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Smoking is injurious to health and this is one statement that has been made over and over again. Despite the several warnings that are given via mass media, so many people are still out there smoking in ignorance or in total defiance to what can do their lives a whole lot of good. However there are some people who will actually want to rid themselves of the terrible habit of smoking but are yet to summon the courage to take the first bold step. Quitting cigarette smoking starts with a step and this is the mindset. With the proper attitude towards quitting smoking, the job is already half done.

While it is true that kicking the habit of smoking could be a difficult one, there are many benefits smokers will definitely enjoy if they succeed in doing it. Stop smoking benefits can be on the short term or the long term. All these benefits regardless of the category are good and desirable for people who are planning to quit smoking. For the short term benefits, these can be realized from the first week to a month after stopping smoking. Long term benefits of quitting smoking can be acquired many years after the habit has been kicked.

In the first week of quitting smoking, there are several stop smoking benefits that smokers will enjoy. For one, the senses of taste and smell will become dramatically improved. This means smokers who quit will begin to breathe clean air and the dank smell that characterizes them will vanish. They will also be more sensitive to their meals and enjoy them better. Most of the physical symptoms that are known with cigarette smokers disappear at the end of the first week of abstinence. The teeth get whiter and the mouth stays fresher for smokers that take this bold step.

With cigarette smoking, the nicotine content of the body is seriously heightened. A number of things get affected with this especially the nervous system. The pulse rates and blood pressures of such people become normalized which are essential for putting people in control of situations. After abstaining from smoking for a whole month, the blood circulation of the body receives tremendous boost. The blood platelets get activated and the immune system is given a boost. Smokers who quit smoking are also able to experience longer breath as well as build energy and stamina. Hands and feet will be observed to get warmer while the skin color and tone would be seen to dramatically improve within this period.

Smokers are more prone to respiratory diseases. Their hearts and lungs grow weaker with every puff of cigarette they take. For longer stop smoking benefits that smokers can look forward to when they quit smoking. They will run less risk of mouth, throat and esophagus cancer. In the long run, there is also less risk for coronary heart diseases for smokers that decide to quit smoking. Other health risks like cervical cancer, bladder cancer and low birth weight are considerably reduced.

When parents get to know that their child has started to smoke, they are really horrified and don’t know what to do. What is the motive of smoking? First of all, it is the influence of the peers.

There are some situations when it is difficult not to take a cigarette. Imagine, it is really so! The lecture at the institute of your son has finished and the break has started. His classmates go to the stair landing to have a talk, and your son follows them. A conversation began and they suggest him to take a cigarette. The refusal is simply not appropriate. He doesn’t want to offend his pals. Or your daughter goes to the schoolyard during the break and her friends suggest her smoking. It is difficult not to smoke in the company of smoking people.

First of all you should take into account that a punishment can’t help in such situation. You can make him loose the habit of smoking only by your own example and talking of the healthy way of life.

If you’ve found a cigarette among the child’s things you shouldn’t panic and try to calm. If the relationships with the child are confidential, you may just sit together and talk. And you should talk just like with an adult person without moral lectures and shouts. Tell him about the harm of the nicotine, about the threat of the tuberculosis and the cancer of lungs.

If you talk calmly with a child, there is every likelihood that he will understand you. But you shouldn’t get calm after such a talk. Don’t forget that he constantly communicates with the same people. He goes to the lectures with the classmates who gave him a cigarette. He can start smoking again. How to make him loose this habit?

The best variant is to join him to sports. Suggest him going to the tennis, aerobics or somewhere else. If he constantly goes in for sports, he just will not want to smoke.

If your child has a bad health and you think he is not able to go in for sports, suggest some other thing. For example, he can practice dance, music or drawing. If he is busy he just has no time to think of smoking. The most important thing is not to let him idle. If your child can’t organize his spare time himself, help him. Go for a walk, to the theatres or museums together.

If you haven’t told your child that smoking and harmful yet, don’t wait when he’ll become interested in cigarettes. Talk to him as soon as possible.

STILL can’t get that nicotine monkey off your back? I bet it’s getting heavier and heavier. The main reason why smoking is such a difficult habit to kick off is that nicotine is addictive – crave and crave for more.

The human body has natural nicotine transmitters and nicotinic receptors. Nicotine is a stimulant which makes you feel good, keeps you alert, and makes you perform better. Research has proved that the more nicotine you take in, the number of nicotinic receptors also increases. These nicotinic receptors need to be fed or filled up every couple of hours or so. Hungry nicotine receptors tell your body that you need to take in more nicotine thus, in effect, unconsciously reminding you to light another cigarette. This cycle will go on forever, unless you starve those nicotine receptors making them non-functional. Now that’s the difficult part.

