Bipolar is an illness that affects the brain. Another name for bipolar is manic-depressive. A child who has bipolar disorder will demonstrate severe and unusual mood changes that seem almost uncontrollable. A child may feel very happy one moment and completely down the next. This is a form of depression and exists because a child cannot find balance and maintain a level of everyday happiness.

Bipolar should not be confused with other depression symptoms and disorders. Bipolar symptoms in children are more excessive and powerful. A child may find it too difficult to do their best in school, get along with friends, and get along with family members as well. Bipolar symptoms in children can become very dangerous because a child can actually do bodily harm to themselves including attempted suicide.

Bipolar symptoms in children can be mild until they are older and then become a problem when a child reaches teen years. When a child develops bipolar disorder symptoms this is referred to as early-onset bipolar disorder. This is usually a more severe case of bipolar disorder than what is seen in older teens and adults.

There are many reasons why a child develops bipolar disorders; it is hereditary, a child suffers from an abnormal brain structure and function, or the child suffers from anxiety disorders. It’s not really clear why a child suffers from any of these conditions but research continues.

Some symptoms that are noticeable by children who suffer from bipolar disorder include having a short temper, unusual behavior of acting silly and extremely happy, talks fast and changes the subject often, doesn’t feel tired and cannot go to sleep and stay asleep, cannot stay focused, does things that are risky, may feel very sad, complains of headaches or stomachaches, shows signs of depression, feels overwhelmed, guilty, worthless, either eats too little or eats too much, loss of energy, no interest in any activities that are fun, may think about suicide or even death.

Bipolar symptoms in children are also co-existent with other health or behavioral problems such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, or mental illnesses such as depression. Although one of the myths associated with bipolar disorder is that it only happens with adults. But children are prone to it.

Bipolar in children can be determined by a routine doctor visit where he or she will do further testing to rule out other possible conditions such as alcoholism or depression. Once bipolar in children are diagnosed the doctor will usually recommend a combination of medication as well as therapy.

When bipolar symptoms in children show up it’s important that you be patient and encouraging. When your child wants to have fun, you have fun with him or her. Listen to them and create new ways that you as a family can deal with bipolar disorder. It’s important that everyone help a child who suffers from bipolar disorder to be able to handle the disorder and help everyone around them respond in a positive way.

Most of us walk around completely secure in that the world around us is directly connected to our perceptions. When we hear someone call our name, we turn around with confidence looking for the person who called us, and when we see a chair we know exactly what it is and how to use it accordingly. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to second guess everything you hear? Have you ever thought that someone is monitoring your every move, that your ideas are all over the news because apparently someone read your mind? When a person is unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is not, their suffering from psychosis. One of the most common psychotic disorders is schizophrenia. It is a puzzling disorder because it is not represented by one single form.It is unfortunate that so many people are afflicted from birth by this curse of this dual reality; the one we all live in, and the one they create in their mind. Two mutually exclusive realities, paradoxically existing simultaneously.The onset for schizophrenia occurs between the ages of 15 to 25 years.The symptoms of schizophrenia usually develop over a period of years, but in some instances the disorder can hit within months of onset.Some people have lots of symptoms and others just a few.

Some of those symptoms are:

*Hallucinations – There are two categories of hallucinations
*Auditory – Hearing things
*Visual – Seeing things that are not there
*Delusions – Beliefs that are not based on the reality.
*Social Isolation -Not interested in social interactions.
*Bizarre behavior – Acting oddly

One thing many people don’t know is that there are a couple of types of Schizophrenia.Paranoid Schizophrenia: This category includes hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, anger, emotional distance and suicidal thoughts. You are probably thinking, “wait, aren’t those the symptoms of schizophrenia? What makes this different?” Well, for someone who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia they are less likely to be affected by mood or thinking problems and have difficulty in concentrating and paying attention.

