So scientists have figured out how the wonderful red fruit of the coffee bush (or, the outer shell of the coffee beans) can be utilized by people learning how to eat healthy. The fruit of the coffee plant, which is called coffeeberry, has a much higher nutritional content than coffee beans. Scientists have been performing research and tests on the entire fruit and its new and exciting health benefits.

Coffeeberry contains a high level of phenolic acid. This is an antioxidant that develops in the fruit as a natural defense mechanism against the sun’s rays. The coffee plant inhabits high altitude / low latitude regions, where sunlight is intense and will damage the fruit as it grows. Polyphenols that make up much of the bright red berry provide protection.

Part of healthy eating is being aware of foods that contribute to our overall health. Polyphenols make coffeeberry one of these foods. They work in our bodies to reduce the incidence of oxidative pathologies (such as coronary heart disease inflammation), protect against systemic oxidative stress, and neutralize dangerous free radicals.

Antioxidant foods’ potentials are measured by the Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity (ORAC) system. When the USDA’s Center for Aging at Tufts University tested over 40 fruits and vegetables, the found the following equivalents of antioxidant power: 81 medium strawberries, 459 blueberries, 647 raspberries, 1,015 grapes, and 1 gram of CoffeeBerry ® Forte Extract.

Anyone looking for a means of healthy weight loss can enjoy coffeeberry’s assistance in glucose management, which in turn keeps type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome at bay.

There are two more important things to take note of about coffeeberry’s nutrients. First, mannans and aribinogalactans, which are healthy polysaccharides, are destroyed when roasted, so conventional coffee lacks these nutrients. Second, eight essential monosaccharides are the building blocks of all biological communication, and coffeeberry contains five of these. Mannos, galactose, fucose, xylose, arabinose, and glucose are released during digestion and help the immune system to function properly.

Coffeeberry, as we are discovering, offers an array of benefits that are sought after by eating right for overall health. It is a fruit with a high ORAC value, meaning it destroys free radicals and protects your immune system better than most. For this reason, it is one of the ingredients in Prograde Longevity. Combined with other effective whole foods ingredients, coffeeberry makes this a powerful supplement that will improve your health for years to come.

You know that going into any kind of diet requires preparation. Since getting into a Paleo diet means that you will have to change what you eat, it is a good idea to find a good Paleo recipe to prepare. This is actually a fun process, although some people usually let the tension of the change drive them back into their old habits of eating.

Get Your Recipe List

A Paleo diet does not include some of the more common ingredients, so you should expect new flavors in your meals. To help you with your meals, it is best you look for a Paleo cookbook that is now widely available thanks to the increasing popularity of the Paleo way of eating. Many give dieting up because they only have very limited choices when it comes to food and meals. So having a wide variety of meals to choose from will make you look forward to eating your new meals more often.

You also need to have a good fridge and freezer. Unless you work or just stay at home you will be constantly traveling around and sometimes you will find that you already lack the necessary ingredients to prepare a meal or snack. Having a freezer gives you the option to cook more of your recipes and simply freeze the extra portion for future use.

Schedule Shopping Days

Although there are good cookbooks available now for cooking Paleo meals, you might notice that many grocery stories are less open to such. This is why it is best that you look for places that are Paleo ingredient-friendly stores and then schedule the day that you shop for your recipes. This way you don’t waste your time going back and forth to various places that offer the ingredients.

Setting one day for your shopping also makes sure that you do not forget an ingredient as you go about your busy life. Of course, make sure that you enjoy shopping around for your meals. It will make you love what you are doing and instead of feeling that you are sacrificing, you will realize that you are actually enjoying the transition.

Organize your day and you will be rewarded by a great experience of turning the process into a habit that is extremely beneficial for you in the long run.

Staying on Your Diet

It can’t be helped that occasionally you are going to be invited by someone to cheat by eating out. But when you are enjoying what you are eating, it is easy to decline. On the other hand, you can dine out but try to order from the basic Paleo food groups. Compare that to others who already start to think about cheating on their diets because they do not enjoy their meals.

You might even love a Paleo recipe so much that you might even invite your friends to try it out, and when they realize how delicious it actually is, they might even be inspired to join your diet. Of course there is no promise of such an effect on your friends. The point is, that going on a diet, especially a Paleo diet, does not mean that you have to suffer bland meals. You will actually have a wide variety of meals to choose from given a good cookbook. In due time eating a Paleo meal becomes such a natural part of your life.