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When people think of what causes back pain, they often believe that all of a sudden, they make a quick movement or pick up a heavy object and their back gives out. While this may happen in some circumstances, it is far more likely that conditions leading up to a sudden traumatic injury have much more to do with the resulting pain than the proximate cause itself. While there are a large number of reasons for back pain, here are three that are not often discussed.
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First, people who have a static work posture for long periods of time will create compression forces on their spine and discs. Especially if workers are forced to perform tasks in a posture with a flexed trunk (bending over), there is a greater risk and higher incidence of developing back pain over time. These types of postures can greatly increase the forces on the lower back and the longer they need to be held, the more likely it is that chronic discomfort or injury will be the result.

A second cause of lower back pain that is not often discussed is simply sitting down while working for long periods of time. Long-term sitting postures at the workplace have a tendency to lead to chronic back discomfort. People who sit down hunched over a computer for 8-10 hours every day are asking their lower backs to perform functions for which it was not designed. Just getting up and extending the back with a stretch periodically throughout the day can help prevent long-term pain.

Finally, a very little-discussed cause of back pain is vibration, especially if it is occurring when in a seated position. Sitting in a car or on the bus or train for several hours a day while commuting to work can cause stress on the spine and connective tissues. These vibrational forces are unpredictable and challenge the body’s ability to stabilize the spine. Over time, sitting while vibration is going on can lead to chronic back pain, even though the cause and effect may never be linked.

Everyone who works and commutes to work for significant periods of time should take into account these three uncommonly-discussed workplace -related causes of lower back pain and injury. Variety in back position and a periodic adjustment of posture can help prevent some of the soreness these postures and conditions cause, but it is also important that people simply limit the amount of exposure they have to the pain-inducing situations.

How is your lower back feeling?

Do you every think about the economic impact of lower back pain? – Maybe what it will mean for you, or for society in general?

Are you looking for a way to help promote healing and reduce back pain without spending way to much cash?

1.) Introduction

A study that was conducted a few years ago indicates that nearly 90 billion dollars is spent each year on individuals that have pain in their lower back. The exact amount spent on pain treatment for the lower back totalled nearly 30 billion dollars as well! – This is a mind blowing number and if people want to help keep their expenditures under control, they will need to find useful and cost effective treatment options to help reduce their pain.

2.) The Economic Impact of Lower Back Pain on You!

When you miss work, it can be sometimes written off as a one day problem. However, as your back pain gets worse, you may actually be fired from work because no employer wants to keep a long term pain sufferer on board too long. Let’s be real about this. Time is money and it is hard to keep on staff that may blame their employer for the origination of a back problem.

To help keep this scenario from ever coming up, it is good to think about cost effective treatment options that really do work. This can vouch for one method of pain relief that most people do not always talk about.

3.) Back Support & Why It Helps

If you have ever hurt your lower back, then it is time to start thinking about support your back to help reduce your pain. Good posture can be promoted with the use of a low profile, light weight support and this can greatly help to prevent further back issues from happening.

Medically speaking, a quality lower back back support can off load hurting spine elements by biomechanically effecting your back. With the increase in intercavitary pressure (like feeling a hug around your mid-section) many people will almost instantly find a sense of relief. The other great thing about back supports is that they are easily concealed by the use of a simple t-shirt. If you have back pain then it is time to think about using a lower back support to help promote healing and reduce your pain. The sense of security can be the thing that helps you to keep going when other conservative measures really fail you.

* This is health information. We have seen back supports help so many people, but we do have to tell you to talk to your doctor about medical advice for your unique situation first.

Back pain for some is irritating. For others it is very debilitating. While the immediate objective is to make it go away, in reality it never goes away. It just goes to sleep for a while, but definitely wakes back up. Back pain often recurs and this should catch our attention. While recurrences appear to be unrelated or separate episodes, this is not the case. Understanding why this happens can help people care for their more serious health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and digestive disturbances.

When back pain returns, it is interesting to observe that often the pain lasts longer. Other changes follow suit because injuries create compensatory responses that the nervous system memorizes. The short answers is this: when the spine is injured and joints are fixated, this sends repetitive nerve signals that change blood pressure, breathing, causing dizziness, increased pain severity and organ dysfunction.

One of the most important examples I can give is how spinal changes can put significant stress on the nervous system contributing to prediabetes. Approximately 60% of Americans are overweight. According to the American Diabetes Association, 1.6 million people are newly diagnosed and 57 million are prediabetic. We have awareness of diet and exercise, but spinal care can make an even greater impact.