Disorganized Schizophrenia: Well we all know what disorganized means, so guess what this category of schizophrenia is all about! That’s right, disorganization! Those who suffer from D.S. have a reality distortion which consists of hallucinations and delusions, difficulty of expressing emotion and Alogia (speech poverty)

Catatonic Schizophrenia: What is catatonic schizophrenia? Catatonic schizophrenia is a state of pure immobility. No movements, emotion, and speech. Catatonic patients can hold a certain pose for hours and will ignore anything that happens around them. If someone places them in a certain position, they will keep that position for hours and will only speak the same thing someone else said.

What is the treatment for schizophrenia?

The best treatment of schizophrenia is the anti psychotic medications. Although those help a patient to function better most of them have side effects such dizziness, weight gain, slowed movements, sleepiness. Those side effects shouldn’t stop someone from getting treatment though. Living this schizophrenia is both difficult and dangerous. Since one is not in touch with the actual reality can fall a victim of the reality that’s going on in their head which can end up in them being injured, lost somewhere, and they can also be a danger to others.

Like our natural hair, hair pieces also need regular washing and care. However, since they are usually not permanently attached to the scalp, they require special maintenance techniques. Below you can find an easy to follow step-by-step instruction on how to wash your hair piece the right way. But before you follow the instruction, you must prepare a shampoo, a conditioner, a hair brush, two spray bottles, and a plastic head mold.

1. Stick the hair piece to the plastic head mold with adhesive tape and detach all the tangled hair by using a hair brush.

2. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of shampoo and water. For easy application, the mixture should have a 50:50 ratio. Spray the shampoo mixture to the hair piece and comb it using a brush. Repeat this step if considered necessary.

3. Rinse the shampoo off using running lukewarm water from a water tap or shower. At the same time, comb the hair to remove all the remaining bubbles of the shampoo. Rinse until the hair is thoroughly clean.

4. Fill another spray bottle with a mixture of conditioner and water. Again, it is best if you make a 50:50 mixture. Afterwards, spray the conditioner mixture to the thoroughly rinsed hair and comb it with a brush until the mixture is evenly spread. Repeat the process if necessary.

5. Rinse the conditioner off using running lukewarm water from the tap or shower. Comb the hair to remove the leftover conditioner and perform this until it is thoroughly rinsed.

6. After you have finished shampooing and conditioning, you should dry it immediately. There are two ways to do it. You can dry it manually using a dry towel, but always remember not to rub the hair piece. Instead, blot out the hair using the towel to absorb the excess water. When the hair is half dry, comb the hair to style it and leave it to dry on its own. On the other hand, if you use a hair dryer, make sure to use only the gentle setting and do not put it on a very hot temperature since it can damage the hair piece. When using a hair dryer, you can also style the hair using a brush.

Since wet hair piece can trigger scalp-related problems, you should make sure that it is thoroughly dry prior to re-attaching it to your scalp.

The Juice Feast makes it necessary that followers refrain from solid foods plus devour purely fruit juices. Due to this fact these eating plans are primarily to be utilized for a distinct time frame. The standard cleanse can last for some days. Following it with a healthcare skilled is a very good concept for virtually any cleanse that is held for a longer time.

Several widespread food goods comprise of fresh fruits along with a range of eco-friendly produce. This particular flush offers a generous volume of vitamins, minerals as well as anti-oxidant agents.

A lot of folks may be wondering the reason why this cleanse is certainly advantageous. It is a well-known confirmed truth that fruit and veggies offer a good deal of nutrition as well as vitamins. In addition they go via the digestive tract significantly much easier than solid meals as well as assist the human body to get rid of damaging toxins. For the duration of this process your entire body does not soak up new harmful toxins. Because of this your physique acquires an opportunity to unwind as well as fix itself.

Do not eat your complete approach to get juice previously. Throughout the day consume a couple of portions of juice. A number of fruits and vegetables could possibly be merged to create a large selection of delicious blend. It’s influenced by individual selection. Nonetheless taking in a great deal of fruits can cause an upset belly as organic or fresh create will be the greatest factor for juicing as they don’t incorporate harmful additives or compounds.

