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Obesity Deaths and Related Illness are at epidemic levels in the U.S.The Mayo Clinic track trends in obesity and states that they are seeing an increase in Obesity Deaths and Related Illness.

Latest estimates are 130 million adults are obese and estimates are as high as 15% of all children are obese. Let’s get a clear understanding of the term obese: Wikipedia defines obesity as a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy.

Obesity Deaths and Related Illnesses are:

  • High Blood Pressure, hypertension
  • High Blood Cholesterol
  • Diabetes Type 2
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gall stones
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Some types of cancer
  • Complications of pregnancy
  • Poor female reproductive health
  • Bladder Control Problems
  • Psychological disorders
The Mayo Clinic recommends many changes to combat obesity deaths and related Illness. As do most other professional medical websites, the number one recommendation is to start making healthy changes in your diet to eliminate obesity deaths and related Illness. Most obese people have a long history of overeating and making poor food choices. Now there is a more recognized way of eating to take off weight than ever before. Many companies are offering meal replacement products and supplements that are very low in calories but deliver all the necessary nutrition in a meal replacement product.
The challenge is deciding which one will work for you. At age 62, after years of eating the wrong type food in large quantities, I had a body mass index, often listed as BMI, of 34 and fell into the obesity category. For me it meant I had to find something that was easy to prepare, mobile for eating on the go, tasted good and finally allowed me to still enjoy most of the foods I enjoy.

I found the best program for me was a meal replacement shake. The company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and has grown to a multi-billion dollar annual sales company with a good record of success with their clients. The company offers clinically tested products that are reasonably priced. With this program I was able to drop my BMI to 25, lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for over 6 years and still counting. I spend about $6.00 per day for food from on this program, which is less than I spent at the fast food restaurants I ate at in the past. I have a home cooked or cooked to order out meal each day and now enjoy my old favorites and new foods like, salads, seafood, vegetables and fruits.

It is no secret that the size of our population is increasing. And I do mean outwards rather than in numbers. Discussions as to why this is the case are numerous and include anything from the type of food that we eat, the serving size, gut toxicity and hormones imbalances.

And now a study (St-Onge, March 2011) has found that not enough sleep can contribute. The study found that when tired, women ate around 328.6 extra calories a day compared to men who ate 262.7 extra calories a day.

Having worked night shift for some years, this really comes as no surprise to me. Without adequate sleep it is difficult to motivate oneself to cook a healthy meal. For me personally, waking up after only a few hours of sleep always ended up in a trip to the fridge. Having witnessed what was eaten on night shift by my fellow workers in the hospital (sweets & lollies, chips from the vending machine etc.); it is also of no surprise that sleep deprived people put on weight.

But when it comes to putting on weight and sleeping irregular hours, other factors also come in to play. The body has its own 24 hour clock called the circadian rhythm which is programmed for sleeping and eating at specific times of the day. For example our adrenal hormones are raised early in the mornings to support us becoming active as we prepare ourselves for the day. Our digestive function is supposedly at its most active at 8am in the morning. So for shift workers, going to sleep in the daytime and staying away through the night is fighting against the inbuilt functions of our body.

Stress can often be the cause of problem sleep, especially if a person is waking between 2 and 3 am. Raised cortisol levels can be the result of stress. These hormones are glucose based and can subsequently disrupt the burning of fat.
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As tempting as it may be to stay up late to watch a movie or to go out clubbing at 10 o’clock at night, remember that these habits do not support your health. If working night shift is unavoidable here’s a few tips to help control your weight and your health.

  • Plan ahead to ensure that you have plenty of healthy food available in the house, otherwise you may be tempted to grab the first thing at hand when you wake up hungry.
  • Take a packet of nuts to work with you – nibbling on these is a healthy option that provides a good source of protein, fat and carbohydrate.
  • Take food to work with you. This way you are less likely to join in the early morning sugar hit that many of your work mates will be relying on to get them through their shift.
  • Try to avoid eating 4 hours prior to sleep time or having caffeine drinks late into your shift. This will only make sleep matters worse.
  • Be prepared to change your exercise habits – abandoning them while doing night work will not help with sleep or burning those extra calories that might sneak in each day.
  • Increase your sleep quality by establishing an environment that is sleep enhancing e.g.blackening out your bedroom, reducing all noise e.g. using an air conditioner to block out unwanted noise, no television in the room. Also take the phone off the hook, ask the neighbours to keep quite, avoid stimulating activity (e.g. exercise) prior to sleep.

By incorporating a few of these simple steps, longterm health and weight issues could be avoided.

In the last years, India has developed what we might call a strong health tourism. Today this country is the leading country promoting medical tourism having many respectable health companies that can offer consultancy about many healthcare issues. Gastric Band Surgery is one of the procedures available there.

All facilities they offer are very much compatible with any others that can be received in western countries. Competitive prices are one of the most important things which attract people who need to solve a medical problem and make an operation; the prices are to 60% lower if comparing with North American or European medical services. Medical experts, highly qualified surgeons, medical facilities, good infrastructure are important facts to be considered if one want to make gastric band surgery in India. They are also good hosts, customized in treating foreign patients. Indian health care services have kept pace with the latest technology; and the pharmaceutical industry is also a strong sector.

