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If you want to grow hair fast you’ve got to stop punishing it. So many things we do ruin the health of our scalp, making it dry and itchy. I believe in hanging upside down to let the blood flow to the scalp. You don’t need an expensive gadget that helps you to get upside down. You can just use a sofa or armchair. Hoop your legs over the back and hang your head off the edge. You most likely will dose off because it’s very relaxing, but while you’re awake massage your scalp. It will do you a world of good.


Don’t use shampoos and conditioners with chemicals. Not only will they ruin your scalp, eventually they’re liable to ruin your health. It’s just not worth it. Besides, in order to grow hair fast, your body needs to be in optimal condition. You’ve got to eat right and exercise. We all know the sun is bad for our skin, but it turns out it’s not good for your hair, either. It dries it out. Add that to hair dyes, hair straighteners, perms, rollers, hair blowers, curling irons, the list of abuses goes on and on, and you’ll be
sabotaging your chances to grow hair fast.


You’re best off using natural products. I’ve had good results by mixing a quarter of an avocado, half a banana, a tablespoon of yogurt, a dash of wheat germ oil and the contents of a Vitamin E gel capsule. I do this as a treatment a couple of times a week. Once you’ve mashed these together into a smooth paste apply it to your head and forget about it. Keep it on the longer the better. Even a couple of hours works well for me. I massage a few minutes when I put it on. When I get around to washing this paste out I massage my head a couple of minutes again. I then wash it out with a mild baby shampoo and I love how my hair is left soft and silky.


Now there are a few companies that are beginning to understand our needs. They get it that we’re sick and tired of slow growth and other problems that make us want to hide under a scarf or hat. We want glorious locks and now we can have them, easily and inexpensively and, most of all, healthfully. If you look hard enough, as I did, you will find a company that uses ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Hibiscus Abelmoschuns Extract and Aloe Leaf Extract. If you see these listed on the label you’ll know you’ve struck gold. Such a product will do wonders and you won’t have to sit around concocting things in your kitchen anymore. Make sure the hair oil you purchase is made in Canada as they do a superb job to help you to grow hair fast.

Stop Balding

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There are multiple treatments for hair loss available on the market today.

Everyone of these treatments have some success, but they also can come with a very high price tag. One of the newer and more popular treatment is Laser. Do laser treatments have any benefit to people who are experiencing hair loss and thinning hair problems.

Laser treatments what kind are there:

First there is the Home Hand Held Laser

Already you have to assume it cannot be a real laser because by law you are not allowed to own powerful laser. They also sell home lasers to remove hair. These kind of products are usually nothing more then a LED which has very little power at all.

The plan is to hold the laser to your head to attempt to stimulate blood flow. The idea is correct, because improving circulation to your scalp will greatly improve your hair and its chances of growing.

I would not suggest you investing in these kinds of products for the simple reason they really are not going to work.

Second are the Laser Hair Clinics.

I am sure you have seen many adds for these type of clinics on Television. Usually at these clinics you are required to get weekly treatments. The lasers used at these clinics are real and have the power to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth.

Two very important facts to keep in mind when you look into one of the clinics is the people who work at these clinics do not have any sort of medical degrees. They are not Doctors.

The other fact is the expense. You have to at least go weekly, and get your scalp stimulated by the laser. These treatments can and will improve your hair and get it to start growing again. But be prepared to pay thousands of dollar over the course of a year.

Natural Hair Loss Solutions

There are any number of natural supplements and vitamins that are proven to improve the texture and health of your hair as well as promote new hair growth.

Natural supplements like flaxseed oil and primrose oil and well as fish oil can greatly improve your hair. As well as vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E which increase blood circulation.

There has even been success with natural supplements in promoting hair growth on bald patches, providing they are not older then 4 years.

Prevent any more of your hair falling out. Find out all the natural supplements and vitamins that will give you healthy, thicker hair and learn how you can start growing your hair back.

Stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on all those commercial hair loss treatments.

With the rising number of people facing the loss of hair, it is extremely difficult to sort through all of the information and products on the market for what really works to prevent hair loss. Instead of spending more time researching all of the potential cures and spending money on a long list of products, there is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to hair loss shampoo; none of the products on the market are going to magically stop you hair loss overnight.

There are shampoos in the marketplace which are very effective for controlling hair loss or help to reduce the amount of hair that you are losing. Some can even promote hair growth by improving your scalp and impacting the performance of hair follicles.

You can improve your hair’s performance by possibly changing out the products you are currently using. If you are not presently using a product that is helping your hair, you could very well be using something that is causing damage to your hair and not realizing it. There could be chemicals in your current hair products that are working against you in your fight to stop hair loss.

One option available to you for shampoo is selecting an organic brand. Even the mildest shampoos contain synthetic chemicals that impact hair restoration and can be hard on your scalp. Organic shampoos tend to be gentler to the scalp and contain better ingredients that help provide the nourishment your hair requires in order to stay healthy.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly which product is number one in the marketplace as each person’s hair and scalp is different.

But here is a look at a few of the top organic shampoos you can purchase.

1. Avalon Organcis

Avalon Organics comes with a high reputation for organic products and produces a Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo. This shampoo helps to increase the overall thickness of your hair and improve its appearance. It contains several good vitamins for hair growth including biotin, niacin and panthenol.

2. Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees started as a company that made bee wax candles and has gradually expanded into other products during the last 20 years. They offer a product called Very Volumizing Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo that contains high antioxidant elements such as Anthocyanidins and Polyphenols which work to protect your hair. In addition, it contains sunflower and coconut oils that help clean and remove the bad stuff from your scalp.

If you go the non-organic route, here is a look at some hair loss shampoo products in the marketplace for you to consider.

1. Nisim Shampoo

Nisim is a shampoo that has a good reputation as product and comes in a variety of applications, from shampoo, to gels to conditioners. While the product has gotten good reviews, one of the common complaints is the price compared to the bottle size. An 8 oz. bottle can run anywhere from $15-$20 depending where you purchase it from.

2. HairGenesis Shampoo

HairGenesis Shampoo has received high marks as being a safe treatment for hair thanks to the natural botanical ingredients. The shampoo has been shown to block DHT from sticking to the hair follicles. It also works to thicken your hair shafts. An 8 oz. bottle will usually run around $20 or so.

The above lists of organic and non-organic shampoos capture just a small fraction of hair loss shampoos that are on the market and available to you. Since each persons hair and scalp is different, the hair loss shampoo that is best for you is likely going to be different from that of your relative or best friend so if one brand does not work, don’t assume that is same for all products. It might take trying several products until you find what works best for you.