Starving those nicotinic receptors have driven people off the cliff! Well, at least for the most part, not literally. The only way to prevent that undesirable effect is to, yes you guessed it, light another cigarette. Believe me, these nicotinic receptors breed like rabbits, and yes, the effect on your smoking habit is proportional to the number of nicotinic receptors present.

Several products are available in the market to help you kick off that nasty habit of smoking, primarily to protect you from the harmful effects, primarily lung cancer, of the contents in cigarette smoke. These products contain nicotine as well, to feed those hungry receptors, and satisfy your craving for cigarettes but not for nicotine.

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So, how do you quit? Medical experts would agree that the best cure is prevention. Don’t start, or at least influence people around you, especially your kids, not to start. This takes more effort than losing those excess weight around your belly. Quitting the habit of smoking is not impossible. Taking drugs to help you quit is one option but make sure that you read through the effects and side-effects first before taking it. More importantly, visit your doctor first to see if you are okay to take these medications. You can browse the internet and look for inspirational stories on how millions of people quit and remained sober. Ask family members or friends to help you with your journey towards a healthier life. It is the people around you that matter during the times that you will be thinking of jumping off a cliff, I hope not literally.

There are a number of ways to quit smoking. What I puzzle about is the use of pills. Let me explain. Most people can quit using an adaptation of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Others may choose a different natural method like the Alan Carr method or hypnotherapy. In my mind, when all else fails, then taking a pill with awful side effects is a really good bet. It must certainly be better than smoking. However, in my mind it is a last resort rather than the first port of call.

Many people report that some of the pills when taken in the morning makes them nauseous for one to three hours. This is even when taken with breakfast so it is not a matter of an empty stomach. The pill at night gives many people insomnia, weird and sometimes disturbing dreams, or a terrible thirst. Other symptoms reported include headaches and loss of libido. Other symptoms include nervousness and insomnia, as well as dry mouth. Quite honestly, if I was still a smoker, I would probably not tolerate the pills very well and wish for a gentler solution. It really must be hard for most people to go for something other than what their doctor recommends. I know it was for me.

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As well as hitting the smoking at the root of the problem or at least giving the smoker stopping strategies for life, natural methods not only come without side effects but continue working even after the treatment has stopped. Any visit to a stop-smoking forum will reveal all the smokers who have stopped time and time again with the pills, patches and gum, only to start again. And most people who know smokers will notice them quit time and time again using measures that do not last.

In my stop-smoking practice, only natural methods are used. Having said that, I do encounter the odd client who needs much longer to quit than average and is not willing to attend sessions for longer than average. In this case, I recommend that they go to their doctor and get medication. There is a time and place for everything. And there is a right solution for everyone. If only every doctor were able to offer an excellent natural solution as the norm, with pills as a backup should the smoker have too many issues in the way and need longer than average to quit.

One of the first noticeable effects of quitting smoking is that you can breathe easier. But the real benefits come from the times when your lungs are challenged by some kind of flu or bug.

Within days of stopping cigarettes you will notice it is easier to take a deep breath. In a couple of weeks you should be rid of the cough and find it easier to climb stairs.

But you will really notice the benefits of quitting smoking when you experience your next cold or flu. Some smokers suffer from Asthma so they will be feel huge gains when they remove the burden of smoking from their lungs.

Allergic reactions are another key time. In the wet season when there is mould in cupboards, on clothes or even on the walls the smoker will be immediately more susceptible, because their lungs are already compromised.

Also the smokers immune system is low compared to after they quit, so their ability to cope with moulds and other airbourne allergens is reduced.

Smoking reduces your stores of Vitamin C and Zinc which help drive your immune system. Smoking is like being under constant stress, your body is spending long periods each day trying to cope with this foreign invader called smoke.

Therefore any smoker will be at much greater risk to lung problems such as infections and allergies. They will also take longer to recover. Therefore, the message is simple, when you quit, you will enjoy much healthier lungs.

You will also be far less susceptible to allergens, bacteria and colds and flu’s. There are a long list of reasons for quitting smoking. Improved lung health is just one of them. But it is a very important one because you will experience rapid positive results.

Quick results are very important for any human change of significance, because humans are very poor at focussing on the long term benefits of any goal.

One of the things you can do to help you to remain a non smoker is to focus on the day to day benefits of quitting. Perhaps each morning you could do some deep breathing for a minute or so. This not only helps your lung capacity increase but also reminds you of how good it is to be able to breathe.

Before you quit take careful note of how it feels to try and breathe deeply. Do you cough, do your lungs feel constricted? After quitting each time you take a deep breath remind yourself of how much progress you have made.

Stop Smoking Plan

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In this article I want to give you the stop smoking plan I used some years ago, and after a few cravings at the start I’m now happier than I have been since my teenage years.