Patients who opt for gastric band surgery in India have to ask for a special Medical Visa. When one is received you will be able to use it for one year long and if it’s necessary it can be prolonged to two years. Specialized personal of the health company will offer you assistance for documentation and papers necessary to obtain this Medical Visa.

For a fee, you can get online consultation from doctors who work in India. One can e-mail them all investigation reports that have done and the surgical treatment recommended. The case will be studied by specialists who will advice the best for that person. Indian doctors will email back all the details regarding the surgical operation one requested.

Before approaching a health clinic in India you can verify the competence of the medical staff by self researching or by asking them to give you some references. If you decide to make a registration for a surgery procedure like gastric band surgery you will be asked to pay a percent of the total cost in advance. The rest of the sum will be paid at your discharge from the hospital.

As an adjacent service, Indian clinics provide complete transport accommodation and assistance for those tourists who will choose a certain health company to resolve their health issues. Tour packages programs will include visits to the most interesting places of the country. One may combine the health treat with a holiday or even with a business trip.

People who are obese do not always fully understand how serious a disease obesity is. They usually do not take it serious and do not fully realize the implications of carrying the extras 30-40 pounds or more can be.

Most obese people do not realize that they are shortening their lives and setting themselves up for serious pain and suffering. I have witnessed this pain and suffering first hand and I was amazed at how the body fought back. The person was 79 years old was overweight for about 35 years and then started to lose weight due to a heart attack. He smoked until the heart attack but a lot of damage was done. The body is an amazing biological organism and will fight back if provided with the correct nutrients and the proper amount of exercise.

Most obese people do not have an idea about what they are setting themselves up for. They are opening the door for a large variety diseases and none of which are not serious. You are looking at heart disease, diabetes which affects the body in total, you are looking at strokes arterial problems, kidney and liver problems, amputations to just mention a few. Of course we are assuming the obese person lives through the first heart attack.

Most people when on a diet and holidays are getting near figure they can take some time off from the diet and then pick up where they left off. I would imagine that you could do this but it is not advisable. If you were being treated for cancer would you stop chemotherapy for the holidays? Probably not.

Obesity is that serious. We live in a country where 50% of the people are obese and do not understand the ramifications of the disease. This disease is a killer and will kill with a variety of diseases. Obesity like diabetes is rarely on the death certificate but it is a major factor in too many deaths. This is a disease if taken serious can be beat and should be beaten.

An obese person with 40 or more pounds of fat believe that the fat just sits there. This is not true. The excess fat release toxins in the body along with blocking blood vessels that supply blood to the brain and the heart. The fat makes the heart work harder than it has to. The body adapts to the extra weight but it will eventually take its toll. Choosing a diet plan with exercise and goal setting is your first step to a longer and more fulfilling life.

So many times in life you want to do things and make changes, but you are in someway, somehow stuck and can’t seem to find the motivation you need to really move in the right direction. Here are some words of motivation and encouragement that we all need at times. In the end you will be wanting to take that step towards your goals, and desires.

These days it seems that the majority of people are struggling with one big ugly demon… weight. It has actually turned into an epidemic, and it is now threatening the most precious things we have our children.

Continuously, I hear about all the “reasons” why people are overweight and about all the things that are “making” them fat. Lets face reality and get out from under that dark cloud of denial that you are living in.

The plain and simple truth is that food is not making you gain weight, and lack of exercise is not the reason you are not losing any weight. You are!!! Stop blaming food for your obesity.

You are the only thing that is making you gain weight and you are the only thing that is keeping you from losing any weight. It is you who is responsible for these actions.

If you really stop to think about it, empty calorie, non- nutritious foods are not following you around and globing onto you adding an extra 10, 20, 30, or even 50 pounds. You are the one going out purchasing and eating these useless foods, and then you are blaming them.

The Truth is that it’s not always easy to avoid eating foods that are not super healthy, or beneficial. However the occasional poor food choice will ultimately not make you gain weight or become obese.

The truth is that if you are overweight it is that you are in need of a lifestyle change. There is no such thing as a “diet”. Being healthy is not a diet it is a way of life. Dieting is just simply a term, and in reality, it is a term that fails, miserably, time after time.

What truly works is having a lifestyle that includes exercise, positive outlook, and most importantly good eating habits, after all that’s what eating is, it is a habit. And breaking habits can sometimes be so challenging, so guess what? Challenge yourself! Make the change you have been wanting and needing for years. Do it for your health, your spouse, your children, but most importantly do it for you.

The most important part of making your lifestyle change is to learn how to eat properly and effectively. You would be surprised to know how many things to “know” about diets that are just not true. Diet pills, secret formulas, blah, blah, blah. Guess what, diet companies need to keep you overweight. If everybody learned how to be lean naturally through eating properly how would they make any money?