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The first diagnosis of high blood pressure usually comes as a shock. For all those years everything was fine and now you are suddenly faced with a search for a high blood pressure remedy!

You probably knew it was coming, even if you were in denial. Typically your doctor won’t diagnose hypertension until you score three abnormal readings. You put the first one down to some temporary issue – stress, long hours at work for busy season, or any number of excuses.

Same with the second high reading! But now you’ve scored the hat trick and your doctor has officially diagnosed the problem. The reality is that you should have been exploring a high blood pressure remedy after the first high reading! But it is never too late (unless your hypertension kills you before you take action!)

What you need to know now is that you do have choices about what to do from here. Most likely your doctor will want to prescribe medication. This is not as easy as it sounds, and a period of trial and error to get the right medicine and the right dose will ensue. There can be annoying side effects to this medication, particularly as your body adjusts.

Also, this medication is not curing your hypertension. All it is doing is trying to control it with chemicals. There are other options you can explore, but you must be serious about pursuing them. Because your hypertension must be treated! Left alone, it will cause slow and insidious damage to vital organs and your arteries.

You can live with having high blood pressure as long as you address it. But to have it and ignore it is a very risky proposition indeed.

The best approach is to adopt a comprehensive all natural program to address your hypertension. When you see comprehensive you are probably thinking that sounds like too much work. It’s not – and it’s worth it to potentially avoid a lifetime of prescription medication.

A natural high blood pressure remedy involves a series of small lifestyle changes. Some tweaks to your diet, some modest exercise a few times a week, getting yourself to an appropriate body weight for your age and height! Nothing too elaborate and all of the changes will become second-nature in a very short time.

What you need is an effective high blood pressure remedy program that is tried and proven. You will still need to see your doctor to make sure it is working and that your blood pressure is under control. But you will feel much better and enjoy better health than if you take the lazy and expensive approach of prescription pills for the remainder of your life!

Considered a silent killer, high blood pressure can have a very big effect on your body system without you having any idea about it. The way to know if you are suffering from hypertension is to measure you blood pressure using electronic sensor or blood pressure cuff. This can also be consulted to your physician. Although, high BP doesn’t have any visible symptoms, it can be very dangerous if not diagnosed earlier and not given early treatment. It is necessary that you know these signs should be taken under control because symptoms of high blood pressure does not show clearly.

A symptom of hypertension usually causes no signs or symptoms. Though the hypertension doesn’t show any symptoms, this usually occurs mildly and unfocused. Sometimes, people who have hypertension have headache that is defined as pain in the head and is associated with the disease. Whether it is serious or minor disease, this also threatens life.

Dizziness may also be considered as one of the symptoms of hypertension. This symptom is commonly described for many different feeling and yet still difficult to describe and may even cause you to faint. Blurred vision is also considered as symptom of this disease. Nausea is one of the most sensational feelings of the symptom that occurs in hypertension.

Most people don’t have time consulting their physician unless they see symptoms arising not knowing that chronic hypertension can lead to heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and peripheral arterial disease. It is very important to realize and have knowledge about high BP even without symptom of high blood pressure because sometimes, damage to heart and other organ and blood vessel occurs even without visible symptoms.

Better visit your doctor immediately if the BP measurement routinely reads higher than 140mmHg or lower than 90 mmHg and if any of the high BP symptoms like unexplained headache, sudden gradual changes of vision, light-headedness and vomiting with chest pains and shortness of breath occur.

It is important that you really have knowledge about the symptoms of high BP to prevent and avoid severe hypertension and to know the first step if your blood pressure continues to rise. Consulting and researching about this disease will be a good help plus you are given treatment options that are not as extreme and hard to obtain unlike when the disease is already severe

Hypertension is among the world’s famous disease. The world itself makes every individual to become health conscious and become afraid to the disease because if we are not cautious enough with the rise and fall of our blood pressure readings, it may lead to complications and may affect other vital organs in our body.