Juice Cleanse Tips:

All the way through the spring or warm numerous weeks could be the most significant period to undertake this cleanse. All the way through cold temperature your body burns up extra calories to stay comfy and therefore the juice alone will not offer sufficient eating plan to uphold your physique. Before beginning this eating routine it is sensible to get rid of particular meals. One week prior towards the eating routine begins systematically remove quite a few meals.

When the liquid diet appears to turn into too restricted one meal every day might be added. Also get rid of any unwanted portion just before juicing. When the cleansing interval ends it is time to steadily come back to eating solid meals. This transition is actually a method that is needed to have the ability to stay away from surprising the digestive tract. Start the whole method of transferring from fluid to solid meals whenever you eat 2 parts of fruit concerning the subsequent day of concluding this cleanse. Should you think who you may well be famished sip some juices to acquire a feeling of satisfaction? This strategy will help you to avoid food overindulge on heaps of solid meals. The juice cleanse gets rid of your physique of dangerous toxins helping your physique function in an optimum level. This approach is 1 which will be really demanding; also it can even really feel restricted sooner or later. Nevertheless really should you persevere and remain with this diet plan you are going to have the ability to reap the quite a few positive aspects and very good results of the Juice Feast.

Years ago fruit juices was initially considered as considerably similar to water. These have been only accustomed to moisturize your body plus overcome thirst. Nonetheless right now they could be utilized as a food provider and as a result are an important element of specific diet programs. On account of its style as well as usefulness the veggie juice cleanse has gone up into an improved point of reputation. Several buyers also take into account to make certain that it really is much better than other sorts of eating habits. For many individuals fruits and veggies aren’t effortlessly tolerated however when they’re juiced these dishes are inclined to be a lot more flavourful and great. Juice Feast is unquestionably a liquefied eating plan that is created with thoroughly processed vegetables and fruit.

Have you ever had an annoying song stuck in your head? You don’t even like the song and yet you can’t stop hearing it play in your head. It’s one of those where you “thanked” your friend for singing it. That’s the good side of obsessive compulsive thoughts. Yes the thoughts are annoying and you can’t seem to shake it but it’s not really a thought that does harm to you.

The other side of obsessive compulsive thoughts are those that do you harm. They cause stress, fear, anxiety and even panic attacks. While these thoughts may not even have the slightest chance of coming true they are true in your mind because you are living the experience. You may be feeling the feelings of something you fear coming true and you can’t shake it. You try and try but they just don’t seem to go away.

So what can you do to stop these terrible thoughts?

First let’s look at why they are so problematic. In your mind you are linking up emotions with the pictures or sounds in your mind. When you link strong emotions with these thoughts they become more real and they create a stronger bond. A negative thought will become stronger and the more you fear it the more you think about it. The more you think about it the more you fear it. As this cycle continues you are creating more stress and anxiety. This can create poor health, depression, lack of energy and put undue stress on your relationships.

When you have these obsessive compulsive thoughts you need to stop trying to get rid of them. By trying not to think about them you are causing your self to think about them more.

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This is no different than someone telling you not to think of a blue car. See, your mind can’t picture the word “not” so it only sees a blue car. This example works for anything that you can picture in your mind. If the thought you fear is a violent act then picture something else. Don’t try to not think of the violent act.

Take a deep breath and relax. Don’t try to force the thought out. Think of something else and if the thought returns, just notice it and let it go but do not try to force it out. Being in a relaxed state you are better able to control your thoughts instead of them controlling you.

Type 2 diabetes prevention

As in most cases a little prudence and diligence will go a long way in preventing the advancement of diabetes mellitus, this is especially if you are in the pre-diabetes stage or have type 1 diabetes. It is a known fact that someone suffering from the symptoms of diabetes can actually prevent type 2 diabetes from developing.

