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Allergy is generally referred to as the disorder of the immune system wherein, the body generally reacts to any harmless external environment and causes some kind of discomfort. Allergy is something that is very common and can be treated perfectly well, if detected effectively. It is referred to as one of the four forms of hypersensitivity of the skin and is also characterized by the excessive activation of a certain white blood cell called mast cells. Allergies can be mild and sometimes can be severe too; but they need to be treated well, based on the causes of the allergy. Most of the allergy has no specific cause, often the cause is rather unknown or goes unnoticed; however an important diagnosis includes examining the symptoms of the allergy and then treating it thereby.
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There are many symptoms for allergies, some of them are:

• When there is an allergy that generally surrounds the nose region, there will be a prominent swelling of the nasal mucosa; which is a good enough symptoms to make sure that proper treatment is provided.

• The sinuses generally respond to allergy in a manner that causes several allergic sinusitis attacks; this gives an account of the symptoms that occur in this region.

The eye of a human being is also extremely prone to allergy. The allergy that occurs in this portion generally causes a lot of irritation and itching sensation. Its symptoms include redness of the eye and also itching of the conjunctiva.

The airway is also prone to allergy and most of the allergy in this region is recognized by the following symptoms; sneezing, coughing, asthma attack, bronchoconstriction, wheezing, swelling of airway known as laryngeal edema, etc.

• In the ear region, the symptoms are feeling a sense of fullness, severe pain, impaired hearing. This impaired hearing generally happens due to eustachian tube drainage.

• Skin is yet another prominent area for the cause and presence of allergy. The allergy here is generally characterized by rashes like eczema, etc. Skin is the most prone to allergy and skin allergy is very common among people.

• Allergy also happens in the gastrointestinal tract. Here the symptoms include stomach pain, vomiting, etc.

Besides just being aware of these symptoms, you have got to have certain knowledge on how to treat these allergies as well. Knowing about symptoms is not enough; you have certainly got to know the cure for such disorders as well.

Now, most people know that asthma is a disease that affects the lower respiratory system, but what is allergy induced asthma? For those of you who do not know, asthma is caused by the narrowing of the airways. This narrowing is irreversible and starts in the bronchi and ends up as inflammation in the lungs. This starts to make it hard for the person to breath, but unlike emphysema, asthma can be controlled and your can live with it, as long as you keep taking your medication, even with allergy induced asthma.

With emphysema you will find that the narrowing or the airway is a tad reversible, the only problem is that it will keep on getting worse, to the point where the patient suffering from it will no longer be able to breathe on his or her own. You will find that both asthma and emphysema are treated with steroids; although there are alternatives that you can research and speak to your doctor about it.

Now, if you have an allergy, you will find that you are at great risk of contracting asthma. There are a number of cases where people, with mere allergies, were diagnosed with asthma. We are going to go into a bit more detail about allergy induced asthma in a the next few paragraphs. What you need to know before we do is that you need to speak to your doctor about things that can prevent this from happening.

Allergy induced asthma is what the name suggests. It is asthma that has been brought on by an allergy the patient may have had, or maybe even exercise. When you are allergic to something or have a common cold, you will find that your body will produce what is called a histamine. This is a natural substance that occurs when you body is trying to get rid of something. The only problem is that the histamine causes inflammation in your body, which is why; when you have an allergic reaction to something you will get an antihistamine.

What you need to know is that this type of asthma is not permanent, well in most cases it is not. because of the histamine being produced in your body your airway will swell, or become inflamed and you will become short of breath, this then is diagnosed as allergy asthma. This is not the same as traditional asthma, because you will only suffer from an attack when you have an allergic reaction to something, most of the time pollen.

You will also find that the diagnoses for any type of asthma will different from patient to patient, and most of the time it depends on the age of the patient in question.

If you want to learn more about the allergy induced asthma that we have spoken of in the above article, you should visit your doctor and find out more from him or her. They will be able to give you all the information you need, otherwise you will find quite a few articles online on the subject at hand.

Skin Allergy

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Have you ever had a skin allergy? If so you of all people would be fully aware of the uncomfortable systems associated with the allergy that can be not only unsightly but also associated with feeling itchy hot and you may also experience pain.

I funny story (it wasn’t at the time) is that I was getting married and decided to apply self tanning lotion I went to bed only to be woken with red raised rashes over every part of me that I applied the lotion, I looked unsightly on what is believed to be the happiest day of my life I went into stress mode as I was to be at the hair dresser within the hour. It was the quickest trip I had to the Dr who prescribed cortisone cream along with an antihistamine.

In sheer panic I started to slap the prescribed cream over my body. The story gets worse as the antihistamine was the drowsy version, it did the job of calming my skin down and the raised welts subsided, the down side was that at the reception I was nodding off!

The question that is asked most often from allergy sufferers is “how do I get relief”? Firstly there are a number of steps that should be taken to identify the cause of the reaction.

• Do you notice you get itchy after being out in the garden?

• Does a rash appear when you hold your own pet or visit people that have pets?

• Have you observed at a certain time of year that an allergic reaction suddenly appears?

If you are having a reoccurring allergy you may need to consider visiting your Dr who either can do a series of skin test himself or refer you to an allergist. With the information that you have observed he will note this and perform a series of skin patch tests with a few of the irritants that you have mentioned and observe your reaction. With the results you may be surprised at what you thought were the reasons of your allergy to the test findings which might be altogether different and you may have multiple triggers to your reaction.

What can you do now? The sensible approach would be to avoid as much as possible the triggers that start your allergic action. It may be as simple as damp dusting the house which is purely a damp cloth wiping over hard surfaces of the house to reduce the presence of dust mites if it is dust mites that send you scratching or avoid using washing powders that the skin may be allergic to.