There are a lot of things that we need to know about the disease hypertension. This is mostly the complaints of every individual visiting clinics and hospitals all over the world and is among the complications too of other forms of diseases. It is hereditary. If you great, great grandparents had this disease, surely it will be passed on to you and to other future generations. That is why the need to have early check-ups is really a must in order to determine if we have a genetically acquired disease. Early detection will really benefit not only you but as well as the future generations. But how do we know if we have high blood pressure?

First of all, high blood pressure occurs when there is too much pressure in your arteries. When there is too much pressure in our blood vessels, it may lead to a more severe disease like stroke, kidney failure, heart disease or even heart attack. This disease does not really show signs and symptoms but rather will only show abnormal readings, heart rate and a feeling of dizziness.

Taking your vital signs daily very often will let you determine if you have a high pressure in the blood or a low blood pressure. Having a blood pressure chart at home will let you see the average level that is recommended for your age and your weight. Also, the chart will let you compare the previous readings and thus make you alert once you notice that it is increasing or decreasing.

Normal blood pressure readings is less than 120/80 or 120/80 itself. The number above indicates the systolic pressure. This is the peak level wherein blood is squeezed out from the heart. The number below is the diastolic pressure which is the pressure when the heart is filled with blood. When it is between 120/80 and 140/90, that simply means that you are in the stage of pre-hypertension. When it is in between this range, it is best to consult the medical experts so that intervention and other measures will be implemented and thus preventing having a high blood pressure.

Treatment of hypertension all begins with doing lifestyle modifications. When you have seen in your blood pressure chart that your blood pressure reading is increasing, you should perform several lifestyle changes that way you can save yourself from having hypertension.

Avoiding smoking and any forms of alcoholic beverages will minimize the risk of having this disease. Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals that are good for the mind and the body. Eliminating fat and high salt foods in the diet will keep you away from hypertension. Exercising daily gives you normal functioning of your heart and other body organs. It also allows you to lose weight and build body endurance.

If you want to decrease the risk of getting hypertension, it is important for you to perform lifestyle modifications. Living healthy is living a life free from diseases and other illnesses. If hypertension is not treated at an early stage, it is best to consult the doctor for some help.

Having a high blood pressure or commonly known as hypertension makes an individual to be alarmed and afraid. Through the use of a blood pressure chart, it will keep you alert if there is a sudden increase of your blood pressure. Lifestyle changes should be made in order to keep you away from having the disease.

Although you don’t have any problem with your heart now, you should watch out since the disease in one of the major threats to human now. You should find way to lower your heart disease risk early no matter how old you are. There are many things that we can do for example eating good, exercising, reducing stress etc. Unfortunately, these activities need to be adapted as we grow older. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to avoid heart disease.

Watch out your smoking habit. Smoking is a very dangerous habit especially for heart disease. Even just one cigarette a day can stiffen your coronary arteries by 25 per cent. So, minimize it as much as you can. Quit it if you can.

Avoid birth control pills in women. The pills can increase the chance of blood clot due to the hormonal change. Oral contraceptives are therefore to be used with care.

Properly handle your stress. Stress increases adrenaline in your system. It raises blood pressure and destabilizes plague in your arteries. It can cause a clot or heart attack or many other illnesses. Therefore, learn to handle your stress well for the sake of your heart.

Do not forget to socialize. Loneliness is harmful especially for women. Therefore, make sure that you have enough time to be with your family, friends or others. It is one of the necessary tools to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Have enough sleep. You should sleep at least seven or eight hours a day to be healthy. Not enough sleep can lead to high blood pressure, low grade inflammation and higher levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. These are harmful to your blood vessels and heart. In addition, lack of sleep can be associated to weight gain. So, you need to set up your sleeping time to make sure that you avoid them.

Have enough strength training. You will start to lose more muscle mass when you enter your 40s. Your metabolism will slow down and you can be fat easier. If you do more muscle training and gain more muscle. You can maintain your metabolism. So, start your weight lifting to help you reduce another risk factor of heart disease.

Here are just some of the tips that you can use to reduce your chance of having heart disease. There are still many other factors that you should do including watching out your diet, checking your health regularly and taking medication when you have to.