This can be done according to information that have been around since ancient times, however, there is always a but in most equations. People need to stop living sedentary lifestyles and adopt healthier lifestyles in order to achieve success in the fight against diabetes.

Today with all the advancement in medicines and technology, many Doctors and experts recommend screening as a means of diabetes prevention, especially for those people at the high risk end of the scale.

This is where they would get accurate diagnosis and early effective treatment; the people at risk are those who have a history of diabetes in their family and also those who might be considered overweight.

Healthy lifestyle habits for Type 2 diabetes prevention

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits can prevent diabetes, but there are some things that cannot be changed, like your family’s history of diabetes, your age or your ethnic background. According to researcher, those mostly at risk of diabetes mellitus are people from Asian and African.

Many people have been wandering why this is the case? I really can’t answer that, but neither can the experts.

However, what I can tell you is that a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular exercise could help in Type 2 diabetes prevention and stop the development of other related conditions, even if you are losing weight or not.

Your Doctor should be able to make the necessary recommendations and provide you with the appropriate health regime of exercise and diet to suit your particular circumstance.

Type 2 diabetes prevention studies

A study carried out by Harvard School of Public Health and published in The New England Journal of Medicine, highlighted that the single most important contributing factor in predicting if a person will develop type 2 diabetes is being overweight.

After 16 years of following up patients, the results from the study suggest that 30 minutes a day of exercise for five days a week, along with a modified diet that is low in fat and high fibre rich foods, will dramatically reduce the chances of diabetes developing.

They concluded by suggesting that type 2 diabetes is preventable and also that it can be easily done by changing the way people live, if it is not an all-round healthy regime.

Another study carried out by the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group of researchers focus on the effects of three factors in Type 2 prevention; they were weight loss, exercise and diet.

Their study included the monitoring of 500 overweight borderline diabetic patients and patients in the pre-diabetes stage, it used an impaired oral glucose tolerance test in the study.

The research has shown that medicines can play an important role in preventing type 2 diabetes, as well as the controlling of the disease if they are showing signs or symptoms already or if a person is impaired glucose tolerance.

Studies have shown that diabetes medications and a healthy lifestyle will reduce the risk of development of type 2 diabetes in those that are high risk.

For centuries artists in painting and sculpture have perceived beauty of a woman’s figure as consisting in few muscles and thick layer of subcutaneous fat. However, there has been a drastic change in perception with today’s society defining the ideal female body as youthful as the development of a new medical disease called cellulite. Cellulite can best be described as a normal physiologic state in pregnant women. Almost all women are likely to develop cellulite at some point of life.
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Cellulite has been such a popular topic on many medical television shows as well as in the women’s health magazine. Demand for the treatment of cellulite has become extremely popular. Cellulite is an aesthetic and clinical condition that affects most women during adolescence. With cellulite, a person’s connective tissue and adipose tissue undergo alterations which results in changes in blood and lymphatic.It appears especially on the buttocks and thighs area causing the skin to have orange peel like appearance. Cellulite problem can cause low self-esteem and changes in the behavior of women who are affected with cellulite. This includes avoiding wearing tight clothing and feeling embarrassed at the beach or swimming pool.Studies have found that the leading cause for seeking cellulite treatment was personal motivation. Personal motivation is directly related to each individual’s life story and formation process of their body image as well as their personality traits. Many women have reported to experience negative feelings like anger, sadness and shame of their physical appearance.

The second most cause for seeking cellulite treatment was influence of media. There have been many advertisements on anti-cellulite creams and supplements that are claiming to be beneficial in treatment of cellulite. Besides, recommendations from friends and family also played an important role in the case of many women finding the best cellulite treatment.