Step 1

The first step is all about desire…

Your biggest weapon in the fight against smoking is wanting to quit more than anything else in the world, and knowing that it’s the most important thing in your life at the moment. Without this you will have a tough battle ahead because the addiction will work on your weaknesses.

This is the reason that people diagnosed with lung cancer find it easy to give up because suddenly they have a massive reason. Try to visualize being told you have a terminal disease and knowing that you could have avoided all that pain. Build up those reasons in your mind.

Step 2

You should get a book called “Easy way to stop smoking” by Allen Carr. I listen to the audio book version and it was the best thing I ever did. I know you won’t believe me now but it does make giving up fun.

Step 3

You want to get a stop smoking hypnosis CD, this will help you each day with your willpower.

Step 4

Now you have to get past the first week, here are some of my top tips:

1. Let your friends and family know that you’re giving up and that you may need a little bit of support. Make sure that your smoker friends don’t offer you any cigarettes because deep down that will want your failure to validate their own smoking.

2. You will need to fill up that little hunger inside with some Healthy snacks like nuts, apples and raisins. If you just eat crap all the time you will be depressed and want to smoke even more.

3. I want you to also have a craving plan. This means that you make a pact with yourself that even if things get really bad and you are just about to light up, you will do something else first like go for a 10 minute walk. By the time you get back you will usually be over the hump.

4. Drink a glass of water every hour. If you have a dry mouth the cravings will seems worse.

5. If you do have cravings take in four deep breaths and hold them for as long as you can. This is a great way to give yourself an energy boost because flooding your body with oxygen makes you feel great.

6. Visit a website with pictures of people who have contracted smoking related disease. This is sad but good motivation.

Keep it together! Cessation success of quit smoking is more than twice as likely if you can get help and tips from professional to stop smoking – because it makes sense to discuss with your doctor before executing of the plan begins. Preparation is also important because it is easy to avoid temptation if your home and work environment are non-smoking:

  • Throw away all the cigarette, lighters and empty packages (be sure to also check out all the pockets and handbags).
  • Drain and throw away all the ashtrays – do not forget the car!
  • Wash all clothes, towels and other goods which are stinking of smoke.
  • Open the windows to get fresh air into your home and your car.
  • Visit your dentist to clean the dirt away from your teeth.

When you decide to quit smoking, it is important to be realistic. Only 3-5% of smokers can quit smoking with the sheer willpower. Cessation success is more than twice as likely, if you visit your doctor to discuss medicines and other forms of assistance and tips. Even if you’re able to stop because of the past, there are almost certainly other options that you have not tried before and which may be suitable for you. Current treatments are easy to fit individual needs. There are available for example:

  • A variety of ways to reduce nicotine cravings
  • A variety of therapies
  • Different lengths of treatments
  • The impact of different ways – because all treatments have some side effects, and some may suit you better than others

Deciding to quit smoking with tips you’ve already done one of the most difficult decisions. If you want to also stay smokeless, you’re going to need rely on something else than willpower. It may be easier if you’re talking to your doctor about why you’re quitting and under what circumstances you have smoked in the past. These situations and understanding the triggers might help you find ways to act differently to avoid such situations and to win the battle.

  • During the first few days of the end avoid places where you get the desire to smoke.
  • Avoid the craving triggers, such as coffee and alcohol, which you may have previously combined with smoking.
  • Remind yourself that the craving will pass. Try healthy snacks such as vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Call a friend. When you’ve finished a chat, craving may be over.
  • After a few days of taste and smell improves, so reward yourself with new flavors and dishes that you have not tried before.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy Nicotine-containing treatments are called nicotine replacement attendance. They have a solid dose of nicotine and the amount is eventually reduced. Treatments allows tobacco craving and withdrawal symptoms management. Nicotine replacement treatments are different, such as inhalers, gum, lozenges and patches. Prescription Drugs Even though some of the nicotine replacement therapies may be medical prescription, there are also other prescription drugs which do not contain nicotine. These drugs work differently than the nicotine replacement therapies. They work by reducing nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms are apparent killing of smoking. These drugs are pills and they can only be obtained by medical prescription.

To understand how hypnosis helps you stop smoking, let’s examine hypnosis first. It is a state of relaxation and focused concentration during which a person becomes more open to beneficial suggestions. This focused (or trance) state helps people to change unwanted behavior. You are never asleep or unconscious. You are in a natural state of trance. Hypnosis is a means of talking directly to the subconscious mind. When used to quit smoking, hypnotic suggestions are given to the subconscious mind to convey the desire to stop smoking.

The subconscious mind is where all our beliefs, emotions, habits, and addictions live. The reason most people fail to stop smoking is that they try to consciously stop smoking. This approach doesn’t work because our conscious mind is only 10% of our brain-power, and our subconscious mind is 90% of our brain-power. With those statistics, you can see the subconscious always wins.