How do we go from back pain to diabetes? It starts with tissue damage caused by mechanical, chemical, or emotional stress. They are each different sources of stress, but the body responds the same way. The damage doesn’t cause immediate pain but it does make the nervous system respond in a hyperactive manner. When signals reach the brain, cortisol is secreted. This makes insulin less effective and blood sugar levels increase.

There is a chiropractic test that checks for a specific curvature in the upper spine. This finding can indicate the body is overwhelmed by stress and is unable to maintain healthy glucose levels. This test can also determine if spinal pain is reacting to digestive disturbances. Pain can go away very easily with various treatments and drugs, however, the subtle changes that remain in the body due to nervous system re-patterning are still affecting a person’s health.

When sickness seems to happen more often, or the body doesn’t heal as quickly, we need to think about the nervous system’s ability respond. We can manage our stress levels, but the body needs to be neurologically re-patterned so a prevention plan of diet and exercise can actual work.

This is where chiropractic adjustments play a role in maintaining health. The most profound measurement of body health is the level of an active enzyme indicating the body is combating oxidative stress and reversing DNA damage. A 2005 study showed people getting adjusted on a regular basis had significantly higher levels of this corrective enzyme.

Recurrent back pain can be an indicator that healing is impaired and influencing silent processes of aging such as prediabetes and DNA damage. Adding chiropractic to an individual’s life style plan can increase positive outcomes. If diet and exercise are not working, call a chiropractor.

A number of years ago I severely strained my back and had to spend several days in bed while I recovered.

At the time I had assumed that it had just been bad luck that I had injured myself. But, as they say, if I had known then what I know now, my back need never have suffered the strain.

Many years later, as a fully qualified massage therapist, I frequently have the need to teach my clients how to care for their backs so that they can avoid the sort of injuries that I had suffered.

The following six principles will help you protect your back against injury.

My advice is to read them, understand them and then to follow them:
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1. Notice how your back and body are feeling.
Be careful not to “sit out your day”. When we sit down too much our core muscles gradually soften and lose their ability to support the back. This condition will lead to back pain. Instead, get up out of your chair at least every half hour or so, and move around to help keep your muscle tone strong and supportive.

2. Be seated properly.
Many chairs and seats are not ergonomically designed and they can lead you to sit in a slouched down position. Unfortunately doing this gives a negative curve to your spine. Sitting in a slouched position for long and frequent periods is just asking for problems. Our spines become unsupported and lose their stability. The solution is to learn to sit straight, comfortable and relaxed without crossing your legs. It will probably feel odd at the beginning, but this is just because you are not used to it. Just persevere until your healthy sitting position feels normal for you.

3. Get the right height.
Try not to sit and work where you have to hold your head in a forward position, for instance working on your computer, sending texts, writing or working on a hobby etc. Over time the strain this brings to your neck, shoulder and back muscles will cause shortening of the muscles and subsequent back problems and pain.

4. Lift effectively.
Since injuring myself, I now keep in mind the correct way of lifting a heavy object.

Think before you lift and keep the object you are picking up close to the body. Have a solid stance by putting your feet a shoulder width apart, and bending your knees and not your back.

Keeping your spine straight keeps it strong. Use your legs to lift in a straight-up motion without twisting. Reverse the procedure to put the object down again. If you often need to lift heavy objects, consider buying and using a back supporting belt. They are not expensive and, once bought, will last you a lifetime.

5. Exercise your core muscles.
Core muscles are the supporting muscles in the mid-section of your body. They serve to hold your spine and internal organs in their correct positions, thus giving you a stable and strong base from which to move. Having a strong core will drastically minimise your risk of injury and lower back pain. Graduated exercises incorporating swimming, pilates or yoga are ideal for building up a strong core section. But make sure you consult a doctor before starting out on a health regime if you already have problems with your back.

6. Stretch your muscles.
When the muscles in your mid-section, glutes and upper legs tighten and shorten they cause problems by pulling your spine out of line. Doing some gentle lower back stretching exercises, as well as stretching your quads and glute muscles and your hamstrings will help keep your mid-section strong and healthy.

Take my advice and do not wait until your back causes you to suffer. Start looking after it right now!

Are you Ready to For Fast Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment?

There is nothing easy about sciatica pain. It is frustrating, it is hard to deal with, and if it gets bad enough, it can start to control your life.

The most important thing to remember with sciatic nerve pain is that consistence is key. Doing simple things every day is the best way to keep your pain away.

But let’s face it, life gets busy. And sometimes we forget to do those simple daily treatments and exercises to ease sciatica pain.

Now what are you supposed to do? Suffer?

Not today my friend. Because today you are going to learn quick and easy pinched sciatica nerve stretches that you can do while you are already in pain.

