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Approaching middle age is tough for many women. The skin isn`t quite as smooth as it once was, the hair not quite as shiny and the body!!! Trying to maintain any sort of reasonable shape almost becomes a full time occupation. And as if all of these assaults on our confidence were not enough…along comes the biggie….menopause!

Add to the mix, bloating, incontinence and uncontrollable flatulence and the wrinkles don`t seem so bad. Reaching middle age and accepting that our youth and fertility is behind us and we`re now members of the `older generation` is not easy.
The point is, that women really go through the mill in their late 40`s early 50`s. Hormones are out of balance, changes are happening physically and emotionally and through it all, women are expected to keep smiling, put on a brave face and just get on with it (it`s a good thing that men don`t go through menopause, that`s all I can say).

It`s easy to see why some women suffer such pain and anxiety throughout these years and why support and understanding is vital to her well being.

People seem to forget that when a women reaches menopause, it`s a new experience for her. It isn`t something that can be practiced or rehearsed until it`s perfect. Menopause and it`s accompanying symptoms are foisted upon us females and we are just expected to know what to do. Well do you know what, we don`t. All of this is a new experience and so forgive us if we are sometimes tetchy for no reason…it`s the hormones.

The bottom line is, the more you are able to find out about menopause and what you can expect, the better you will be to prepare yourself. Take the necessary measures to combat the changes within your body and who knows? You may not even be aware that you`re going through it!

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Cervical myomas are non-cancerous tumors in the cervix or lower part of the uterus. Myomas are tumors made of muscle tissue. Often, cervical myomas are also seen with myomas in the upper part of the uterus also called fibroids. Myomas have many sizes; the large ones may be seen protruding into the vagina. Large myomas that protrude are called prolapsed myoma. There is always a possibility that myomas may become infected. They may be the cause of bleeding. Myomas also can block the passage of urine.

The Underlying Cause of Myoma

According to experts, the cause of myoma is estrogen dominance or too much quantity of estrogen in the body compared to the quantity of progesterone. Estrogen causes the proliferation of body cells. In contrast, progesterone slows down body cells; it prevents them from reproducing.

The Symptoms of Cervical Myoma

Some cases of cervical myomas are asymptomatic. Most cases, especially those dealing with large myomas, cause symptoms.

One of the most common symptoms of cervical myoma is bleeding. Bleeding can be either mild or heavy. The heavy type of bleeding caused by cervical myoma may result in anemia.
A feeling of fatigue and physical weakness may also be experienced by women suffering from cervical myoma.
Women with this illness may also experience pain during sexual intercourse.
Another symptom of cervical myoma is when a woman feels heaviness and swelling in the abdomen.
Those who suffer from cervical myoma may also have difficulty urinating because the growth obstructs urine flow. Cervical myomas may cause urinary tract infections.

How a Cervical Myoma is Diagnosed

When one feels the above symptoms, she should go to a gynecologist. The doctor identifies the myoma during physical examination, in particular, pelvic inspection. Prolapsed myomas are easily seen. Doctors may also feel myomas when they check the cervix with one hand while the other hand is placed on top of the abdomen.

One reliable method that doctors use in diagnosing cervical myoma is by obtaining an image of the cervix and uterus through an ultrasound device inserted into the area, a procedure called transvaginal ultrasonography. In the process, it is also detected whether or not the myoma causes obstruction of the urine flow.

In order to address the problem of anemia, blood tests are undertaken to determine whether or not there may be cervical cancer, a certain test called Papanicolaou or Pap test is usually done.

The Treatment of Cervical Myoma

If the size of the myoma is small it usually does not cause symptoms. If this is the case, no treatment may be necessary. However, if the cervical myoma is big, it causes discomfort and even complications. In this case, the cervical myoma is surgically taken out. The procedure of removing cervical myoma is called myomectomy. Sometimes, only the myoma is removed. In this case, the patient may still become pregnant. In cases dealing with bigger myomas, the entire uterus is removed in a process called hysterectomy. Unfortunately, women who have undergone hysterectomy can no longer have children.

In case you have fibroids and have consulted a doctor you would have realized the limited number of options available for uterine fibroid treatment. Surgical methods with the exception of hysterectomy do not offer permanent relief. Because of this natural treatment for uterine fibroids is gaining popularity these days.

The main difficulty in treatment for uterine fibroids is the fact that its cause is unknown. It can occur due to multiple causes which tend to vary from woman to woman. Any treatment which works for one woman may not necessarily be effective for another.

Despite extensive research on the subject, the root cause of fibroids continues to be a mystery. In view of this, natural treatment for uterine fibroids concentrates on tackling each and every possible cause of fibroids in a systematic manner. Once all the possible causes of fibroids are eliminated naturally, you should be able to get rid of the problem permanently.

One of the most popular home remedy for uterine fibroid treatment is to undergo liver detox. It is believed that estrogen mimicking compounds often tend to become locked in the liver which fuels the growth of fibroids. These compounds are basically derived from environmental toxins and pesticide residues.

Estrogen levels are usually elevated in overweight women. Hence losing weight is another home remedy to control fibroids. Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties like oats, hops and cumin has a calming effect on fibroids. Include these in your daily diet to control the growth of fibroids.

Both alcohol and caffeine are processed by the liver, which also regulates the amount of estrogen in the blood. If your liver is over stressed due to excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine-containing beverages, especially coffee, it can result in estrogen getting accumulated in the blood. This in turn can stimulate the growth of fibroids. Hence it is best if you avoid or reduce your intake of coffee and alcohol during your treatment period.

Home remedies are basically natural methods of getting rid of fibroids. Any natural uterine fibroid treatment takes time to produce the desired results. These remedies may take months or even years to get rid of the problem completely. It makes sense for women to go in for natural treatment only if they are self disciplined and are sufficiently motivated to continue with natural remedies for long periods of time. Natural treatment for uterine fibroids involves multiple aspects. Changes in diet and lifestyle and herbal medicines may be prescribed as part of the treatment plan.

Natural treatment for uterine fibroids must be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified practitioner only. I found one such treatment solution online which has been developed by an alternative practitioner. The product has been successfully used by thousands of women the world over in uterine fibroid treatment. It is a simple 7 step plan which is easy to follow from the comfort of your home.