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First of all, smoking has become terribly expensive. What used to be an inexpensive addiction is now extremely expensive. In fact, if you added up what you spent on cigarettes last year, you probably could have taken your entire family on vacation. People are also choosing to stop smoking because it is getting more and more difficult to smoke anywhere in public. You can no longer smoke at work or in a restaurant or bar, and if you smoke outside in public, people shun you.

When you finally do choose to quit smoking, you may want to try some of the natural stop smoking techniques that are proving to be very successful. Unlike prescription medications that reduce the desire for cigarettes, or over-the-counter medications that replace the nicotine, natural stop smoking techniques are actually easier on your body and make the transition from smoker to non-smoker an easier one.

Herbalists and practitioners of alternative medicine have been using natural stop smoking techniques for decades. Since western people first started to smoke tobacco, people have been trying to find natural ways to stop doing it. For many, acupuncture has been a safe and effective route. It works quickly and prevents the desire from for smoking from coming back. Other people prefer hypnosis as a natural stop smoking method.

In addition to these methods, you may choose herbs, aromatherapy, or even natural food products that help you reduce the cravings for nicotine. The key to becoming a non-smoker is actually taking care of the nicotine withdrawal first and foremost, and then changing your behavior so that you are not reliant on having a cigarette in your hand all the time.

To smokers, a cigarette is a means to relax, to unwind, to deal with stress, to socialize, and to be more at ease, and no medication will help with that. So, when you decide to quit, you have to make sure that you are totally ready to do so. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you will quit for just a little while, or cut back on smoking, because it won’t be long before you are back to a pack a day. Make a commitment, put your will power to work, and get as much help and support as you can and you will soon find yourself a non-smoker.

If you see a balding pate, should you directly associate it with smoking? No, you shouldn’t. But the fact of the matter is that smoking does contribute to hair loss. If you are a smoker there is a good chance that you will show hair loss as a symptom; if you do stop smoking this problem might decrease appreciably.

The effect of carbon monoxide

If you are losing hair and if this hair loss is attributed to smoking, you could use a prescription medication like Chantix online pharmacy to help you stop smoking. When you smoke, you are actually taking in quite a bit of carbon monoxide as well as many other harmful chemicals into your body. This prevents oxygen and various vital ingredients from reaching the various organs and cells. The hair follicles need a lot of oxygen as the cells present there grow very fast and need a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen. The increased levels of carbon monoxide in the blood restrict hair growth. It makes sense to stop smoking if only for the sole purpose of preventing hair loss. There are always medications like Chantix to help you along in the process.

Hair nourishment goes for a toss

The fact that your body is being polluted by various toxins as a result of smoking means that your body is busy throwing the toxins out. All its essential resources are being used to purge itself of the chemicals and harmful substances that have been inhaled as a result of smoking. Thus, many of its essential activities like hair nourishment etc. are not given the full focus of attention. This results in hair loss. Quite a number of smokers are vain about their looks. A medication like Chantix has been seen to help people kick this addiction. If not for anything else, you could stop smoking to save your hair!

Blood circulation, hair loss and smoking

They are all related. Nicotine and your blood vessels don’t see eye to eye. Nicotine contracts the blood vessels, and also affects the blood circulation in your hair. Hair growth is affected and most of the time poor blood circulation results in hair loss. This could be avoided by cutting down on your cigarettes. Chantix helps you do that slowly and without any of the associated withdrawal symptoms. When you stop smoking you can sense the immediate results in terms of hair growth. There is no doubt that smoking and hair loss are related. Various studies conducted also prove the same.

To maintain good health you need to follow a proper diet, exercise regularly and life a good life style. A good lifestyle does not necessarily mean living the rich life. As far as your health is concerned, living the good life means maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes avoiding things that can be detrimental to your health, such as smoking. You can do all the other things that mandate a healthy lifestyle but if you smoke then you are defeating your purpose. There are numerous smoking health risks that you need to be aware of.

The concept that there are smoking health risks is certainly not a new idea. The surgeon general has been stamping one warning or another on the side of cigarette packs and cartons since the 1960’s. The most commonly known risk of smoking is lung cancer, but this is just the top of a long list of smoking health risks. There are many other long term conditions that can be developed as a result of smoking.

It has been estimated that nearly as many people die of cardiovascular conditions as a result of smoking as those that die of lung cancer. There is an almost equally as large group of people that die from emphysema due to this bad habit. These are just two of the many chronic conditions that can be associated with this.

You may have heard all of this before and wondered how it could possibly be true. You may wonder what affect this can actually have on your health. The important thing to know is that there are 4000 chemicals and at least 400 toxins that are contained in cigarettes.

It is the burning of the tobacco that causes these toxins to be emitted. The residues that are evident in a cigarette are concentrated toward the butt; this means that the part of the cigarette closest to you is the most dangerous part of it. These compounds include tar (which is known to cause cancer), nicotine (which can be connected with elevated levels of cholesterol in a smokers body), carbon monoxide (which is responsible for a reduction of oxygen in the body), and other components that are believed to cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

This list of conditions is just part of the smoking health risks. There are other conditions that are believed to be the result of the toxins that enter the body as the result of smoking. Yeast infections are even believed to be associated with the affect these toxins have on the body.