When you use direct communication with your subconscious mind, your desire to stop smoking becomes much easier and more effective to remain smoke free.

The Keys To Your Success To Be Smoke Free

  • Strong Desire to Quit Smoking.

First and foremost, you must first want to quit for yourself. This doesn’t mean you might want to quit because your spouse or family want you to stop. Those may be reasons you ‘think’ you want to quit, and your family and friends may have your best interests at heart. However, if you want to quit smoking permanently, you must be at that point you are sick and tired of being sick and tired from everything related to smoking.

How can you determine if your motivation is strong enough? On a scale from 1 to 10, ask yourself, “How much do I want to quit smoking”? If your desire and motivation is not at least an “8”, you are not ready to stop.
Your hypnotist cannot make you quit smoking. Ultimately, your success depends on your level of motivation and taking responsibility to quit.

  • High Commitment.

Along with a strong desire to quit, you must be ready to do whatever is necessary to quit smoking. This includes going through any reading or audio materials that your hypnotist may assign for you to complete between appointments.

  • Positive Attitude.

Having a positive attitude changes your beliefs. Believe in yourself and your ability to quit smoking. Expect to succeed, and you will. Hypnosis is a great tool to help make the transition easier. With a trained hypnotist, you can become smoke free without the side effects commonly seen in other methods.

It is already known that the reason that so many smokers find it so hard to quit smoking is because of its nicotine content. It would be quite hard to quit the habit since you would suffer the withdrawal and that may as well be the reason for you to begin smoking again. But there is still hope for those who would want to quit since there are a lot of stop smoking product available. A lot of these products are quite effective and if you have not tried one of them yet, you should take into consideration of using them.

Stop smoking products are designed to control your cravings for nicotine and make it much easier to quit the habit. If you would want an easy way to quit smoking, you should consider these products:

  • Nicotine Patches. With this product, you will be able to stop the bad habit right away. A lot of smokers have used this kind of product and was highly effective for them. Just like any other product, you can use this to quit the habit by gradually reducing the use of the patch until you reach to a point where you no longer crave for nicotine anymore.
  • Nicotine Gums. This product proved to be very effective in helping a lot of smokers quit their bad addiction to nicotine. This product comes in a variety. There are some that contain lesser amounts of nicotine in them. This would prove to be an excellent choice since you can later reduce your consumption of nicotine by taking a different product (one with lower dosage of nicotine). And another thing about them is they are designed to improve the damaged teeth and whiten them and this product can also freshen your breath.
  • Inhalers. Inhalers are also present in the market which you can use when quitting the bad habit. These products are designed to give you satisfaction by giving you the nicotine feeling when you use it. The use of this type of product also helps in gradually reducing the nicotine in the body.
  • Hypnosis. This method or approach is quite new but is becoming quite popular to a lot of smokers today. There are CD’s and DVD’s available in the market which can help you convince yourself to stop the habit or you can also see an expert or a doctor.

These are just some of the stop smoking products available in the market. There may be some more that can help you start your way to a healthier life. You should never forget that cigarette smoking leads to many serious illnesses and even death, so it is best that you quit as soon as possible.

There are many warnings that are publicised by the government and media about the health costs associated with smoking. These warnings are effective to some degree however, there is no clear evidence if this kind of messaging works. One problem is that these warnings are seen nearly every day by smokers that they begin to lose their impact especially if they are communicating the same message.

Trying to quit smoking can be one of the toughest things to do especially if you have been smoking for a long time. Your dependency on nicotine can create intense cravings when the source of that nicotine is removed. Therefore you may need a number of strategies to strengthen your resolve or even help you with the decision to give up in the first place. One way is to work out how much smoking cigarettes is costing you. This is not in terms of the cost to your health but the cost to your pocket. For some people finding out how much they spend on trying to ruin their health is a great motivator to kick the habit once and for all.

Many people do not realise how much money they spend on cigarettes. When they do work it out they are shocked with how much they are wasting.

The idea is to work out how much you spend on cigarettes and relate that to what you could have bought such as something you have always wanted. Work out your monthly cost and multiply that by 12 months to arrive at an annual cost. You can even times the annual total by the number of years you have been smoking to give you an estimate of the total financial cost. You may find the final total is very sobering.

When you have worked out the weekly or monthly total relate that cost to an item that you would like to buy in the future such as a CD player or a pair of designer jeans.

When you are in the process of giving up then everyday that you do not smoke make a note of how much you have saved and put that towards the item that you want to buy. You can be creative with this method by setting yourself daily, weekly and monthly rewards to keep you motivated.

As the prices of cigarettes are getting more expensive it will not take to realise how much you can save by not buying cigarettes.