Fast Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment Exercises to Ease Sciatica Pain

You have probably heard of the many benefits of using yoga stretches every day to keep your pain away. But there are also simple yoga poses that will give you fast relief when you are in pain.

1 – Butterfly pose – start by sitting on the ground ‘indian style’ with the bottoms of your feet coming to your pelvic area and your knees facing outwards. Do Not force the movement, but push your knees down a little to get a goof stretch through your pelvic area.

2 – Forward Bend – very easy and fast working. Start by standing upright with your legs spread into a wide stance. Bend forward at the waist keeping your back flat. Bend as far as you are comfortable and hang there. This stretch will ease tension in both your lower back and hamstrings.

3 – Downward Dog Pose – another great way to loosen your hamstrings. Stand upright, bend over placing the palms of your hands on the floor. The aim is to look like an upside down ‘v’. Keep your feet as flat on the floor as possible. Try to stay in this position for 2 minutes for a great stretch.

You have many sciatic nerve pain treatment options that will work whenever you are in pain. These are just a few of the simple exercises to ease sciatica pain. Use these pinched sciatica nerve stretches whenever your lower back pain creeps in.

And remember, when it comes to treating lower back pain, consistence is the key to be pain free. Take the simple steps every day to keep your pain from returning.
Tips are great, but the pain will keep coming back until you find a cure.

If your job requires you to sit for hours, you may get back pain sometimes. This pain can influence the way you work because you do not feel comfortable enough to finish your job. Actually, there are several things you can do to prevent this pain.

People often think that sleep is only a necessity without knowing the advantages for their body. Good quality sleep will make you fresh when you wake in the morning, while on the other hand, you will feel more tired if you do not sleep properly. Mattress is one factor that influences your sleep, in which it helps you to rest in proper position. Further, it relaxes your muscles, providing a more refreshing sleep.

When you feel tired after driving for miles or sitting for hours, you may tend to slouch because you think that this position makes your muscles relaxed. Slouching is actually an activity that makes the muscles work harder. Instead of doing this, you better stand and sit in neutral position or what is called good posture. This is really helpful to make your spine free from any strain.

Exercises are also a good way to prevent back pain since it keeps your spine and muscles healthy and strong. To get the best results, you better do the exercises for 30 minutes each day. Just choose the activities you like to make you enjoy the exercises, such as jogging, dancing, tennis, biking, swimming, or weight-bearing. You can combine the activities to avoid boredom. You will need to make sure that the activities make you breathe harder because it is beneficial for your circulation.

From now on, control your weight! Some illnesses are related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and even back pain. Since skeleton is a construction of our body, it carries our weight. It means that excessive weight can cause strain, especially to our spine. You can conclude that if you are over-weighted, you will get back pain easier than your slimmer friends.

Many people think that they need doctors only when they get sick. This opinion is wrong! Anyone should do regular checkups to ensure that they have no problems with their systems. Call your doctor when you have a back pain to find the solutions to relieve it. The doctor will give you advises about treatment you can consider to make you free from living with back pain.

If you suffer from back ache you should first try to determine what is the cause of your back pain. There is no general solution for all the different kinds of back ache and also all these back pains may have several or more different causes. So first try to find out what is the cause of your back pain.

Knowing the cause and the fact that resting is always a good solution for back ache you can now start to solve your first problem: buying a new bed. In a not so far past our parents and grandparents bought furniture for life. This furniture was of good quality and lasted a lifetime, nowadays however furniture is not made to stand the test of time. One of the problems with this is that a lot these furniture’s are of poor quality and if you use a table or chair or cupboard this causes no problem. But if you sleep in a bed that doesn’t support your body the way it should then this is a real problem and often a major cause for your back ache.

This does not mean that you have to buy a very expensive orthopedic bed as these bed’s are often too hard and not firm or supportive enough. As you are lying in your bed for hours every night (you should sleep 7-8 hours per night, not less and not more) a good bed and mattress will definitely make a significant difference to your back ache problem. So don’t be cheap on this spend enough money on buying a good bed your back will like you for it.

But don’t be talked into the most wonderful mattress or bed by a salesman who is mostly only interested in selling to you instead of helping you solve your back problem. As mentioned before there is no general solution for every back ache so you have to research a little bit which bed is best for you. Test a bed before you buy it, check it’s firmness and support and test it for at least 10 minutes in the position that you normally sleep. Check to see if the height is good for you and easy to get into you don’t want to hurt yourself getting in and out of bed.

Buy a bed that is big enough you should have plenty of room to move this will be good for you and your partner. Also buy new pillows as soon as they don’t give enough support anymore. See to it that a pillow is not too high as this would also makes you sleep uncomfortable. Also try to change your sleeping position and see if this makes any difference.