Many people believe that diet contributes to the development of cellulites. Diet consists of low carbohydrate, low fat, low salt and high fiber can be effective in cellulite treatment. A low calorie diet which is low in high calorie carbohydrates and fats may decrease adipose tissue. Low salt and high fiber diets may indeed decrease extracellular fluid volume thus minimizing vascular effects.

Start by drinking a lot of water as it helps in removing toxins out of the body. Be sure to include essential fatty acids such as sunflower seeds, fish oil and soya to regulate body’s metabolism. It also helps in repairing skin tissues. Antioxidants such as carrots and strawberries help to protect the skin from free radicals that may damage the tissues.

There is no perfect diet plant exist for cellulite treatment. However, by changing your eating habits and lifestyle will help you to maximize the chances of get rid of cellulites from your body. So start practicing a healthy eating habit in your treatment for cellulites problem.

Heart disease is America’s number one killer. More than 910,000 people die from heart disease each year which means the chances you or someone you love could die from heart disease are significantly high. However, research concerned with preventing heart disease has discovered that taking fatty fish oil supplements may actually decrease your chances of getting certain kinds of heart disease.

What Are Fatty Fish Oil Supplements

Fatty fish oil supplements are those made from those cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies. These fish contain high Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to contribute to heart health and may be the best way of preventing heart disease.

How Fish Oil Supplements Prevents Heart Disease

According to the American Heart Association the Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fatty fish oil decreases arrhythmia which is the cause of sudden heart attack death. It also decreases the amount of triglycerides your liver produces which can cause plaque buildup in the arteries. The Omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish can also lower blood pressure which is a contributing factor in congestive heart failure.

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Studies have shown that eating fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids at least twice a week or taking daily fatty fish supplements can not only work in preventing heart problems but, may also help those already suffering from poor heart health live longer and healthier lives. However, not all fish oil supplements are the same and there are some things you should look for when choosing these supplements.

What to Look For In Good Fish Oil Supplement

Fatty fish oil supplement run in price from about $5.00 to $30.00 per bottle but, price should not be a determining factor. There are as many high- priced supplements that will do little for your health as are low- priced ones. There are also low- priced supplements that may give you exactly what you need.

The two biggest things you want to know when purchasing one of these supplements is the specific species of fish that the oil comes from to ensure that the oil comes from fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids and a guarantee that the fish the oil came from was toxin free. Some fish contain mercury and other heavy metals that can harm your health rather than helping it so you need to know that the supplement you are taking is safe.


While there is no guarantee that everyone who takes fish oil supplements high in omega-3 fatty acids will live their lives free of any heart disease these supplements can increase your chances of preventing heart disease.

Glucosamine combined with chondroitin is one of the most widely used supplements by patients suffering from osteoarthritis. How effective is it and can it really help? These are the most commonly asked questions by sufferers. Use this guide to discover the facts.
Both glucosamine and chondroitin are naturally occurring chemical compounds. They act as building blocks of the cartilage of the joints. Joints are worn out constantly and new cartilage is formed by the body. However, with aging, the formation of new tissue is slowed down. In some cases, this causes the thinning of the joint cartilage resulting in pain and movement problems.The question is whether glucosamine and chondroitin taken orally can work in the same way as the compounds produced naturally in the body. There have been numerous studies on the effectiveness of the supplements. Most conclude that the supplemented chemical compounds cannot replace effectively the naturally generated ones. This means that even if you take supplements, your joint cartilage will not recover.It should be pointed out that the studies carried out so far have had considerable limitations. The main one is that their duration was limited. Since osteoarthritis progresses quite slowly scientists believe that it may be possible for glucosamine and chondroitin to take longer to work effectively. A recent three-year long study with nearly 200 participants has shown that patients who have been taking the supplements have experienced considerably reduction in pain and that their join x-rays are much better. This comes to suggest that these supplements are effective for providing relief and that they may be able to provide for the recovery of the joint cartilage to an extent.Most studies have come up with the conclusion that glucosamine and chondroitin are effective for relieving the joint pain of osteoarthritis patients. Several comparative studies have shown that these supplements work for pain relief almost as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). At the same time, the supplements have no side effects. This is not the cases with NSAID medications.

Overall, it can be safely said that the intake of glucosamine and chondroitin is effective for relieving joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. These supplements may have a positive effect on the recovery of the joint cartilage as well, but more research will be needed to confirm this. Sufferers from osteoarthritis can only benefit from supplementation as the chemical compounds are perfectly natural and safe and are not known to cause any side effects.

Can glucosamine and chondroitin help prevent joint thinning and osteoarthritis? Research on this is limited, but people experiencing great joint exertion and the elderly may consider taking supplements after consulting their physician.

My husband has recently started going bald.

My name is Mary and my husband’s name is Bobby. Bobby just recently started going bald in the front section of his head. I love him regardless but the new look does make him look a bit older. I personally don’t care much, but since he has started going bald he has begun to wear these awful looking hats everywhere we go! I will take a bald head over old raggedy baseball hats in public any day! This has begun my quest for knowledge on the subject of baldness. In my research many products pop up time after time, but a few are starting to gain my interest, here is what I found out about Rogaine.

Overview of Frontal Baldness

Rogaine works for many people who try it out. Test results vary, some positive some negative. Usually the hairs grow back in the places applied. The hair grows back but it may not be as full as before. Many guys see the hair looking like “baby hair” but they are usually excited none the less. Minoxidi is the main ingredient in in the Rogaine product, it is approved by the FDA and it has proven to grow hair in the crown of the head. Testing on temporal receding hairline by Rogaine has not been done so they are not allowed to advertise for this area of hair legally. More intensive study will be required by Rogaine in order to be approved by the FDA.

Rogaine is an ointment which is meant to be applied externally. A person has to be committed to using Rogaine because it is required to use the application for at least 4 months.
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A Review of Rogaine Liquid and Rogaine Foam

Both liquid and foam Rogaine contain 5% of minoxidil which is the active ingredient, the other ingredients may differ. Rogaine in liquid form contain a type of topical solution that contains propyleneglycol, most people that try it complain from an irritated scalp. They also complain that the liquid is greasy and can cause flaking, scratching, and sometimes dandruff. The greasy look sometimes leaves the hair looking poor in condition.

To add to the frustration, the liquid versions need to dry completely before styling. For most men this side effect can sometimes outweigh the benefit of new hair.

How to apply the Rogaine “Topical Liquid Solution”

When using the Rogaine liquid solution, the scalp and hair need to be towel dried. A droppers is used to apply to the areas of hairs loss and then massaged gently into the scalp. Once again, before styling makes sure that the hair is completely dry.

Review of Rogaine Foam

The foam version doesn’t contain propyleneglycol so you won’t have the experience of scalp irritation and greasiness. The foam is applied gently like hair mousses and this does solution odes not weight the hair down. Odor is the main complaint form Regain foam version. The smell begins sweet and then turns once dried up.

Using Rogaine Foam

After the hair is towel dried run your hands under cold water and then massage the foam in the areas of hair loss, you can then style as normal. This is a quicker way versus the liquid form.

Rogaine Reviews – Do consumers really Regrow Hair?

Most Reviews are positive regarding hair growth using the Rogaine product. Some men even claim that they feel like most of their hair had returned but in a thinner state than before. The biggest benefit addressed by users is the prevention of more hair loss with the added benefit if growing previously lost hair. Rogaine cannot guarantee that it will work on your hair. It is very probable that your hair may not respond to the chemical in rogaine, and since the results are so subtle sometimes a photograph is needed in order justify a testimonial. It is very important that if you try this product to stay committed and to continue treatment.

The actual Price to use Rogaine

When ordering for the first time, make sure you order a 4 month supply. Rogaine cost will be about $19-$15 per month. I already bought my husband a full supply; I hope his hair grows back enough to lose the hats!